As I write these lines, there is a smile on my face. This smile reminds me of the beautiful memories. A journey so complete in itself, it promises a positive transformation within oneself, rather breaks the chains with which we've held ourselves over time and brings out the best in us. PPD plays the role of a great leader Jambavant who motivates Hanuman to realize his true potential and continues to push him towards his goals.

I still remember my first day where the warm gestures of the family would make me feel it was home. Sometimes I'd find myself lonely traveling 5 hours from Durgapur to attend the sessions but down the line I knew it was all worth it! His personal attention, his ability to understand me, his flexibility and determination would sometimes give me goose bumps and inspire me to work harder; I now understand it wasn't an overnight transformation.

PPD was my mentor who held my hands at every hurdle, provided me answers to the faintest of my doubts and at times also scolded me. I have love, admiration and respect for the man who single-handedly molds dreams into realities year after year, yet shies away from taking any credit. Supported by genuine hardworking talents, this living legend is undoubtedly an idol for many. The connection is more bounded by hearts than on a professional level, which makes it a family pledging to stay connected throughout life.