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My problem is that I find everyone inadequate and substandard.” My first-ever conversation with John—a successful leader of a company on the verge of becoming a CEO

You have to sell yourself to yourself for the rest of your life. You have to sell your ideas, your thoughts to your clients, colleagues, enemies, family members, friends, strangers, etc., for as long as you are alive.

Realistically, the road to success is always under construction. While it is likely to remain so, it still serves you a great deal when you endeavor to construct each mile with due diligence.


Reading gives our brain a different kind of workout than watching TV or listening to the radio. A good reading habit spurs us to think, concentrate, enhance our imagination, and make wise decisions, qualities pre - requisite for a good leader.

What They Say

"Listening to Partha Sir is always very enriching and thought provoking. It makes you reconsider your way of thinking and motivates you to work on improving it. I could see that change in myself."

"Now I am more confident, have better clarity in terms of career goals and approaches any situation in a very different manner; my whole perspective got changed. "

"If you aspire high, then this is the place to backspace your fear, to break your cowardly bones, and to re-energize your willpower. "

" You will be grilled, intimidated and your personality shattered, only to be re-built again in the best possible manner. "

" Within Partha, I found a friend, philosopher and a dedicated guide, who never lost faith in this 'Kid'. I learnt the necessity of self-introspection and developed myself under his constant guidance."

" Armed with the rare combination of army-like strictness and fatherly warmth, Partha ensured that all his proteges turn their weaknesses into a host of enviable strengths. "

" PPD has shown the right direction to a perpetually confused person like me. He can guide the person in the right way by honing his or her strengths and working on the weaknesses. "

" I developed habits that helped me channelize my energy, time and emotions in the right direction in a sustainable manner. The program shaped my understanding of Empathy and Compassion. "

" PPD has tremendous amount of patience and dedication, excellent communication skills and great ability to empathize with others. All an individual has to do is to follow the given path diligently and honestly. "

What They Say



04 SEPTEMBER 2020 / 03:10 PM

"My problem is that I find everyone inadequate and substandard.” My first-ever conversation with John—a successful leader of a company on the verge of becoming a CEO

28 AUGUST 2020 / 03:10 PM

It is often believed that people can’t estimate their threshold unless they face an appropriate competition or a befitting competitor.

22 AUGUST 2020 / 01:10 PM

We live in a world of uncertainty. Easy access to technology does not guarantee survival.

19 AUGUST 2020 / 09:37 AM

In her unpretentious simplicity, she delivered the letter folded inside an envelope.

17 AUGUST 2020 / 08:13 AM

If not a reason, find an excuse to smile.



"I have to thank Partha Sir. We all carry mountains on our shoulders. During these 2 hours, I realized that I am not the only one carrying this burden. There are others and each person has their own fight to deal with. What matters is your purpose and the values you possess. I am indebted to him for conducting this session"

"The session was enlightening. I had never expected it to be this good. Partha Sir through stories, experiences and anecdotes helped me realize that there are others who are going through the same things as me, if not worse"

"The session was aptly titled "Happiness Amidst the Chaos". Partha PD helped us understand how to be more centered and gain more out of life. The live studies shared by him helped us understand the different nuances in which the learnings could be applied"

"There was a pin drop silence in the class during the session. I realized after a point that every person was feeding on PPD's words with rapt attention. There were a couple with tears in their eyes. I think the stories and learnings he shared with us and the manner in which he shared them was mind-blowing. The session speaks volumes about his ability as a life designer. I hope to reach out and connect on a deeper level in the future with him"

Happiness Amidst Chaos || IIM Ahmedabad ||
January 26 2020

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