Ayush Saraf

I think some might have heard of the story of a modest coffee store established by three college friends in Seattle in 1971 and how it was able to multiply itself into approximately 24,000 spacious outlets in over 50 countries all over the world in the next 46 years. What differentiated it from the others was its sole focus on making available beverages of utmost quality and on creating a unique experience for its customers thereby instilling in them a sense of community and giving them a reason call it their ‘third home’. The store, further, used to refrain from using traditional forms of marketing such as advertisements in newspapers, magazines, billboards and celebrity endorsements and stressed primarily on providing something different to the patrons who would then help it grow into the behemoth that the outlet-chain has become today. If you are still wondering, I was talking about ‘Backspace’. Oops. My bad. It, indeed, was Starbucks’ journey that I discussed above. But then, the essence of what I mentioned before applies perfectly well to ‘Backspace’ as well and I sincerely believe that this is precisely the reason why ‘Backspace’ will continue enriching lives of numerous students and, one day, attain never-reached-before heights. I won’t delve into details of the whats and the hows of the Breakspace programme; it would be best if one experiences that Starbucks latte for himself. But I would definitely like to mention that two and a half weeks was all that two – PPD sir and Siddharth sir – and a half – that’s me – men had to make sure that this half man, or rather, boy, was ready to face the most important interview of his life yet. Fortunately enough, I can now say that WIMWI will be my address for the next two years.