Abhro Bhowmik

Breakspace showed me the mirror. I can unequivocally claim that before entering the interview room, I was well aware of my strengths and weaknesses and the entire credit goes to Breakspace. The GDPI program in Breakspace is rigorous, educational, fun and involves a lot of self introspection. PPD sir is as expected awesome. He took fewer sessions but gave us a lot of valuable insight. Sir has an eye for detail and perfection and there is always so much to learn from him. The team was with me throughout my preparation phase for the interviews and provided me with every help possible. The mock interview sessions prepared me for any eventuality in the actual interviews and sir is the reason why I was able to convert my best call(MDI G) and also most of my other calls. Special thanks to the team for refining the SOPs for the b-schools. Apart from the mentors, I believe it is the peer group in Breakspace and the weekend sessiones that kept me motivated throughout my journey. I have attended innumerable mock GDs and case discussions, written countless WAT and performed many fun group activities in Breakspace. Before concluding, one final remark I want to make is that I genuinely believe the scope of what I learnt in Breakspace doesn’t end with my entry in a b-school; in fact I believe my experience in Breakspace will guide me throughout my b school journey and maybe even after that.