Avishek Adhvaryu

This is the story of my experience over the past eight months. It started with my second and final attempt at CAT and after getting my result and missing new IIMs’ calls by a whisker, I was dismal. Then I thought a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. So I decided to try to convert the calls which I had in my hand. But getting a decent score in CAT is totally different from cracking an interview or a group discussion, because here you do not need some quant skill or some reading skill. To become successful and triumphant at this stage, knowledge is an imperative but not a sufficient skill; you should have a decent personality and good communication skills. And that makes this stage totally different from the previous stages because it is very hard to revamp and enhance your personality in couple of months. At this stage I found myself totally confused and disoriented. I didn’t have any clue on how to proceed and whom to approach. One of my friends told me about an IIM-A alumnus Partha and suggested me to join BACKSPACE at that time. I still remember the first day I entered BACKSPACE, full of enthusiasm, expectations and anxiety, I filled up a form and to be honest I had never seen such a form in my life. The questions were totally different, unique and distinctive. To answer those you have to introspect and think out of the box and that was the start of a practice of thinking differently from others (one of the most important skills according to me). Then when I first attended a practice GD, I found myself befuddled by seeing so many talented peers. Many of them had IIM calls and almost everyone converted those calls. I really found myself lucky to be among them. I think GDs at BACKSPACE are the toughest among what all I have ever seen. In those GDs we can find so diversified thoughts that our thinking process changes automatically (and that make you unique and exclusive among the crowd). To be honest I had never found any difficulty in actual GDs because they were way too simpler than that of the numerous practice GDs at BACKSPACE. Now I want to say something about Team BACKSPACE. At first I would like to say something about our friend, philosopher, guide, mentor and psychologist PPD aka Partha. Honestly I have never seen a man like him in my entire life (ask any BACKSPACIAN and all will agree with this), and sadly I can’t describe him in few words but I mourn that I could have achieved a lot more if I had met a person like him at earlier stages in my life. I still remember my first mock PI at Backspace and Partha suggested me a lot of things to make me accurate and systematic. And seriously from this stage I never looked back. After getting so many final offers from so many colleges I truly understand the value and stature of his words. He is a man full of passion and dedication. I can remember one day when Partha was taking continuous classes though he was seriously ill. Almost all of us want to become an entrepreneur in our life but only a few can give such dedication and commitment to their work. One more thing about Partha is his ability to motivate. When I got rejected in my first PI result and I was in a state of frustration, Partha told me that don’t lose your hope you deserve better. Those few words really boosted my confidence and determination level to a new height. After that I have converted almost every single call. And at the day of BACKSADIOS (farewell) Partha told us to be a forgivable person in our daily life to become successful and happy, that kind of a mentor and guide he is. I would also like to thank Ritesh Pathak, Sumeet Gupta, Saket Mishra and every BACKSPACIAN for their relentless support. At last again I would like to thank BACKSPACE and specially Partha. You have made me a more deserving MBA aspirant. Without you I could not have achieved my dream of pursuing MBA.