After a not-so-great entrance exams season, I ended up with not even a single call from IIM A, B and C. IIM Lucknow and XLRI were my best calls and I had to convert to convert at least one of them at any cost. This was my first attempt and I had no prior experience of attending any b-school interview. So I needed mentoring at this stage to get through the process successfully.

At this juncture I came to know about backspace on pagalguy. The concept of B School specific training caught my attention. I contacted few old students of backspace and they heavily recommended it. I was convinced and enrolled for the program. But the program ended up being more productive than what I have expected and what I have been told. In spite of being an online student, I was provided with enough resources and opportunities to participate in group discussions and the regular weekend classes.

Especially the B school specific interviews highlighted what every B school expected from a candidate, helped me to meter my performance and to know where I stood in the competition. The program also helped me to know my shortcomings and gave me the opportunities to correct them myself. By the end of the interview season, I ended up converting 8 of the 11 interviews I had attended including IIM Lucknow and XLRI. I sincerely thank Partha sir and team for guiding me throughout the journey and for helping me to get into one of the top b-schools of the country. I’m joining IIM Lucknow this year and I look forward to associate myself with Backspace in the future too.