The 30-Day Challenge (30DC)

PPD 30-Day Challenge

You have to sell yourself to yourself and buy yourself from yourself for the rest of your life. You have to sell your ideas, your thoughts to your clients, colleagues, enemies, family members, friends, strangers, etc., for as long as you are alive. In order to do so, you first you have to convince yourself.  How you communicate with yourself is as important as how you communicate with others in determining your success and well-being.

Life doesn’t have a Backspace button. You may as well like to make your communication count.

Always remember—The real hard skills are the so-called soft skills.

30DC enables you to understand the following:

How to use the right dose of emotions at the right time, at the right place, in order to communicate effectively?

Why not to speak?

What is the art of creative communication?

Where and what does the body say?

When to express and when to impress?

Who are people?

30DC enables you to develop powerful communication skills.

The intensive sessions include—but are not limited to—conversations, drama, exercises, and experiments.

Now, I know how to think different...


Technology Firm, United States

Now, I know how to think different, like that fruit. You know.

It takes a special person to light that fire in us

Sreedipto Bhattacharya

It takes a special person to light that fire in us, to raise our expectations and never give up on us, no matter how challenging it might be. When one reaches great heights, one knows that at some point in time there was a special person. Untiring, unrelenting and unfettered.


Application to any of the programs follows a two-step process:

1. Essay: Please e-mail a statement of purpose, as a single-spaced PDF, to [email protected]. Limit your story to 800 words.

Be bold. Be original.

If your essay is shortlisted, you move to the interview round.

2. Interview: The purpose of the interview is to understand you and to assess whether you are a good fit for the intensive mentoring sessions, assignments, and social experiments.

The entire process takes three weeks from the date of application.

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