Partha has been a silent mind reader, philosopher and even an agony aunt to me. I have repeatedly poured my heart out when I was bogged down by the too may extraneous events that life has decided to burden me with, and never was he impatient. He has been with me like an ATM or shall I say All Time Help, polishing my CV even at the dead of night, as I had missed doing it in time.

The sessions helped immensely in improving my communication skills and made me prepared to face any kind of interview. Finally the efforts were well paid off when I was selected in the Indian School of Business and IIM L (IPMX) program.

pradipta Das Testimonial
Pradipta Das
ISB Hyderabad PGP 2014-15

The place was not at all as any traditional coaching center, and after talking to Partha, I realized that I have come to the right place and enrolled for ‘Verbospace’ – a programme for verbal ability. I do not hesitate to say that I have seen very few persons as industrious and dedicated as Partha. His life revolves around students and he leaves no stones unturned to help them.

Rahul Agarwal
Duke’s Fuqua School of Business MMS Co21

Partha PD’s mentorship helped me get to know the real ‘me’. It helped me break free the boundaries I unconsciously set for myself. I will particularly remember the conversations and the unorthodox assignments that exposed me to interesting perspectives about so many things.

One of the most professional and simultaneously caring person i met was Partha sir. He is my mentor and has helped me a lot through all my career and life decisions. As a person he is very humble, disciplined, friendly as well as fun loving. I would recommend it to anyone looking forward to transform their lives for a better future.


Play on your strength and build on your weakness’, the age old mantra for success. However, PPD (Partha) guides people to turn ones weakness into his/her strength, quite playfully… :), so that you are at ease to play around with it at the time of need: GD and PI.

The first day, I was made to realise my distance from the coveted spot. Then PPD started analyzing my strengths and weaknesses. I was determined to follow the golden words of Partha. Within a span of mere 15 days, I could sense the internal confidence

Partha sensed that and offered me a scholarship through which I could join any of Backspace’s programmes for free for an entire year. And maybe because of that encouragement, I kept my MBA dream alive. On the suggestion of Partha, I started Preparing for GMAT and he made sure that I get a good score. I also promised myself that this time I’m going to prepare exactly as instructed by Partha.

Reserving a seat at one’s desired business school does not define success, but just another step towards it. There are lots of consulting organizations out there, but it’s Backspace that have helped me to understand this truth. Backspace is a place where I learnt my strength and weaknesses and more importantly learnt how to embrace them for betterment

If there was anything I was sure of at that time was the fact that my verbal skills needed improvement (I eventually got to realise this after appearing for CAT earlier). That evening, I along with my friend went to meet Partha and we had a long discussion

Yes, Partha Sir is a Life Designer. He has this genuine quest in him to help others. This makes him even more empathetic and he can relate to the person almost instantaneously. He finds his happiness in the happiness of others I feel.

Partha sir is a very patient teacher and an honest critic as well.  He spent lot of time talking to me and analysed my strengths and weaknesses and very gently pointed out them to me and gave a strategy to strengthen or remedy them. I meticulously followed his instructions and thus sessions by sessions kept improving and thus ultimately achieved my dream B-School.

If you think prepping for B-School go beyond simply cracking the interview, this is the place you ought to be at. As a bonus, you may discover positive energies within yourself that you might have forgotten (or knew never existed!) 🙂

That you can call your mentor @2am without any hesitation and can easily share your secrets is unbelievable. That ‘Big boss’ and the ‘weekend parties’ can take a backseat in your life to classes, preparation and creative writing experimentations is unthinkable.

I would say that Backspace offers the best ROI and “value for money”. Other than the obvious features such as essay editing, resume formatting and mock interviews I was very impressed by the behaviours of the people from Backspace. Everybody was a friend first and then a consultant.

Partha sensed that and offered me a scholarship through which I could join any of Backspace’s programmes for free for an entire year. And maybe because of that encouragement, I kept my MBA dream alive. On the suggestion of Partha, I started Preparing for GMAT and he made sure that I get a good score. I also promised myself that this time I’m going to prepare exactly as instructed by Partha.

Backspace was the first place that groomed me and gave me a glimpse of how a MBA life would be. The interview preparations helped me to reflect back on my achievements in the past and work on my aspirations for the future.

Partha Sir will work with every guy relentlessly to bring the best out of him/her and he will create an atmosphere that will help you give your best. 


For me, Breakspace was a very important factor in converting my interviews. Many aspirants might not realise it but mock interviews can have a big impact not only on the direction of preparation but also on the intensity of the preparation. 

The weekend sessions conducted by Partha Sir and team helped me gain clarity when it comes to approaching any problem statement, be it a GD or otherwise . Now coming to the PIs, I have to thank the team for the tremendous support they have given me throughout the process.

Sumedh Patodia

For me, Breakspace was a very important factor in converting my interviews. Many aspirants might not realise it but mock interviews can have a big impact not only on the direction of preparation but also on the intensity of the preparation.

I did a bit of digging and decided to join Backspace for the GD-PI/WAT program. I was really scared about facing interviews and felt a bit fidgety during the initial classroom sessions but with time, my morale got boosted.

I enrolled myself in the online mentorship program of Breakspace offered for PI/WAT/GD preparation. The mentorship and guidance offered by Partha sir and the team was invaluable. They were meticulous in the way they conducted interviews and shared feedback.

The program in Breakspace is amazing because it not only offers unlimited mock interviews but also helps to develop communication skill sets. This really helped me in clearing the interviews of the most coveted B-schools in the country

Breakspace has this knack of asking what I call the ‘checkmate’ questions and putting the candidate in tricky positions. PPD sir is an excellent teacher and a great observer. It was his stress interviews that helped me face the panels of IIMs with ease and confidence.

Partha Sir and the team has to be one of the best lots of teachers/coaches I have come across. One can actually derive motivation from their efforts in preparing the students for GDs/PIs.

Though I was academically above average, I was extremely nervous going into interviews, and didn’t have much of a plan regarding how to get over this. The Breakspace team, especially Partha Sir and team really stood by me in this respect, and helped me to present myself more confidently. 

I joined Breakspace online program after the CAT results were declared. I was working in Gurgaon from last year and so was out of touch with academics. I was totally confused on which subjects should I revise, which current affairs to follow, how to maintain the body language during interview, how to answer behavioral questions.

Partha Sir, the founder and mentor of Breakspace is undoubtedly one of the best individual I have ever met. His ability to understand a person’s mind and help him/her to introspect, actually goes a long long way. This makes the individual ready to tackle any stressful situation in an interview.

The discussions, tips and mock interviews which were conducted by them showed the amount of hard work and dedication they had put in to know us as individuals. They made themselves available to us for any doubt/ clarification we might need. 

The program provided tools to everyone to transform, knit us closer together with both our peers as well as the faculty, and made a bond that would last past just the few months we shared together. The personal attention paid to the students background and his intangible personality is unparalleled and is the only one of it’s kind in the industry.

What differentiated it from the others was its sole focus on making available beverages of utmost quality and on creating a unique experience for its customers thereby instilling in them a sense of community and giving them a reason call it their ‘third home’.

Only a properly structured approach with in-depth preparation of as esoteric subjects as one can imagine can help one reap the benefit of years of hard-work and struggle. But when one has PPD, one should definitely stop worrying about the results. Just following PPD’s instructions with sincerity can conjure magic.

Biswajita Parida

Play on your strength and build on your weakness’, the age old mantra for success. However, PPD (Partha) guides people to turn ones weakness into his/her strength, quite playfully… :), so that you are at ease to play around with it at the time of need. Backspace has given me more than what I expected. It made me realize my dream – extending my heartfelt gratitude.

Sagnik Dey

To prepare for the interviews I attended few demo sessiones of some other coaching sessiones, but I found them generic and uninteresting. And then, I heard of Backspace. After going through their website, I got in touch with them and enrolled for Season 6 of Breakspace as an online participant. Backspace is unique about the way they conduct their mock interviews, which are very personalized and bring the best out of you. I still remember how under confident I was regarding the entire B-school interview process and how Partha Sir instilled confidence in me.

Utpal Kant

Those 10 weeks were the most productive days of my life. I would like to thank Partha Sir for adding such a great level of creativity in each episode of Season 06. He knows how to bring the best out of anyone.

Backspace’s GDPI programme helped me break down my inhibitions and forced me to introspect. It gave me a huge amount of clarity as to why I wanted to do what I wanted to do. Of course, the GD and PI prep was excellent, with some much needed direction for the kind of prep I needed to do better at my interviews.

My experience with Breakspace has been phenomenal. I never would have had the confidence to crack an IIM interview if it hadn’t been for the continuous interviews that I had given at Breakspace. The questions they ask during the mock interviews are well researched.

To put things into perspective, Backspace is the best institute for you if you aspire to crack the GD/WAT/PI processes of top B-Schools. I was a part of Backspace family and I can proudly say it’s one of the best and in all probability the only institute in the country that emphasizes on the overall development of the aspirants.

Partha, the one-man army, loves like a father, punishes like a marshal, and makes fun like a true friend. If you have aspirations for a decent management college, then this is the workshop to backspace your fear, to break your cowardly bones, and to re-energize your willpower. Backspace has given me the opportunity to befriend with such an honest and above board soul, Partha

Prannoy Ray

From encouraging us to look into the “Mirror” in the ultimate quest of self-realisation to nurturing the seeds of “Finger thinking” in a bid to put thoughts to words, from enticing us to come “Out of the case” and overseeing our transformation from a “Dumb and Fat Pappu” to “The Economist”, Partha sir has been an exemplary friend, philosopher and guide in the truest literal sense.

I was very skeptical if I should Breakspace since I lived in Pune and the only option was to have the interviews conducted online. But, barring a few hiccups, the interview process was good. The best thing is that there is no upper limit on the number of interviews and this helps you refine your answers before your actual interview. It helped me plug in the gaps in my GD-PI preparation.

From the unlimited mock interviews to multiple SOP edits, Breakspace was always there for me when needed. The tips provided to improve written and verbal communication skills helped a lot in improving in these fronts within 3 months. Being a working professional, it was quite hard to manage mock interviews during the daytime.

Prakash Jain testimonial
Prakash Jain

 Early enrolment helped me immensely in getting to know where I stood and how I well I needed to perform. That is precisely where the weekend sessions by Mr. Partha helped me. From organizing mock group discussions to making me practice Writing Ability Tests (WATs) on a diverse array of topics, he prepared me for the worst of cases and brought out the best in me

Breakspace was my one true saviour when it came to interview preparation. Right from providing me with materials to prepare from, to relentlessly taking interviews for me day in day out, the hardworking workforce of Breakspace has made my dream come true. It wasn’t just the professional support they provided for preparation, but the emotional 24*7 support as well, to keep my mind healthy

With a lower border mark of 99.65 in CAT I got through IIM C. Success is two folds:- Backspace and Self-preparation. Backspace helps one prepare for the Self-preparation part too. The pedagogy and interview line-up are the inner and outer crux. It is upon one to grab the best out of the process. This is the place if you wish to convert a call!

First, I would like to thank my friend Chandra for introducing Breakspace to me. I was dithering to pay 20K for PI in January. After speaking to a faculty member to clear my doubts about the course, I understood that I was in the right place. 

I joined Breakspace to convert my PIs. The weekend classes were very helpful. On one hand, the GD and WAT practice helped us for our admission process whereas on the other hand the group tasks helped us develop team working skills, an essential skill for our MBA journey.

This was my second attempt at CAT. In CAT16, even after getting a very good percentile I wasn’t able to convert the call of my dream institute. But this year I could do that. The difference being I had joined Breakspace this year. Right from the first day, both Partha Sir and team had instilled me the confidence that I could do it.

GD-PI? But Backspace will offer you something more than that. I know the initial amount might get you thinking, but once you pass that little hitch and step into Backspace I can vouch, you will realise the huge difference that Backspace has from any other institutes. 

Partha, as we call him, has been an inspiration and will always be so. He kept instilling me with the confidence that I should always think of A, B, C instead of FMS, SP Jain and NITIE and he repeated this sooo many times that I really started believing that I could do it. 

I cannot imagine having being able to convert IIM Calcutta without help from Backspace. But then that is not the primary reason why I hold Backspace so close to my heart. It is for all that I have been able to learn here that I am forever indebted to Backspace.

I will always be indebted to Backspace for the inexplicable amount of personalized attention provided in the form of numerous mock interviews, personal interactions et cetera, all of which instilled in me the much needed confidence to do well in my interviews.

If you would like to have a mentor who would keep pointing out your weaknesses till you are almost perfect, would work on your problems tirelessly till they are eliminated, would believe in you more than you believe in yourself, would be happy in your success like it is his own and in return of all this, would just want a life time friendship… then I think Backspace is the place you are looking for!

Partha sir is a genius and he knows each and every student of his in-depth. From discipline to punctuality to integrity, Partha sir epitomizes all these adjectives. What really amazed me was that he was always ready to help you with the quickest of replies even over mails and social media.

To me, a “Mentor” seemed like just another word for a teacher or a guide. Then Backspace happened. It was July 01 2015 when I started my first ever job, barely a month out of college. It was the best opportunity I could have ever gotten. Through the days to CAT, there was immense support from everyone, especially, PPD Sir.

Securing a good CAT percentile was certainly a big achievement for me but as they say CAT is not to select the deserving ones but to reject the undeserving ones. The WAT/PI conducted by the IIM’s is a bigger challenge as you are up against the very best, with odds terribly against you and with every topic under the sun to prepare for.

The journey at Backspace is a short but memorable one. The transformation an individual undergoes here in such a short period of time is tremendous. The sessions are unique, creative and involve a lot of fun. What sets Backspace apart is the level of professionalism displayed and the importance given to discipline and ethical values.

The biggest attribute of the best mentors is that they make the most daunting of targets seem fascinating and very much within reach. So was the case with Ppd. The very 1st day, he instilled this feeling of self-belief in me that converting the top IIM calls is nothing out of the world. We were a group of some 40 odd Backspacians who were actually enjoying every bit of PDP in our pursuit of the best b-schools.

Describing this place as a GD-PI preparation class would not do justice to the unbelievable experiences this place has to offer. Everything at this place is filled with creativity and eccentricity. Be it the application form or be it the way the weekend classes are structured and organized, you will always stumble upon something way out of the ordinary.

The classroom sessions and mock interviews helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses and carry the right attitude in my interviews. I thank the entire team of Breakspace for their constant support during my preparation and for not just helping me secure an admission from one of the most coveted institutes in India, but also for making me a better individual.

I started my journey in Backspace with a lot of enthusiasm, and a tinge of anxiety- calls from top IIM’s are hard to get, and converting them is an even more arduous task. But, the sessions at Backspace, the inputs of Partha Sir, and the interaction with the wonderful peer group helped me grow in confidence. PPD Sir’s interviews repeatedly pin-pointed my weak areas so that I could work on them, and ultimately after a couple of months of hard work, I have the privilege to write “IIMC PGP 2016-18” beside my name. I’d like to thank Backspace for helping me achieve my dream, a much-coveted seat at the venerable IIM Calcutta.

I came to know about Backspace quite late during my WAT-PI preparation, and I deeply regret it. Nevertheless, PPD sir ensured that the time I spent there was both enriching and worthwhile. I remember PPD sir telling me that I would be able to convert at least two of the top three IIMs. When you have a mentor who is able to channelize his own confidence into you, it really can be a game-changer. Besides this, the friends that I made at Backspace, the competition I faced, have all changed me for the better. Thank you PPD sir, and thank you Backspace!!!

For extraordinary results – preparation, mentors, methodologies and support need to be extraordinary. Breakspace was where I was able to get all of the above. I was an online student for the year 2018-19, and initially, I was having reservations whether it would be helpful for me. But all the mentors were very supportive at every point of time. The personalised mock interviews were very helpful as it builds confidence and will be able to categorize your strong and weak areas. So, I highly recommend joining Breakspace for converting your dream call.

I joined with the aim of improving my GD/PI experience, but personally the experience has been much more enriching. With fun filled, well designed activities and interviews which covered every inch of knowledge we were supposed to know , helped us put our biases aside and made us think out of the box. The awesome mentors at Breakspace and the amazing peers in the batch have helped me grow into a better version of me.

Gautam Oswal testimonial
Gautam Oswal

I owe a big part of my success to Breakspace. It’s amazing how much I improved throughout the course. Especially through the mock interviews, I could visibly notice the difference between my first and my last mock PI. I really liked how everyone at Breakspace is very accessible especially Shahrukh Sir who was my guide for most of the program. Thank you Breakspace. 


You can’t put a price on some things, and the Breakspace experience falls into this category. When I found out about Breakspace. Not only did I realise over time that it is the BEST, I now also fully endorse this opinion and would recommend it to everyone who wants to get into their dream B-School. 

The program which has been designed by Partha Sir is not just to help you with your interviews, but it is something which will help you throughout your career. According to me, the focus of the program is to improve you as a person, to make you become a self aware individual, to help you become more confident and in this process help you deal with your interviews as well.

My experience with breakspace was a very unique and amazing one. When I joined Breakspace as an online student, I had certain apprehensions about what I am going to gain from it as I am not going to be there in the classroom. But the whole experience came as a sweet surprise as our mentors at Breakspace tried their best to keep online students as much engaged as possible.

By the end of the interview season, I ended up converting 8 of the 11 interviews I had attended including IIM Lucknow and XLRI. I sincerely thank Partha sir and team for guiding me throughout the journey and for helping me to get into one of the top b-schools of the country. 

With proper guidance from mentors through different b-schools based mock interviews and deep analysis of every aspect of interviews, I was well prepared for GDPI process. admission offer from my dream B-school.

I cannot put into words the changes I have seen in myself as I went through the program. My fear of interviews started reducing with every mock interview. The amount of personal attention and guidance given by PPD Sir, Aritro Sir and Shahrukh was immensely helpful and helped me convert my best call. Thank you Breakspace!

Partha PD sir is not just your mentor but family. He scolds you, yes! But, it is always on-point and for our own benefit. Within just quite a few interactions, and that too online, he has the ability to capture your personality which sometimes even we are not remotely aware of. That sounds quite surprising at first but when it happens to you, it comes as a shock.

Jaidip Palit

The way Partha PD Sir teaches in class to the life lessons he wants to impart to us is really quite enriching. All the sessions conducted were well-planned. The program is not only about cracking the GD-PI it’s about preparing oneself for the next hurdle. Thank You Backspace!!!

Breakspace program has helped me a lot in my interview preparations. The mock interviews help a lot in analyzing strengths and weaknesses and prepare accordingly. Institute specific mocks help to understand the pattern of questions and past trends.

I reinvented myself after joining the Breakspace program at Backspace. The personalized guidance, JAM sessions, GD and extempore, interview sessions – everything was exemplary and perfectly conducted. With every session, I learnt something new, something useful.

When I attended the first session of PDPbyPPD, I instantly realized that this is the place where I should be learning about nuances of communications, which will be helpful for B-school interviews. PPD not only grooms you for the interview process but life at large

Getting weekly news updates and notes on current affairs, writing essays and compulsion to submit them on time, preparing for the mock interviews, well generally three times a week (Pheww…) and working on the points of improvements suggested by Partha, all these loaded me with weapons to ensure victory in the final battle. I scored 98.28 in CAT with 93 in VALR

Each of PPD’s session was like something to look forward to. Each of the session would harp on one crucial topic that was motivating as well as educative. Along with that we had enough material to practice from be that the theoretical aspects, essay writing or the application/SOP editing. And not to forget an equally important aspect with which Backspace helped immensely is the SOP editing.

PPD has shown the right direction to a perpetually confused person like me. He can understand someone’s strengths and weaknesses very easily. And then, he can guide the person in the right way by honing his or her strengths and working on the weaknesses. In a word, his personalized coaching has been a huge learning experience for me.

The PI sessions were absolutely customized according to the institute one was appearing for and every student had their own SWOT analysis with the mentor. Backspace not only gave us the pitch to strike our scores in the ball game, it enriched us as a better human being through a number of tasks.

I am sure everyone has heard of rag to riches story. Well in those stories it was the sweat and blood of an individual behind their success. In my case, I have to say that it was Partha and team backspace. Thank you for everything that you have thought me and coping with me.

Sayantan Biswas

Two Months!!! Yes, two months was all it took for Partha (for he stoutly refuses to be addressed as ‘Sir’) to effect the metamorphosis from a brooding individual who was sceptical of his abilities to someone with the confidence and affability to tackle the sternest of IIM interview panels. Having had calls and having converted and dinged by IIMs before, I was acutely aware of the fact that there is many a slip between the cup and the lip.

It was the incessant effort of Partha sir, his words of wisdom and his unique way of helping students in a customized manner that helped me achieve my goals. Initially, it was a bit difficult for me due to my work location away from Kolkata and given the fact that I missed most of the classes, but the motivation from the team made me believe in myself and with two weeks of toiling before my best call, I crossed the line.

Partha Sir would give us a group task/individual task almost every day in the class. I still remember one of the best tasks ever assigned to us was to go out on a valentine’s day and sell valentine day cards made by our group. Now that i think about it, these tasks weren’t meaningless; they were there to get us a glimpse of the MBA world, to prepare us for our B-school. 

My biggest learning was to know how to smile constantly during a PI and this art is a game changer; I also got very good at handling stressful situations. I was able to transform every single of my interviews to friendly chit-chats. Not so tempting, eh? Now think of a third category of candidates. 

For those who think that they lack communication skills or cannot display confidence, should experience this journey. Usually coming out of one’s comfort zone is not a ‘feel good’ act. But Partha’s encouragement at each step totally gives a new definition to the expression ‘feel good’. Come to Backspace to rediscover you.

After getting calls, I was of the opinion that I was preparing well, and did not need any other specialized program. However, the long-drawn process was becoming tiresome and making me complacent. It was only after joining Backspace that I realized what I had been missing. PPD prepared us for the worst of interviews and taught us how to play on our strengths, while simultaneously working on our weaknesses. 

When I first decided to appear for CAT, I was very evident that a good percentile can get me an admission offer from a good college. The sphere of trance broke when I got to know that people with 100 percentile are being rejected by top institutes. When I scored a decent percentile in CAT 2017, I was very skeptical about by GDPI preparation. I was more willing to prepare my own and less willing to spend any money for this. 

Vizovono Medoze
Vizovono Medoze

I received a call from Rahul asking if I could meet Partha sir to which I agreed, I thought the meeting would be a normal one  where he would ask me about the usuals like the progress I made but halfway I realized that  Partha sir wanted to offer free GDPI-WAT sessions to me and I was close to tears, he  explained his Gita initiative which he started in honour and memory of his mother Gita where  he tries his best to contribute to deserving girls hoping to make a difference one girl at a time

As someone who is not very familiar with English-medium communication, I was a bit skeptical about my chances when I received calls from the top B-Schools. But, Breakspace has helped me so much in this regard, that I am noticing a significant improvement in the way I presented myself not only in the Interviews but also in my day-to-day conversations.

4 months at Backspace was a great learning experience for me not only in terms of knowledge and gearing me up for the interviews in my way but also it added a new dimension to my personality by helping me emerge as a better, confident, strong  individual.

I Enrolled in backspace with a lot of skepticism. Due to my location i had to enroll for their online gd-pi preparation program.right from the start be that those backstab updates or those interviews conducted by partha sir and team they have always been on point.I got more than what i signed up for. Sir was accomodating when i wanted to give an offline interview.

The whole process at Backspace is very logical and very personalized. Interviews you can have are unlimited and over and above that, the help from Partha is not just limited to the things we need to do but even help with how we need to do it. He stood like a shadow behind me, never allowing me to fall

The journey with Breakspace has been phenomenal. From getting numerous feedbacks in mock interviews to changing perspective on things and life, the sessions have helped me to come out of my comfort cocoon and realising that I can do it too

I joined online course of breakspace as after CAT i was confused as how to prepare for GDPI /WAT effectively (being working professional i used to get very less time) so after consulting with few friends i joined breakspace. 

It has been a life changing experience. I have learnt to think in ways I never could. I can also see the multiple sides of various problems. This course has also imbibed several key human virtues such as empathy, compassion, forgiveness.

You can’t put a price on some things, and the Breakspace experience falls into this category. When I found out about Breakspace, I had just one call. Even so, I enrolled for the GD-PI-AWT coaching because I’d heard from several places that it is the “BEST” in its class.

Ronit Ray testimonials
Ronit Ray

The knowledge sessions imparted by Partha PD sir in the form of weekend classes transformed my thought processes and widened my perspective on a lot of general topics and I am sure lessons absorbed in those sessions will continue to benefit me in future too.

In each of his class Partha sir motivated us to be good human beings first. A good teacher can change one’s life and I am sure each of my season 8 batchmates will agree with me that we all are a little more compassionate than the day we entered Breakspace.

I always had Partha sir by my side who took it upon himself to prepare me for my calls. He kept encouraging me after every mock interview. No matter how insufficient I was in my performance, with a smile on his face, he always urged me to perform better in the next one. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

PPD was my mentor who held my hands at every hurdle, provided me answers to the faintest of my doubts and at times also scolded me. The times when I felt low and doubted my capability to convert the much-coveted call, he was there to assure that I am awesome!

Today, I sit back and think about the clincher for me that fateful day. Surely, it has to be that person you respect, that tells you, ‘Yes you CAN’. For the bouncing back alone, I owe it to PPD. Backspace IS about WINNING.

On the suggestion of Partha, I started Preparing for GMAT and he made sure that I get a good score. I also promised myself that this time I’m going to prepare exactly as instructed by Partha. More than me he was adamant that I shouldn’t give up until my goal is reached.

This is the extent of transformation that is possible under PPD’s guidance in a span of just 6 months! Breakspace S04: Since I had decent scores in all the exams that I took, I ended up with multiple calls

Gautam Poddar testimonials
Gautam Poddar

PPD has tremendous amount of patience and dedication, excellent communication skills and great ability to empathize with others. For solving any problem, one must identify the root cause of it and this is exactly what PPD does.

Even when I used to be out of station or too busy to attend classes, I would receive regular updates and tips from Partha over the telephone. Even when I forgot the timing of my telephonic interviews, I used to get a little SMS reminder from Partha himself.

Krishna Dhanuka testimonials
Krishna Dhanuka

The training and more aptly the nurturing that you receive from BackSpace helped me being presentable and likable during the GDPI process. The important life-hacks that I learnt here are sure to help me out tremendously in my dream B-School and beyond.


What makes Backspace unique is the individual attention and constant nagging from Partha, that helped me to constantly improve and outdo myself everyday. Thank You Partha for believing in me and helping me to aim high and convert some of the coveted b-school calls. Proud to be a JU-ian, BACKSPACian.

Undoubtedly Backspace is the best institute in Kolkata for GD PI courses and the difference between Backspace and traditional institutes is like comparing cheese with chalk. Thank you for everything Partha Sir and entire Backspace team.

Sreedipto Bhattacharya testimonial
Sreedipto Bhattacharya

I do not know why but maybe one should experience it first hand to realise. However the thing that amazed me the most was the creativity with which PPD accomplishes even trivial tasks. 

Do not join NITIE. You can achieve much more. And do not worry I am there to help you out in every step’. This is what Partha said in Apr 2012. I took his advice and did not join NITIE, not because I was confident about my abilities but because I knew Partha is a man who takes his words seriously. After exactly one year, I am about to join XLRI. Thank you Partha!

I had joined Backspace on recommendation of one of my cousins who said his friends were raving about this place. When I had joined Backspace, I had no prior knowledge about how ‘sessiones’ here worked. I was in for a real surprise when I discovered how enriching the sessions here actually were and how creativity and unconventional thinking was actively nurtured and encouraged here. On a personal level, Partha sir and the entire Backspace program has been godsend for an introverted and reticent person like me. The sessions at Backspace helped me immensely in emerging out of my shell. I did not have lot of calls as I joined Backspace and even though I could not convert whatever few calls I had, I am really glad I joined Backspace because what I take back are valuable lessons for life.

The plethora of activities consisting of Group Discussions, Case discussions, Just a Minute sessions, Group Tasks, Knowledge sessions, WATs, Personal/Group Interviews, Leadership & Humility Session, et cetera enabled me to tackle any unexpected surprises in the GD-WAT-PI rounds of the different B-Schools

Partha sir always had some refreshing thoughts brewing in his mind. This consequently led to some insightful knowledge sharing by Partha sir. Through such measures sir urged us to expand the horizon of our thoughts.

Swaminathan Iyer

Most of all to Partha, for not just his guidance as a mentor, but, for the little things – about how to keep your feet firmly on the ground, about how not to get bogged down by failure, to make one realize that the most important thing is to be a good human being

Backspace is the bridge between the dream and the reality. I was not only tutored to crack B-school interviews but also was prepared for challenges beyond that. This is a place where the teacher works continuously with you to ensure that you realize what you aim for.

Going forward with the few calls I had, namely SPJIMR, XIMB and IMT-G, the battle was only half won. But, with the excellently designed PDP and the guidance of PPD, I was able to convert all three of them.

looked into Backspace’s website and I took a look at the testimonials, just as you are doing now. The words ‘individual attention’, ‘flexibility’, ‘self-growth’, ‘transformation’, ‘creativity’ could not be missed. I decided to join Backspace rather than getting bored and lost in crammed sessionrooms of other institutes. Bored is something that you can’t be at Backspace. Every second of every session will keep you on your toes.

Breakspace has played a vital role behind my 100% conversion rate in the WAT-PI rounds for admission to the IIMs. Being a working professional, the flexible time slots for mock interviews helped a lot. The fine blend of behavioral, profile-based and stress interviews allowed me to focus on all three areas.

The preparation wasn’t restricted to just mock PIs – we were given extensive preparation in personality building, written ability and GDs for the entire period of three months. I owe a major part of my admission to one of India’s premier B-schools to the personalized attention given by Partha Sir and team.

Yash Vardhan Choudhury Testimonial
Yash Vardhan Choudhury

I would like to thank Partha Sir, for his sessions, which definitely helped in standing out from the crowd in the group discussions. I would like to thank Sir for his interviews, which gave me a glimpse into how one can think differently and use that as an advantage.

I learnt about Breakspace from 1 of my friend who had been a student the previous season. Even though I was a bit apprehensive at first about joining Breakspace as an online student, my friend managed to convince me and I ended up joining it.

Partha Sir, in his sessions, enforced the value of discipline and empathy. The Group Discussions here helped me gain different perspectives – especially when Sir used to share his thoughts regarding the GDs

It was an absolute privilege to have Partha sir as the mentor, who by far is the most phenomenal communicator that I have ever met. Finally it’s time to acknowledge the efforts of the person, without whom I’d have never been able to make it to iimk.

The one-on-one interview sessions with the faculty, the ‘let’s communicate’ sessions with Partha Sir and the classroom sessions have transformed me into an individual ready to take on life. I’m indebted to Breakspace for their mentoring and support.

Partha, and his unconventional pedagogy, are a perfect combination that brings the best in you. The best thing about Backspace is that it doesn’t point out your shortcomings, but rather instills into you the insight to figure them out on your own

If I am asked to describe Partha in two simple words, then that would be ‘Perfectionist’ and ‘Dedicated’. He gave the best of his efforts to groom us to a stage where we can fit into good management institutes. Being an IIM-A graduate himself, he understands management better and that is very well demonstrated by the manner in which the sessions are conducted

The assignments, GD, PI and other group activities were 100% fruitful for me. I hardly found any difference between the practice PI and the actual PI. Perhaps, because of that, I could convert all my eight interview calls. This is the right place where one can ‘Backspace’ his/her fear of lacking in effective communication and learn a new way to make SUCCESS possible.

It was an experience I shall cherish for a lifetime. It helped me transform into a more aware and conditioned person for the future. And its innovative ways kept me engrossed and motivated me to improve myself and standup to the competition. I shall always be grateful to have been a part if Backspace. Hope I can make the Backspacians proud someday

I joined backspace in 2015 for GD-PI course and spent six months under the tutelage of Partha Sir. My stint here has been phenomenal and it played a pivotal role in my converting almost all the calls. The sessions here are exhaustive and the methodology followed is unique in a manner which not only prepared me for the interviews but also gave me a heads-up of a B-School environment

This was something so profound that I never realised if such kind of creative learning can do so much good to an average aspirant like me. Thank you Partha and thank you Backspace for your constant faith and help in recognising the winner in me.

PPD sir painstakingly polished us and groomed us from starry eyed freshers to professionals ready to take on the management world. But I feel the greatest takeaway from those months is that we learnt to think differently, and more importantly, see ourselves differently

The mock interviews helped a lot to develop confidence and temperament that is required in a B-school interview. The materials shared in Backspace helped in clearing my confusion about business jargons. Apart from that I always found PPD explaining different nuances of business verticals like finance, marketing, etc.

He(PPD) is a brand, sculpted with the finest of precision. He does not believe in trivial lecturing, rather he leads by example. Partha sir made many of us cry during those ruthless stress interviews. But then that is why most of us converted our dream business school calls.

Niloy gave a video testimonial, you can watch it here

The sessions by Partha Sir were very interactive, well designed, humorous and full of activities. Those sessions had been a life-changing experience. It helped me to be a better person. Teachers shared a lot of ‘Gyaan’ to help our General knowledge as well. 

Gita Gyaneshwari testimonial
Gita Gyaneshwari

 The personal attention which Partha Sir gives to each and every student of Backspace is unmatched. Rigorous mock interviews by the team made me aware of my flaws and improve on them.

Partha Sir was less a mentor and more of an elder brother to me, always willing to address any queries or tackle any apprehensions, putting all of us before himself. In fact, he was the one to break my IIM Indore’s selection news to me!

The interactive sessions with Partha Sir made me discover my strengths and weaknesses. His unbiased feedback encouraged me to work upon my flaws and helped me emerge as a much more confident and organised person. 

Partha (or PPD) – the man behind Backspace…Here was a person who refused to be addressed as Sir, would discuss anything ranging from Bollywood movies to the Indian Parliament and hardly slept because he did not want to leave any gap in helping us convert our calls

The only interview left was with IIMI and I had to convert it. It was then that I came to know of Backspace. The level of support and dedication that I have got from Partha is indescribable. He believed more in me than I did in myself

Throughout this crucial time, whenever I was in doubt, Sir Partha was always there. He was just a phone call away. He had more confidence on me than I had on myself. In fact, he checked my results before me and broke the news that I got selected in IIM-Indore.

While filling the registration forms itself, I got the feeling that PPD (as he is called) and his approach is quite different. What distinguishes him from the rest is the fact that he is able to dive into your world, understand your feelings, and connect with you at a personal level.

The whole concept of Backspace and its success in making people achieve their dreams owe entirely to Partha Pratim Das aka PPD. He is an extremely hard-working person who would manage everything very sincerely, and with utmost ease as it seems.

Ankit Agarwal
Ankit Agarwal

Throughout the journey PPD Sir has been a confidence booster. For someone like me who has never been exposed to the great game of interviews and GD he helped me to calm down my nerves. For every B-school there was a unique way in which the interviews were conducted and got me ready for everything coming my way.

Numerous GDs, case studies, individual interactions, mindboggling decision making problems are enriching indeed. All these added with Partha’s constant guidance yielded fruitful yet again, as I made it to IIM Indore PGP batch of 2014-16.

The CEO, PPD Sir, is very stringent about punctuality, be it about arriving to class on time, or submitting assignments on time. Even a second late is considered late, and necessary actions are taken as per policy for the defaulters. Personality development was given as much importance as learning development. Discipline was given the utmost importance.

The weekend classes by Partha sir were an absolute treat where my all round personality was developed and I almost always got a new perspective of looking at the world ion a different lens. We were usually made to write essays also and those essays were evaluated.

You attend sessions, do tasks with people who’d eventually join the best B-Schools of this country and the learning and bonding that develops during that phase is something you’d cherish forever. Thanks again Partha sir and team for being there always for us.

The best things about Backspace are 1. Extremely Professional 2. Disciplined 3. Personal Attention 4. Anytime Support. The mentors at Backspace – Partha PD Sir, and team is immensely knowledgeable and will guide you well throughout your course. They will help you reach your desired goal.

Raunak Goyal

PPD has his unique style of teaching. He does not give general ‘GYAAN’ of Dos and Don’ts in GD/PI. Instead, he works with us to identify the secrets of effective and creative communication.

Finally, I’m joining NITIE Mumbai and I’m thankful to Partho because without his guidance it would have not been possible. I have taken few correct decisions in my life and joining PDPbyPPD is one of them.

Truth be told, I spent relatively less number of days at Backspace for what the institute has to offer through its programmes: Verbospace and PDP. But, the rigor of coursework in a friendly setting built the necessary confidence in me

PDPbyPPD helped me to get an insight of what is happening around and made me more conscious about myself, so here I am at NITIE.

Rakesh Mohan Mohapatra

It was only then I came to know about Partha Sir and Backspace. It was 10th of January, 2016. A fine Sunday, when I took an appointment to meet Partha Sir, at Backspace at 7 30 PM. I went to meet him with a decent CAT percentile, character full of intent and will to do anything to get into a good B-School. Following weekend started the journey at Backspace

Breakspace played an influential part in my GD-PI preparation for B schools. Online program was very important for me as I was working in a remote location. Constant interaction with Sharukh sir, PPD sir andAritro sir, chiseled my skills to the extent that I felt confident and was ready for facing any kind of interview situations. Also constant monitoring and feedbacks from the Breakspace family ensured that I was updated of important happenings in the global context. The quality of peer group who are some of the brightest minds of country , coming from diverse backgrounds, give a real sense of healthy competition. 

PPD sir is as expected awesome. He took fewer sessions but gave us a lot of valuable insight. Sir has an eye for detail and perfection and there is always so much to learn from him. The team was with me throughout my preparation phase for the interviews and provided me with every help possible.

After being personally trained by Partha Sir, I understood that this is not a knowledge based test but a behavioural based screening. Complete personalised attention and catering to what each and every student needs is what makes the entire journey different and special

Satyaki Dutta

I sincerely thank Partha PD and team for the personalised efforts they put in to groom us and develope our creativity and thought process. While preparing for B School Interviews, this is the best program I could have enrolled for

The experience here was enriching, to say the least. The classroom sessions are crafted keeping in mind the long term development of the students and many activities in turn prepared us for the selection processes of different B-Schools.

Shashank Saroff testimonials
Shashank Saroff

The importance of lateral thinking and being confident about one’s individuality stressed on by Partha Sir has the potential of not only securing a seat at a premier business school and performing well in there but also changing a student’s approach towards life at large. 

It would be tough to quantify how much Backspace has helped me, since I don’t know what would have happened if I went else where. Here, I have learnt how to interact with people who are much better than me intellectually.

Gaurav Dhar testimonials
Gaurav Dhar

Breakspace turned out to be a great experience filled with knowledge while providing a deeper understanding of who I am as a person, with the help of some insightful sessions by PPD Sir himself.

PPD Sir will take you through a transformational journey and in the end, you will come out as a much more confident and creative individual. Be it PIs, GDs or WATs, he will show you how to treat everything with a different perspective.

Having quit my job half a year back and then having unsuccessfully tried my hand at my own venture, I had gone on to mess up CAT and did not have many calls which I had initially aspired for. I still remember the day I met Partha sir for the first time after joining Backspace and shared my disappointments, concerns and goals. And there had been no looking back since then

I joined backspace after a friend referred it to me. I was highly skeptical since I had not heard its name earlier. However, I believe the experience was worth it. Yes, experience! Partha sir is extremely helpful and is truly as much motivated as we were for every single one of us to succeed

Partha, the founder of backspace, is the best mentor I can ever get. He knows the strength and weakness of each student personally and advises them accordingly. His dedication, creativity and above all humility make him the perfect mentor that he is.

VA had always been my achilles heel but the sheer guidance and relentless efforts of Partha sir (CEO of Backspace and also an alumnus of IIM A) helped me to get to a position where I was really confident to appear for any MBA exam. He will scold you, nag you , motivate you when your mock score will hit a strata(happens to everyone).

People at Breakspace work very hard with you to convert your calls. The feedback they provide helped me to work on my weak areas and crack my interviews. I have spent more than a week to frame a perfect answer for tell me about yourself. Throughout the time the entire team and Partha sir were very supportive.

All the mentors i.e. Partha Sir and team were available whenever I needed any kind of counselling regarding the upcoming interviews or any other kind of advice that I may have needed at the time.

My journey at Backspace started in 2015. It has been two years since then and I can feel the impact this journey has had in my life. I believe that this journey had a lot of takeaways for me, starting from gaining confidence to public speaking skills to positivity.

Shreyash Agarwal testimonial
Shreyash Agarwal

The personalized attention given by PPD was the nurturing element that let me realize
my potential.

The dedicated faculty members helped in realising so many things that I was not aware of. And in many of the actual interviews, more than 80% of the questions asked was similar to those asked in mocks. And also Partha sir for the weekend classes which were so helpful in the development. In all I can say I enjoyed the learning.

I can remember one day when Partha was taking continuous classes though he was seriously ill. Almost all of us want to become an entrepreneur in our life but only a few can give such dedication and commitment to their work. 

The mentor, Partha Sir, assisted even on a personal upfront in order get rid of the pessimistic attitude which I once developed after scoring not so well in CAT. I almost converted all my calls but life isn’t just about converting these calls

Parimal Parag testimonial
Parimal Parag

I am glad to say that PPD, as we students fondly address him, is one who helps people who have problems with their communication skills and intellectual ability. Here, in his PDP sessions, one is mentored not only to excel in interviews, GDs and what not, but also to become a better human being

Adarsh Kataruka

My journey at Backspace started in 2015. It has been two years since then and I can feel the impact this journey has had in my life. I believe that this journey had a lot of takeaways for me, starting from gaining confidence to public speaking skills to positivity. Being such a personalized program, I could always get the help from Partha Sir and the whole Backspace team for any doubts that I had, and used to get advice and help on almost everything possible. Overall, I had a wonderful experience being a part of Backspace.

The PIs helped me practise every possible line of questioning. It made me search for answers by self introspection and formulate them such that they can withstand cross questioning if any. Extremely grateful to Partha Sir and team for being patient with me and guiding me in my journey to IIM Shillong.

PPD would always say, ‘Communication is not something to impress but to express. You don’t need to control your way of speaking; you need to unleash it and I am here not to make you a good communicator but a better human being’. There is more to Backspace than converting your call, it’s about transforming your life.

Backspace makes you realize that success is not about reaching at the top, it never was. Success is that little satisfaction which you get, when you look at a mirror and know for sure that you have tried your best. Well, they say-”we do not guarantee success”. Utter lie!!! Because trust me, they do.

The 1: 1 attention helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. Overall, I learnt a lot and I would like to thank Partha sir and entire Backspace team from the bottom of my heart for everything. I wish them all the very best ahead for all the good work they are doing.

Whenever I felt any dilemma not only in my career but also in personal life, I know I can rely upon the trusted mentor PPD Sir. His dedication to his passions and attaining perfection in every aspect of his life makes him stand out from the crowd. Not only he is tremendously knowledgeable but also a great human being

PPD is not just a mentor but also a friend of every student. He personally takes care of everyone. I have studied at other institutions but the ‘personal touch’ is not present anywhere. He is a true inspiration and he helps people recognize their true potential.

Shruti Saraogi
Shruti Saraogi

Partha Sir, the man behind all this, exactly knows the strengths of every individual and believes in capitalising on it. He has always encouraged us to think the unconventional way. His friendly nature made us easy to approach him with all our problems, even though, professionalism was never compromised.

I learnt the importance of communicating clearly. Backspace did not change my personality, rather it taught me to portray myself in a better way, above all to be genuine. I am confident that what I leart in backspace will help me throughout my career, not only in Interview.

PPD could assess whether I was getting heavier on my strengths or weakness, and used to advice accordingly. Even the first assignment of PDP, was most needed, because it was then, that I realized how important it was to spend time with myself and get to know the better of me.

Firstly I would like to say that the mentors here – Partha Sir and team make you feel at ease and give you the utmost confidence required to ‘Break open a space’ in your dream B-School. Not only the mentors but also your fellow students here will be from varying academic backgrounds vying for a place in top colleges. Interacting with them will add to your learning

The feedback was good from their end. But when I actually joined it was better than expectation. We had classes on every weekend which was taken by Partha Sir, someone I really look up to.

I learnt the importance of communicating clearly. Backspace did not change my personality, rather it taught me to portray myself in a better way, above all to be genuine. I am confident that what I leart in backspace will help me throughout my career, not only in Interview.

PPD could assess whether I was getting heavier on my strengths or weakness, and used to advice accordingly. Even the first assignment of PDP, was most needed, because it was then, that I realized how important it was to spend time with myself and get to know the better of me.

As most of the BBA mentees being half-prepared have a shot at their MBA entrance examinations during the 3rd year of their graduation. I also went with the flow and did the same. The exams were done and results were out. To my surprise, my results were above expectations and I did not know I could make my career from it this year.

Partha sir’s feedback made me realise my flaws and work on them. Each of the sessions, group activities and simulated interviews at Backspace prepared me better not only for a B-school but also beyond that.

Partha Sir kept everyone busy on the Facebook group with various tasks and, also shared all the important subject material pertaining to graduation subjects and, also for all the specializations in the BSchools which would come handy in the future as well.

Thank you Partha Sir, for your insights and perspectives and tips about every group/case discussion we had. The classes were so captivating, that one won’t even feel like missing a single class. The next best thing about breaskspace is the n number of interviews one can take before the actual one

Apart from the teaching and gd/pi here you will grow as a better individual and your perspective to things might change, the individual attention you get here will definitely surprise you. Thank you Partha PD sir and team for always guiding me.

When I had enrolled for the GP-PI Training at Backspace, I went in with the expectations that one has for any other coaching centre. But after the many interactions with the team there, especially Partha Sir, I have come to realise it is much more than just coaching for interviews.

One to one sessions, Mirror interviews , Let’s communicate sessions actually helps you realise what your real potential is. Partha Sir is someone who can read you very well and has all the answers.

Partha sir’s personal attention to each and every student ensuring that they take active participation in the classes and the mock interviews is the reason he is one of the best mentors that I have come across.

Backspace does not ends with just the conversion of calls but it goes on to work on personal brand and develop the traits needed to make an impression in a professional environment. The words and action of Partha Sir always wants a person to be a good human. Thank you Backspace!

Backspace not only helped me prepare for B-School interviews but also emphasised on the overall development. Partha Sir has always been there to help me clear all my doubts and guide me in the right direction. 

My journey at Backspace has been a truly enriching experience. I expected to be well trained for all my forth coming GDs and PIs but it trained me for much bigger things in life. It has led to an immense growth in me as an individual on a personal as well as professional front.


Personal attention was never a problem as I could contact PPD any time I felt. As days progressed, I was infused with enthusiasm, lateral thinking and confidence. I came to know myself better now as a result of all the maverick activities. What PPD asked in return was dedication and a smile on my face.

Partha sir has always been there to solve our doubts. He was just a call away to help us in every possible way. He understood us so well. He knew our strengths, our weaknesses and helped us utilize it in our best interest.

I am extremely indebted and thankful to partha sir for guiding me throughout this journey. He showed confidence on me when i had none on my own. The team insights developed in me the ability to handle crunch situations, Very patiently they used to listen to me and help me formulate my answers.

Being a student of Backspace is one of the best things that have ever happened to me. Be it giving a refined edge to my soft skills, or, inculcating positivity in my life, or, learning the basic values of life, Backspace taught me everything. Team Backspace not only acts as your mentor but they are family, and no better teachings than those from family.


Introspect, Retrospect, Circumspect; Three common words that hold far more value than the number of times they have been used by human beings so far. I firmly believe that these golden words form the foundation of consciousness and are very difficult to practise until you are a part of Backspace. Since day one, we were directed toward awareness and more importantly consciousness, the traits that not only make a person an efficient manager, but also a leader in true sense.  Our focus was not bounded to our views but ranged farther than we thought.

Now when I look back to how he guided me through the entire process I feel blessed to have a mentor like him because he not only helped me in with the practical aspects of MBA interviews but also, I was able to discover myself (strengths and weaknesses) and my objective of why I want to do an MBA which is one the most crucial aspects and it clearly reflected in all my interviews.

Round the clock assistance is another plus. Moreover, you get the rich advantage of peer to peer learning while interacting with the smartest brains of India.You get simulated interviews where you might get totally shattered only to come back in a much better form.

What I did not realise at that time is how that was such a small part of the experience offered there. It was such a transformational journey that I would have difficulty in recognizing myself from 3 months back. The mentors all worked with me and helped me in identifying my issues and gave me guidelines on how to work on them

Partha Sir, who heads Backspace, has experience of almost a decade in this field and this knowledge has helped me as well as others to choose the right B-school in all aspects. The passion he has for this work is recommendable and he will always be at your disposal for any doubts or to boost your morale.

When I joined Backspace, I was a little skeptical about the place. But the first day at Backspace completely changed my mind. Classes in Backspace mean exhaustive learning interspersed with loads of fun and yummy treats! My journey with Backspace has been amazing! I will never forget those weekend sessions, which ensured that everyone participated. 

They were interactive sessions, which were fun, as well as tremendously helpful from every aspect. And it is not just about the who conducts the classes, you will be participating and working with the best of the bests of minds

My preparations never took a hit even when I had met with a serious accident before my exams, as Partha was more than ready to help me prepare in every way possible. His belief in me was enough to get me going in that tough phase of my life.

Partha Sir  was available for us at anytime to clarify our doubts and concerns.Overall, I have learnt a lot from here. I highly recommend this for everyone as this will be really helpful and useful for you.

Smriti Singh (IIM Trichy)

PPD makes goodwill look good in times where it is fast-fading. 8. Bad spellings and bad grammar are an eyesore. As a Backspacian, I cannot anymore get comfortable with any of them. Speaking and writing responsibly has got to be Backspacians’ trademark trait. Now, the last point on my abridged list: Apple suits PPD more than it suits anyone else.

Raushan Kumar Pandey testimonial
Raushan Kumar Pandey (IIM Trichy)

PPD, at this point, had been extremely supportive and constantly guided me to improve and get better. PPD senses pulse of every student and figures out the area one needs to work upon. The other thing one finds at Backspace is the unique way PPD conducts sessions.

The pedagogy followed at Backspace is very unique which sets it apart from the rest of B-School interview training programs and that helps the students at Backspace convert a B-School call without much hassle. I owe my success to PPD and Backspace.

Partha Sir motivated me to participate in every single activity, helping me to overcome my fear and giving me enough confidence. Right from the beginning, many of my friends told me that I don’t have very good calls and that I will not be given personal attention from the mentors. But once here, I never felt this to be true.

When you enter the GD room knowing that your preparation has been comprehensive, that you have handled all sorts of interviews (different panelists, telephonic interviews, mimicking the styles of different B-schools etc), your self confidence is boosted tremendously, and it reflects in your performance

Vivek Tripathy testimonial
Vivek Tripathy

I was able to convert my KJ Somaiya call by preparing for few days at Backspace and being personally mentored by Partha. Partha encouraged me to achieve my potential and try again for a better and this advice was the turning point in my life. 

I am proud to have PPD as my mentor through this journey. Backspace was a thoroughly enriching experience for me. When I walked through the door for the first time, I could never have imagined what would be in store for me for the next 4 months.

Mentorship of Partha, has been such that it helped me reinstate my long lost confidence with each practice test, Group Discussion, mock interview and various engaging group activities before the actual exam

 Rarely have I come across a teacher like Partha, who in his inimitable style makes you believe in yourself and helps you to turn your dreams into reality. Partha made us do things that none of us ever thought we could.

Digant Bhatt

Backspace stands out for another reason that the participants in the class are few of the best in India, so you learn so much just by being part of the class activities. I sincerely thank PPD and Backspace for doing so much good for me and I would be indebted to both throughout my life.

He not only knows the strengths and weaknesses of each mentee personally but also advises them accordingly. He can even recognize the handwriting of each of his minions. When I finally improved to some level after attending to several sessions, I met with an accident, which forced me to leave for home in Bhubaneswar. Even then,
he did not give up on me and a few days later I found myself appearing for telephonic sessions with him. That is the level of attention I am talking about. Partha never goes easy on his minions and keeps them on their edge.

One fine morning, the news of a good GD/PI coaching centre i.e. Backspace was accidentally gifted. After scoring an average score, which could fetch very few number of top B-school calls, I didn’t have any intention to show much interest in converting the calls. The first meet with Partha was not magical or something like that but somehow I was confident enough that this person can help me to achieve my goals. Then the journey begins. I have converted almost all of my calls in the last few months. But temporary success is not the only glory of Backspace. It was more like a merry-go-round journey which teaches the basics in an all-in-one package and it’s going to remain with you for the rest of your life. When the self-manifestation restarts due to the external teaching, the whole personality gets a jerk and jumps to a new level. The odour of the reality will be in brain but the essence of hope will boost your confidence even in a very difficult time. And there lies the secret of success and Backspace will hand over the key customized only for you. For pursuing such a noble profession with tremendous determination and patience, I would like to give a bow to my mentor, friend and guide — the ‘PPD’. Only a few fly with their dreams unconditionally after pursuing PGP from IIM-A and he is one of them. In short the best ‘teacher’ and the best ‘school’ I could ever imagine even in my dreams.

They have guided me on every step with the most practical decision. I have never had mentors who would invest so much time in a mentee to help him/her develop both personally and professionally. I am more confident now than I was and a big credit goes to Breakspace for having such sought after mentors one can ever come across. Thank you!

I had become comfortable to mix with people and even learnt how to express myself. I have no words for those those sessions. I’m very thankful to entire breakspace team.Thank you so much Partha sir for those valuable lessons in every session you used to share with us.

At Backspace there is a dual flow of knowledge among teachers and students which again makes it stand out. Most importantly, the team at Breakspace works round the clock tirelessly during the B-School Admissions Season, be it conducting mock interviews for students , engaging students in online discussions so as to their personalities or being always available to reply to the countless queries of students.

Aly Afnan testimonial
Aly Afnan

The one year long journey at Backspace nourished me not just academically but also as a kind spirited soul. All thanks to my great mentors. They instilled the confidence in me at every step of my journey, that I will achieve my goals, even on days when I didn’t believed myself. So, undoubtedly the best way to get guided under one on one mentorship is only available at Backspace Consulting.

Lalit Poddar

The breakspace programme is excellent in every aspect. It is a healthy combination of learning and fun. The entire team at breakspace is absolutely amazing. Personal interviews too are held in an extremely organised manner. The team has put in extensive research into the admissions process of each and every college.

Partha sir as they helped me a lot in my interviews and corrected me in so many of my interviews. It is only because of them I could convert NMIMS HR, IMT Ghaziabad and 2 new IIM’s. One word of thanks is not enough to thank them, the institute has helped me set my foot in one of the best B-Schools

Pooja Saha

The practical lessons that I have learnt at Backspace in a period of one year are my assets and will continue to live with me. For once I am grateful to my friend who introduced me to the world of Backspace and put me in contact with Partha who has been a life savior to me, who rekindled my self-determination and the desire to go that extra mile.

The little habits of mine, those he changed, definitely impacted tremendously. I won’t say that I am a completely changed person now, but definitely Partha has done a lot to add dimensions to my personality and knowledge.

He (PPD) is a simple, fair and sweet guy with a big smile and for sure his eyes are not RED. I learned many things, which I can’t write in this small space, but most important thing is using FB for noble cause i.e., studying. 

I joined Breakspace online program after the CAT results were declared. I was working in Gurgaon from last year and so was out of touch with academics. I was totally confused on which subjects should I revise, which current affairs to follow, how to maintain the body language during interview, how to answer behavioral questions.

Avik Paul
IMI Delhi

One may have abilities inherent in oneself but the paradox arises from the fact that one may not be aware of one’s abilities. To make one aware of one’s abilities and then push the person to utilize those abilities to the maximum potential is something only a good mentor can do. PPD Sir therefore, redefines Mentor.For me, Backspace will always remain a place where I enjoyed myself. And when one enjoys,time flies. But memories remain.Thank you Backspace.

Rajiv Jhawar
IMI Delhi

Thank you Partha sir and the entire Backspace team for helping me to improve my speaking and written skills. Those rigorous sessions at Backspace helped me immensely.  I can utilize those learning that I got at Backspace like how to manage time, how to sell, how to pitch to fellow mentees for college clubs/ committees/ societies, how to pitch to organizers for funds, how to get maximum out of scarce resources. Also, from the core of my heart, I would like to thank Partha Sir for guiding me in anything and everything.

Ahana Datta
MDI Murshidabad

I have learnt to structurize and express my thoughts. My prospective about a particular situation has improved. No doubt there I have learnt the importance of discipline and responsibility.

Pre-Placement Crasher

The handouts provide a glimpse of what is expected by hiring agencies- extremely helpful
This workshop gave me a headstart and I came to know about various aspects related to CVs and resume.
Now I have a clear idea on what a Resume/CV at the end. We got inputs on how to develop one’s resume. The mentor has communicated with clarity and conviction the learning objectives and future course of action.
Very informative handouts which served as practical guides. It was presented in a structured manner.
The workshop provided the mentees with sufficient sample CVs and Resumes that give us a chalk out idea of where it starts from. The mentor has executed commendable performance in conducting the workshop with articulate preciseness and brevity.
Resume of candidates from various backgrounds were shown to us. The best thing about the mentor is that he will take care of every person’s resume and profile.
Partha Sir is patient and encourages questions which helped us in understanding various nuances in CV and cover letter writing. CVs related to different domains were showcased and we were told how to mould different CV points into the required field
CVs from different backgrounds were shared which gave us an in depth idea how we should draft our CV depending on the company that we are applying to. PPD provided us various insights and case studies. He was humourous and addressed every concern raised by the participants.
The mentor is a good communicator and humourous. He cleared the clutter and offered personalised help.
Resumes of people belonging to different sectors and institutions were presented It’s a very good platform to learn how a good resume is drafted.
The diverse range of resumes being covered, provided us with the holistic view of resume writing and it’s importance. Mentor was more than willing to help the mentees. He made all sessions extremely pleasant and interactive in nature.
It was excellent! The transition from an average Master CV to a stellar final resume.
I got to learn how to structure the content of the resume so that it highlights my best abilities. I got to refer to resume of older applicants. Sir made the effort to point out subtle mistakes in a resume that can result in discarding the resume. This will help me be extra cautious when drafting my resume.
I got to realize that even insignificant details about what I have done can be represented as a strong points. Mentors have very good knowledge of the was of building CV points for specific requirements.
The best aspects of the workshop: 1. Availability of diverse and real-life examples of resume and cover letter. Mr. Partha PD clearly has a lot of experience and knowledge of this entire process of resume preparation, and his insights as a recruiter was very helpful.
The workshop revealed how impactful the one page document- ‘Resume’ can be in deciding our course at B-School. The examples and sample resumes provided were very useful. Needless to say, Partha Sir was brilliant as usual.
It presented the same data in an impactful manner. got a brief idea about all the career options. Mentors are extremely knowledgeable, young and charismatic.
The workshop provides a heads-up to what we may expect in a management program and is very relevant for the program. Mr. Partha is very informative and an excellent mentor.
The workshop made me feel how important it is to structure one’s CV in a B-School.
We learnt the importance of Resume, ways of presenting information in a specified manner. 
The session was 1. Interactive 2. Refreshing 3. Out of the box/Unconventional. Mentor helped to drive the point home.
I was unaware of various basic things of resume and cover letter writing. This workshop immensely helped me learn those and most importantly at the right time.
How a mundane activity can be translated into an engaging one is an art in itself. That’s my first key take away from this workshop. It was not only enriching but was immensely creative.
Shreyansh Jain
It was excellent as usual. We got personalized attention and feedback.