Aritro Sarkar

The first time I came to know of Backspace was from Mark Zuckerberg (precisely Facebook). I came across a post from one of my seniors regarding Backspace and the post instantly made me curious. If there was anything I was sure of at that time was the fact that my verbal skills needed improvement (I eventually got to realise this after appearing for CAT earlier). That evening, I along with my friend went to meet Partha and we had a long discussion. The very next moment when we came out, I was pretty sure that this person can actually change me from within, irrespective of whether I actually improve my verbal ability skills. Well, that kind of defeats the initial purpose, doesn’t it? It was always encouraging to learn in a classroom along with other fellow students but the individual interaction sessions had its own charm. Here you learn not only to understand others, but also to make others understand what you desire to express and that with efficacy. With so many outstanding peers, group discussions hardly left any room for untouched perspectives. With every successive session, improved communication skill is merely one of the several key takeaways. Backspace is not just about improving your communication skills, it is also about values. Being an employee and with all the interactions we had, it is not hard to vouch for that. Here you simply cannot escape from the clasp of this conjurer who doesn’t know when to stop being creative. And it is this illusionist Partha’s tenacity, optimism and faith in me that has finally led me to IE Business School. Thank you Backspace for believing in me.