Partha PD



Personality Development Program

From the time we remember, we are taught to dream, to have ambitions, to win the race. Eventually, many of us lose our uniqueness and limit our personality to a mere entry in a database.

Power Development Program

We are familiar with our demons. They are as real as the wind and the water are. Hiding through rain and shine, in plain sight

Productivity Development Program

"Work is worship." True. But not true. For, what about time for family? What about time for solitude? For the universe, time is a meaningless phenomenon;

Happiness Management Program

At the dawn of human evolution blossomed an innocent romance between Expectation and Reality. The long-drawn affair between the two kindled the birth of Happiness.

PDPbyPPD: 30-Day Challenge

You have to sell yourself to yourself for the rest of your life. You have to sell your ideas, your thoughts to your clients, colleagues, enemies, family members, friends, strangers, etc.

PDPbyPPD: Breakspace

As Vintage decided to have a closer look into fast-paced New York web design realm in person, we get to acquaint with most diverse and exceptionally captivating personalities.