Ashutosh Gupta

For me Backspace is not just a place where I mastered my communication skills but it is an experience of a lifetime. During the three months I spent here, I discovered myself in different ways. The journey started when I got interview calls from IIM-I and IIM-K. I was excited and motivated but at the same time I was confused and under-confident about my chances of getting selected. With all my excitement, I was at the doorsteps of Sir Partha’s office early in the morning even before it was open. When I entered backspace, I found a board on which it is written that “Keep your footwear and ego outside” and after spending some time here, I realized the it is the first thing one needs to develop if he wants to experience true learning. Although I was little apprehensive at first as Backspace was a new name for me but after the first class at Backspace, I knew that this is the only place I would rather be. Unlike other GD & PI training centres, here I found the methods of mentoring really effective and innovative. The morning classes on Saturdays and Sundays were insightful and helped me to understand conceptual base from where I could grow further. The Just-a-Minute (JAM) Sessions, where we were given a topic and one person had to speak on it unless he is stopped by other for grammatical or factual error or a long pause, was a fun way to realize the mistakes we made while speaking. Then the Group Discussions helped me learn to speak logically and present my points in the most coherent way. The 20 personal interview conducted in Backspace was comprehensive. Each of these interviews were customised according to the target college. In all of these interview, there was something new which has not been asked before. After giving so many mock interviews, the final one felt like another kind of mock interview. There are so many other activities like the mirror, the real life marketing challenge, extempore, debates & role-play which develops your overall personality in general and communication skills in particular. Throughout this crucial time, whenever I was in doubt, Sir Partha was always there. He was just a phone call away. He had more confidence on me than I had on myself. In fact, he checked my results before me and broke the news that I got selected in IIM-Indore. I would always be indebted to him and to Backspace. Without Backspace, it wouldn’t have been possible.