Arka Dutta

Arka Dutta Testimonial
CAT 2013! I had a decent percentile, a few decent calls, eight of them to be precise. I performed fairly well in the GD-PIs. Or that was what I thought. Then came the results. I was able to convert none, yes, none of the calls that I had. Catastrophe? Yes. Fast forward one year. CAT 2014! Once again I had a decent percentile, eight decent calls. I was sure that I would not repeat previous year’s mistakes, except two problems. One, I didn’t even know what my mistakes were. Two, everything was just the same as they were the previous year. It was the same demanding job, the same remote job location, the same lazy me, unwilling to work a little harder. I felt like I was just dreaming of converts without actually doing something to get there. That is when I joined Backspace. Partha, and his unconventional pedagogy, are a perfect combination that brings the best in you. The best thing about Backspace is that it doesn’t point out your shortcomings, but rather instills into you the insight to figure them out on your own. And this way of learning is far more effective than, say, a coaching institute force-feeding you the mantra of success. The way Partha gives attention to each of his students and their individual needs is astonishing. Due to my hectic schedule, and a far off job location, I could attend classes only on Sundays. And Partha scheduled me for back to back interview slots on Sundays and also arranged for telephonic interviews on weekdays as per my convenience. I wonder how many coaching institutes would do that. To conclude, I would like to sincerely thank Partha, Backspace, and my fellow students there, for helping me realize my mistakes and work towards eliminating them. Proud to be a Backspacian. Oh and I converted seven out of those eight calls this year.