Aprajita Kashyap

My experience with breakspace was a very unique and amazing one. When I joined Breakspace as an online student, I had certain apprehensions about what I am going to gain from it as I am not going to be there in the classroom. But the whole experience came as a sweet surprise as our mentors at Breakspace tried their best to keep online students as much engaged as possible. The thing I loved most about Breakspace were the mock interviews as the mentors covered almost each and every aspect of my profile which can be asked in the actual interviews and I was prepared with answers which I could relate with my personal life and not the fabricated ones. The mentors never tried to spoonfeed the answers to me but they helped us chart our own ones so that we can be our best possible version in the interviews. One improvement which I would really like to see specially for online students is the number of activities should be increased for us which can lead to better involvement. I would really miss Breakspace after the last class and I would suggest people to join Breakspace because it not only helps you prepare for interviews but it’s an experience which you can cherish for lifetime. I would like to thank Shahrukh Sir specially as he has been there during most of my interactions and really understood my strengths and weaknesses and trained me accordingly. I would like to thank Partha sir, for envisioning this whole experience. I would like to thank Srinath and Souvik sir as well. I hope to stay in touch with all of the mentors and the friends I have made while in breakspace. Cheers!!