Aman Amit Jain

Aman Amit Jain Testimonial
I had enrolled in the interview mentoring program at Breakspace expecting spoon fed lectures on current affairs, personal interview etiquette, body language and the other shenanigans associated with the B-school interview process. But the experience at Breakspace surpassed all my expectations from the program. The focus at this institution is not on ‘training’ candidates for the interview, rather it is on mentoring them for life itself. It would not be an overstatement to say that the constant mentoring provided by Partha Sir and Shahrukh Sir has prepared me much better to face the multitudinous challenges in my professional and personal life. I am a transformed individual with a greater awareness of myself and my surroundings. Throughout the course of the program, one thing said by Shahrukh Sir stood out for me. He said, “Aman, the panelists are not looking for scientists or bureaucrats and don’t expect you to know everything. under the sun. They’re looking for confident individuals who can think on their feet and face stressful situations and work through their way.” And this is what Breakspace would do for you. The one-on-one interview sessions with the faculty, the ‘let’s communicate’ sessions with Partha Sir and the classroom sessions have transformed me into an individual ready to take on life. I’m indebted to Breakspace for their mentoring and support.