Anurag Ghosh testimonial
Since my pre-final year, I have been hearing from my friends and seniors about a certain IIM-A alumnus named 'Partha', who seemed to have the 'Midas' touch in transforming people. I used to be in awe of him but at the same time was skeptical about how a person can bring about a transformation in a matter of a few days. Nonetheless, I was determined that whenever any sort of opportunity would come, I would try to imbibe something from him and there waited for me an experience of a lifetime.

When I made a call to him, before resigning from Jamnagar and coming to Kolkata, the only words that soothed me amidst all my worries was 'Don't worry'. When I attended my first session, I was taken aback a bit as he didn't even give me the answers I didn't know. Later, with time, I realised that my efforts in finding those unknown answers were slowly increasing my knowledge beyond my imagination and he wanted to do just that. The little habits of mine, those he changed, definitely impacted tremendously. I won't say that I am a completely changed person now, but definitely Partha has done a lot to add dimensions to my personality and knowledge. I will be always indebted to him for his contribution to my life and will hope that he will serve as a mentor for me throughout my life.