Abhishek Sharma

There are some who are born ‘selected at a top b-school’ and there are some who are on the gates but need a push. I belonged to the latter category. On my first day at Backspace, PPD asked me, ‘Why so serious? Let me put a smile on your face.’ My biggest learning was to know how to smile constantly during a PI and this art is a game changer; I also got very good at handling stressful situations. I was able to transform every single of my interviews to friendly chit-chats. Not so tempting, eh? Now think of a third category of candidates. People who had almost zero chances of cracking a top b-school, people who had the mute button pressed during the GDs, people who ended up crying and sweating during the mock PIs, people who got strings of rejects in the past. And these are the people who got the real benefits of Backspace. I won’t say that PPD is a magician, but he’s an illusionist. He made people believe in themselves, he made people to put in the hard effort and success did follow. I realized that investing 20-25K in the MBA exam forms and expenses incurred while attending GDPI would have been a waste, if I hadn’t joined a good GDPI workshop and hadn’t converted a top b-school call. Joining Backspace was worth it and will benefit me forever.