Anand Mantri

Lack of proper mentors had been my biggest problem throughout my past and this was set to continue when I was rejected for GD-PI classes by a certain coaching centre. I was sure of not joining just any other coaching centre because no personal attention is paid to a student there and I know this from my past experiences. Then came a glimmer of hope when my childhood friend told me about this place called Backspace (name sounded very different) in Salt Lake area. I was a bit skeptical at the start considering the area was too far from home and I had workload as well. But I had no option either, so I decided to give it a shot. I visited the centre and it was small compared to other coaching classes but when I went into the room and I saw a person with headphones working on his MacBook so deeply that he could not hear me or see me knocking twice, I kinda felt I was about to witness something different. I would not hide that i was scared (being a Marwari) as well because I was about to invest Rs. xxxxx. at one go. But the moment I filled up my first form at Backspace, the glimmer of hope was more than a glimmer by then. By the time I gave my first interview, I was assured that I had chosen not the right place but the best place. The attention that is paid to each and every student here is amazing. The uploading of interviews by every student helped us to attend so many virtual interviews instead of one real one. It was not just the interviews but also the group activities, case studies and discussions where we were insisted to think differently always taught us something new. The amount of time spent on everyone by the godfather mentor or teacher Partha whichever name you can give is surprising. Partha, as we call him, has been an inspiration and will always be so. He kept instilling me with the confidence that I should always think of A, B, C instead of FMS, SP Jain and NITIE and he repeated this sooo many times that I really started believing that I could do it. I was never able to give a spectacular mock interview but the confidence given by Partha and Team Backspace was amazing and made me feel patient. Also, Partha was very clear about what I should do and prepare and I just followed him blindly and I am glad I did that. Backspace has been a game changer and today when I look back at my performances in actual interviews where I converted all of them except IIM-B and w/l IIM-A, I owe it to this place. A place that will stay in my heart forever…Backspace can never be backspaced from my memory.