Abhishek Saraogi

As most of the BBA mentees being half-prepared have a shot at their MBA entrance examinations during the 3rd year of their graduation. I also went with the flow and did the same. The exams were done and results were out. To my surprise, my results were above expectations and I did not know I could make my career from it this year. I thought I had cleared the main thing and now it would be easy. But, little did I realise that the journey was not yet half done, there would be thousands of mentees fighting for few hundreds of seats. Getting among the most prestigious B-schools in our country demanded something else also apart from academic skills and that is speaking skills. To the extent, that it is the more important criterion as mentees who have extra-ordinary academic skills can be rejected due to poor speaking skills. But, a mentee with average intellect and attractive communication can clear this round easily. I was pretty average in public speaking and could not speak for too long. Scared of this fact, I realised I need to make a move in order to not let go this scope. So to grab the opportunity and for improving my speaking and communication skills, I had joined Backspace for the GD-PI programme which was recommended by my sister as she was an Ex-Backspacian. She already made me aware about the contribution it would make to my life. But, I thought that it would be like normal coaching sessiones it’s just that she is too studious. I attended my first session on 7th January 2018. It was a 9 a.m. session so I was very much half awake. Then, entered Partha Sir (Director of Backspace) sharp at 9. I was just awe-struck with his ease of communicating, humour, attitude, method of teaching, love for humanity, everything in the session felt so refreshing and amiable. The atmosphere of the place felt so warm and benevolent. From then onwards, it was just an amazing journey to remember. The other members of the group Shahrukh Sir and Debayan they were omni-present for any kind of support and help I needed. There is individual focus on strengths and weaknesses of each and every mentee. My public speaking started to improve with each passing day through regular opportunities to speak, conduct GD’s, and simulated interviews. It provided me a multi-dimensional as well as unique way of looking at different things to stand out from the rest. There was a group activity conducted every week which taught us the various struggles, situations, circumstances that we might encounter in a B-school and made us well prepared for each adversity. There were frequent programmes conducted to improve and develop leadership skills and public speaking skills. Every mentee was entitled to take as many interviews they wanted before the actual one. And, I found the actual interview to be a lot easier being in that situation before and some of the questions asked were the exact same which I faced in the mock ones. I never found the sessiones to be boring or exaggerated because it was always presented in an interesting way. All in all, it is a wonderful program created by Backspace focussing on personality and communication improvement, two of the most important things that will not only be useful in a B-school but also help us become better individuals. It changed me as a person, the way I think. It made me more responsible. When I was aksed that if I would be willing to write a testimonial for them. I did not hesitate or gave it a second thpught. That was the bonding with the place. I highly and strongly recommend Backspace for all those who want to become a successful MBA, particularly if you want to crack your interview call. They also prepare you for CAT coaching sessiones. But, I was unaware of it initially otherwise I would have joined it for that too because of the individual focus which is lacking in many of the other coaching centres. If you are low on confidence and lack in speaking skills, then, do not look beyond Backspace. Trust me it will turn you into a better human being!