Aman Jaiswal

I’m glad that I decided to join breakspace. I have heard that this place is for IIMs call getters and I was little bit skeptical that I will be able to manage or not. After joining here, I changed a lot. The mock interviews conducted by the team were actually very helpful. It’s really great how they used to guide us and those feedbacks by sir after every mock interview had really helped me a lot, I realise where are my flaws and I improved after working on it. Even those weekly sessions conducted by Partha sir and the team was totally amazing, I really feel happy to be a part of it. Every session we used to learn new thing. I had become comfortable to mix with people and even learnt how to express myself. I have no words for those those sessions. I’m very thankful to entire breakspace team.Thank you so much Partha sir for those valuable lessons in every session you used to share with us.