Ivyspace Testimonials

Ivyspace Testimonials

It was six months ago, in March 2014 that I first learnt about Backspace, or Partha precisely from a friend and well wisher. A fellow Backspacian himself, he had voiced effusive about his experience and his way into ISB. At that point, I was preparing for the GMAT, and the changing rules of the game made me strongly believe that I would need expert advise. Probably landing here even earlier would have bettered my GMAT score. Nevertheless, all is well that ends well. Something told me this was the place, and the conviction with which he spoke made me feel there was something in there for me. Circa early May 2014, I had just finished my GMAT on my own but was not sure if the borderline score of mine will be good enough. I wanted to give the next steps a go. I quickly gathered Partha’s contact and had a word put in through my friend, having known by then that Backspace can send back people who do not have enough backup of their skills. Two days later, an appointment was fixed with Partha, and a forward looking man like me was a little taken aback by the ‘Back’ in Backspace. 7:30 PM on the fateful day of May 7th 2014, I dropped in at Backspace and there has been no looking back since. Partha has been a silent mind reader, philosopher and even an agony aunt to me. I have repeatedly poured my heart out when I was bogged down by the too may extraneous events that life has decided to burden me with, and never was he impatient. He has been with me like an ATM or shall I say All Time Help, polishing my CV even at the dead of night, as I had missed doing it in time. I wanted to get into a prestigious global MBA and Partha had read me right by then. First suggestion was HEC Paris, but I never imagined at that stage that I would make it to a global Top 10 college. Initially I went through the motions writing essay after essay, and Partha would send them back umpteen times for redoing. When I finally submitted my application, I was not sure whether I would make the first cut. Partha was on the other side of thought and started with interviews immediately. Ten years of workex and handling international clients, I thought I knew how to speak. Here came the shock, a business interview is a different ball game altogether. The questions can be subtle to downright on your face, but they all test your character and mettle. Strategy to Philosophy, Sports to Economics, Politics to Academics, what not was part of this repertoire of questions. Not to mention the presentation that I had to do for HEC on a subject of my choice, which very few other schools demand. And I have to mention the transformation that my initial presentation made at Backspace. Incidentally that presentation turned out to be the highlight of my interviews. Three weeks to prepare and two interviews back to back, it was race against time. I do not know how many times I went for mock interviews and it was not till the last day that I felt a little good about myself. Partha was unrelenting, ironing out every flaw he could find. ‘No taking chances’, he would say. The interviews and the wait, Partha would eagerly wait to hear from me after every interview I faced just like my mother used to wait after every examination I appeared for. I still sit and think of the many questions on the interviews that were as if snatched from Partha’s mouth. Here I am today, with an offer from HEC, and I still pinch myself to make sure it is real. Global Top 10, something I had not dreamt of even 10 weeks earlier. I am still to find out enough means of finance and make all arrangements, but today have the sense of confidence back in me. A turbulent life over the past 3 years has had a huge toll on me, and the new dimension HEC will add is to be found out. But surely, Backspace put me ‘back’ a few paces to the person I was, confident and go-getter, which I will with God’s grace and mercy try to retain for the rest of my able bodied life. GOD IS GREAT!!
Two years back, when I was struggling with my CAT preparations, I heard of ‘Backspace Communication’ from one of my friends. He told me that an IIM-A alumnus had started an institute for preparation of verbal ability and communication skills. Initially, I did not have much expectation and just decided to go and meet Partha. I still thank my stars that I really took that decision. The place was not at all as any traditional coaching center, and after talking to Partha, I realized that I have come to the right place and enrolled for ‘Verbospace’ – a programme for verbal ability. I do not hesitate to say that I have seen very few persons as industrious and dedicated as Partha. His life revolves around students and he leaves no stones unturned to help them. His unique teaching style and creativity leave an indelible mark on all his students, and I am no exception. Backspace is not about percentiles. It is about a teaching for life. He grooms the entire personality of his students and cares for each one of them. Unfortunately, I could not do very well in CAT ’12 and he inspired me to take GMAT. He has been a constant guiding force, and motivated me throughout and helped me get a good score. However, my MBA entrance story was not yet over for me. I want to stay in India and hence focused mainly on Indian School of Business. I totally relied on Partha’s guidance and applied to ISB. Partha used to address all my doubts even in the dead of night. I remember that I used to go to Backspace every day for mock interviews. He prepared me for all possible situations and finally I could crack the interview at ISB. I do not yet know what transformation I will go through at Indian School of Business, but I am sure I will treasure the transformation I have had here at Backspace for my entire life.
Partha PD’s mentorship helped me get to know the real ‘me’. It helped me break free the boundaries I unconsciously set for myself. I will particularly remember the conversations and the unorthodox assignments that exposed me to interesting perspectives about so many things. Ultimately, my goals became his goals and he helped me achieve those goals, standing by my side when times get hard. Now, there is not a single day that goes by when the things I learned don’t help me overcome the daily struggles.
One of the most professional and simultaneously caring person i met was Partha sir. He is my mentor and has helped me a lot through all my career and life decisions. As a person he is very humble, disciplined, friendly as well as fun loving. I would recommend it to anyone looking forward to transform their lives for a better future.
Play on your strength and build on your weakness’, the age old mantra for success. However, PPD (Partha) guides people to turn ones weakness into his/her strength, quite playfully… :), so that you are at ease to play around with it at the time of need: GD and PI. I was initially so puzzled about joining Backspace but just one class was such an eye-opener that I totally lost my sense of confusion. Backspace has given me more than what I expected. It made me realize my dream – extending my heartfelt gratitude.
The first day, I was made to realise my distance from the coveted spot. Then PPD started analyzing my strengths and weaknesses. I was determined to follow the golden words of Partha. Within a span of mere 15 days, I could sense the internal confidence. By the time, the day of PI at IIMC PGPEX came, I was almost certain about my performance of the day. Backspace made me so confident that I didn’t even apply (or book tickets even after getting short-listed) in any other colleges! *smile emoticon* Thank you to the whole team of Backspace! Best wishes.
18th May 2012 -> 3 seasons -> 6 programs -> 710 in GMAT -> XLRI The journey to XLRI might seem simpler above but only I and Partha (he refuses to be addressed as ‘Sir’) know the significance and effort behind each of the arrows. The journey commenced on the recommendation of one of my friends and I joined Backspace on 18th May 2012. At Backspace, we refrain from marketing and the success speaks for itself as students are the brand ambassadors. At that time, I was struggling with both writing and communication skills. In an era where students refuse to acknowledge the contribution of their mentors, on my first visit I was surprised to see two students, who had already made it to IIMs, sitting there, reading, and discussing. On that very moment, despite having enrolment in another coaching institute, I joined Backspace. I am a sceptical person especially when it comes to following advice and instructions, and multiple failures have added to that. Even after joining Backspace, I didn’t follow the instructions by word and spirit, which led to not-so-good results, twice. After that, I was contemplating on the idea of leaving the MBA dream and keep on working as usual. This also led to the lack of focus on my entrepreneurial venture which ultimately I had to close. Partha sensed that and offered me a scholarship through which I could join any of Backspace’s programmes for free for an entire year. And maybe because of that encouragement, I kept my MBA dream alive. On the suggestion of Partha, I started Preparing for GMAT and he made sure that I get a good score. I also promised myself that this time I’m going to prepare exactly as instructed by Partha. More than me he was adamant that I shouldn’t give up until my goal is reached. That’s why when I was delaying the essay writing he reminded me again and again and made sure that all submissions are on time. My first attempt in MBA essay writing was reprimanded completely but then with the feedbacks and continuous evaluation, I was able to submit quality essays which led to getting calls from all the colleges I had applied to. The biggest challenge during the journey was the interview preparation owing to my faltering communication skills. At some point of time when even I was apprehensive of my selection, Partha with his never-ending optimism and deep belief in self-fulfilling prophecies ensured that I remain on the right track. I was the person who got the maximum scolding and random tasks during the GD-PI session; initially I thought those were weird and used to feel bad sometimes, but now while connecting the dots I realise that it was a part of a well-thought strategy to remove the fear in me, to prepare me for the possible interview situations. This helped me in remaining positive and maintaining my composure and equanimity even in the most stressful of situations. The entire session is so meticulously planned- be it institute specific interviews and all sorts of eclectic questions that the panel may throw in the actual interview, mock GDs or numerous group activities, that it prepares the students for all kind of hurdles in the B-School admission processes. Even after the selection, he kept on guiding me on various things so that I can do well in college also. The different things that I learned there even during that short time, are helping me tremendously here at XLRI. The journey of Backspace is incomplete without the mention of some of the nicest human beings that I have ever met. During the struggling phase, Saket Bhaiya and Pradipta Da were always there to help and guide me. Backspace has also given many good friends and I’ll cherish the moments I that spent at Backspace, all my life. Thank you, Partha, and everyone for being there. Always a Backspacian!
My quest to be in a premier league MBA college started way back in 2009, when I was in the last year of college. Good or bad that was the only thing I wanted to do and my career seemed incomplete without it. However, the journey wasn’t very easy for me. Years kept on passing and every passing year was an unsuccessful attempt and disappointing one. After several unsuccessful CAT attempts and few GMAT attempts, I was finally able to get an interview call from the Indian School of Business in January 2015. With less than a week to prepare for the interview, I tried to lay my hands on every piece of information I could. It was then, when I came to know about Backspace Consulting LLP on Pagalguy from a student of ISB who was groomed at Backspace. With just three days left for the interview, I came to Backspace and Partha sir tried very hard to bring out the best in me. But I believe three days weren’t enough to fulfill my dream. It was really heartbreaking to come so close to fulfilling the dream after years of efforts and getting rejected. The rejection made me lose all my self-confidence and I didn’t know what to do. It seemed like the end of the road for me as another attempt would also just end up on a similar note. But Partha sir gave me the motivation and the push that was needed to help me mentally prepare for another round of preparation. I realized my weaker areas and started working on them. Partha Sir made me dream beyond what I was dreaming and under his guidance I was able to get calls from top-notch colleges such as HEC Paris, Simon Business School, IIM B and IIMC, IIM L. These were colleges which I had not thought of even applying a year back as I considered them to be beyond my capabilities. The sessions in Backspace helped immensely in improving my communication skills and made me prepared to face any kind of interview. Finally the efforts were well paid off when I was selected in the Indian School of Business and IIM L (IPMX) program. My journey was a long one and was filled with lots of upsets and disappointments but now that I am through with it I can say that God’s delays are not God’s denials. I thank Partha sir for mentoring and grooming me to achieve my dream.
The first time I came to know of Backspace was from Mark Zuckerberg (precisely Facebook). I came across a post from one of my seniors regarding Backspace and the post instantly made me curious. If there was anything I was sure of at that time was the fact that my verbal skills needed improvement (I eventually got to realise this after appearing for CAT earlier). That evening, I along with my friend went to meet Partha and we had a long discussion. The very next moment when we came out, I was pretty sure that this person can actually change me from within, irrespective of whether I actually improve my verbal ability skills. Well, that kind of defeats the initial purpose, doesn’t it? It was always encouraging to learn in a classroom along with other fellow students but the individual interaction sessions had its own charm. Here you learn not only to understand others, but also to make others understand what you desire to express and that with efficacy. With so many outstanding peers, group discussions hardly left any room for untouched perspectives. With every successive session, improved communication skill is merely one of the several key takeaways. Backspace is not just about improving your communication skills, it is also about values. Being an employee and with all the interactions we had, it is not hard to vouch for that. Here you simply cannot escape from the clasp of this conjurer who doesn’t know when to stop being creative. And it is this illusionist Partha’s tenacity, optimism and faith in me that has finally led me to IE Business School. Thank you Backspace for believing in me
Reserving a seat at one’s desired business school does not define success, but just another step towards it. There are lots of consulting organizations out there, but it’s Backspace that have helped me to understand this truth. Backspace is a place where I learnt my strength and weaknesses and more importantly learnt how to embrace them for betterment. Backspace not only helped me to secure a place in my desired b-school but also helped me to fight my weaknesses. I know the road towards success would always be difficult but thanks to Backspace now I am ready to face the challenges more confidently as well as more efficiently.

GDPI-WAT Testimonials

For me, Breakspace was a very important factor in converting my interviews. Many aspirants might not realise it but mock interviews can have a big impact not only on the direction of preparation but also on the intensity of the preparation. Besides this, the team at Breakspace is approachable and available for interviews everyday. All in all, it was a very good experience for me.
It was my second attempt at the GDPI stage and possibly my final one as well. The stakes were high and I decided to join Breakspace to streamline my preparation process. Though my only objective was to convert the calls that I had, the process that I went through at Breakspace not only helped me achieve that, but it was also a transformative experience for me personally . The weekend sessions conducted by Partha Sir and team helped me gain clarity when it comes to approaching any problem statement, be it a GD or otherwise . Now coming to the PIs, I have to thank the team for the tremendous support they have given me throughout the process. They have a habit of picking on your weaknesses so that you can work on it. The entire process helped me to bring forth the confident self that I was when I took the real interviews. Its very important to trust the process and I believe that Breakspace has that in place along with talented individuals who makes effort to personalize the preparation process for every aspirant. I will be joining IIM Ahmedabad batch of 2020-22. I look forward to continue my association with Breakspace and team.
For me, Breakspace was a very important factor in converting my interviews. Many aspirants might not realise it but mock interviews can have a big impact not only on the direction of preparation but also on the intensity of the preparation. Besides this, the team at Breakspace is approachable and available for interviews everyday. All in all, it was a very good experience for me.
Everybody has a different approach or strategy when it comes to preparation for CAT. Belling the CAT is only the half job done. The next hurdle that you face are the interviews. I did a bit of digging and decided to join Backspace for the GD-PI/WAT program. I was really scared about facing interviews and felt a bit fidgety during the initial classroom sessions but with time, my morale got boosted. The sessions are not only about GD, WAT or life @B-school but a different way to look into life. In spite of having a job experience, this was something new for me and I can proudly say that I came out as a different individual after I joined Backspace. The interactive classroom sessions, personalized attention, group tasks and the valuable lessons by Partha Sir brings out the best in you. The innumerable mock interviews make you feel like the Hulk and you absolutely ‘smash’ the actual interviews. By the end of the interview season, you are hot and ready to slay anything that comes your way. It has been an amazing and rewarding experience for me and after having converted my A, B and C calls, I highly recommend Backspace for anyone who wants to live their dream.
I enrolled myself in the online mentorship program of Breakspace offered for PI/WAT/GD preparation. The mentorship and guidance offered by Partha sir and the team was invaluable. They were meticulous in the way they conducted interviews and shared feedback. The practice of sharing transcripts on the Facebook group helped me understand the different types of potential questions and work on my problem areas. All in all, Breakspace has transformed into a more confident individual and taught me important lessons.
Most people prefer to stay within a cocoon and as a result have a lot of issue conversing with others. The program in Breakspace is amazing because it not only offers unlimited mock interviews but also helps to develop communication skill sets. This really helped me in clearing the interviews of the most coveted B-schools in the country. The personal attention taken by Breakspace will always be beneficial for a budding MBA aspirant. Cheers!
I came to know about Backspace from a friend of mine studying in IIMK. While many institutes exist to coach students for GD-PI, I was told that this one conducts highly personalized interviews and offers non-generic, actionable feedback. I had soon found it to be true upon joining Backspace. I still remember my first interviews with PPD. Breakspace has this knack of asking what I call the ‘checkmate’ questions and putting the candidate in tricky positions. In his interviews, you will find yourself starting smartly but end up contradicting yourself. And you will learn. Every interview would be a lesson by itself. PPD sir is an excellent teacher and a great observer. It was his stress interviews that helped me face the panels of IIMs with ease and confidence. He manages to make you think about your mistakes and not take yourself too seriously – both at the same time. I used to spend time introspecting after interviews with him. I owe a good part of my success to the Backspace team. Thanks!
Being a working professional, I wasn’t too sure how to prepare efficiently for converting the interview calls I had secured. With some mild concerns regarding the efficacy of an online program (in my case), I enrolled at Breakspace season 08. But, and gladly so, initial apprehensions soon gave way to the realisation that the mentors at Breakspace strive to ensure that every candidate is well-prepared. The amount of personal attention provided, in a batch of 140+ students, was unparalleled. Partha Sir and the team has to be one of the best lots of teachers/coaches I have come across. One can actually derive motivation from their efforts in preparing the students for GDs/PIs. At the end of an amazing experience at Breakspace, I can safely conclude that irrespective of one’s final results, (s)he shall come out at a brighter individual.
Initially I had my doubts about the online program, as I was situated in Chennai. However, this needn’t have been the case, as the Breakspace team were more than enthusiastic about making sure that I was given the necessary guidance. Though I was academically above average, I was extremely nervous going into interviews, and didn’t have much of a plan regarding how to get over this. The Breakspace team, especially Partha Sir and team really stood by me in this respect, and helped me to present myself more confidently. This surely made the difference between rejection and selection. This course truly allowed me to understand what the interviewer actually expects from the long list of beaten to death questions, and how to face these in a proper, yet unique manner. I am extremely grateful to the team for their guidance, and would recommend the same to others as well.
I joined Breakspace online program after the CAT results were declared. I was working in Gurgaon from last year and so was out of touch with academics. I was totally confused on which subjects should I revise, which current affairs to follow, how to maintain the body language during interview, how to answer behavioral questions. The thing is you can’t expect a same training for every student as each student has his/her own idiosyncrasies. The personal mentoring which I received here is highly professional and amazing. From the mock interviews and discussions, they highlight so subtle things which even your best of friends can’t find. You feel a lot more confident . The money is totally worth it.
I joined breakspace on the suggestion of a friend, and I am glad that I took this oppurtunity. Initially I thought that breakspace would “Train” me to convert the Bschool calls’, but Breakspace had a lot more to offer. Partha Sir, the founder and mentor of Breakspace is undoubtedly one of the best individual I have ever met. His ability to understand a person’s mind and help him/her to introspect, actually goes a long long way. This makes the individual ready to tackle any stressful situation in an interview. The team simplifies the complex topics and makes you ready with the basics of management, which comes in handy during Interviews. For any B-Schools aspirant, Breakspace would be the best thing to think of.
As many of us who have aimed to pursue their MBA have realised, the real fight begins after CAT, with the entire GD/WAT/PI process. To be very honest, I was very apprehensive when I joined the program. 2 weeks into it, however, I had no regrets whatsoever. How did this happen? The team made sure of this. The discussions, tips and mock interviews which were conducted by them showed the amount of hard work and dedication they had put in to know us as individuals. They made themselves available to us for any doubt/ clarification we might need. One thing is for sure, you might convert your interview calls or not, but you will for sure emerge as a better individual on the other side of this program. And that my friends, is all that matters.
I was a part of the Season 7 of the Breakspace program conducted by Backspace Consulting. As someone who had put in considerable effort to get to a great percentile, having calls from the holy Trinity of B schools in India, I wanted to make sure I was in no way less equipped to face the interview process, as a result of which I’d joined Breakspace. But the program was much more than just an interview preparation program. The program provided tools to everyone to transform, knit us closer together with both our peers as well as the faculty, and made a bond that would last past just the few months we shared together. The personal attention paid to the students background and his intangible personality is unparalleled and is the only one of it’s kind in the industry. I’d like to thank Backspace for providing me with an opportunity that enabled me to convert every interview that I’ve attended.
I think some might have heard of the story of a modest coffee store established by three college friends in Seattle in 1971 and how it was able to multiply itself into approximately 24,000 spacious outlets in over 50 countries all over the world in the next 46 years. What differentiated it from the others was its sole focus on making available beverages of utmost quality and on creating a unique experience for its customers thereby instilling in them a sense of community and giving them a reason call it their ‘third home’. The store, further, used to refrain from using traditional forms of marketing such as advertisements in newspapers, magazines, billboards and celebrity endorsements and stressed primarily on providing something different to the patrons who would then help it grow into the behemoth that the outlet-chain has become today. If you are still wondering, I was talking about ‘Backspace’. Oops. My bad. It, indeed, was Starbucks’ journey that I discussed above. But then, the essence of what I mentioned before applies perfectly well to ‘Backspace’ as well and I sincerely believe that this is precisely the reason why ‘Backspace’ will continue enriching lives of numerous students and, one day, attain never-reached-before heights. I won’t delve into details of the whats and the hows of the Breakspace programme; it would be best if one experiences that Starbucks latte for himself. But I would definitely like to mention that two and a half weeks was all that two – PPD sir and Siddharth sir – and a half – that’s me – men had to make sure that this half man, or rather, boy, was ready to face the most important interview of his life yet. Fortunately enough, I can now say that WIMWI will be my address for the next two years.
They say ‘confidence is the key’. Despite that, I always used to believe that only intelligence coupled with hard-work can ace everything. Then came two seasons of utter failure and I started to realize that something was going wrong. During April-May 2012, when my confidence-level was reaching new lows every day I came to know about ‘Backspace’. It might sound like a cliched movie script, but yes – things started looking up gradually. Almost every day PPD used to say: ‘Debjit, you’ll end up at one of the top five B-Schools of the country’. Initially I was skeptical of his words; I just thought he was trying to console me with a ray of hope. But I never even realized how I was undergoing a transformation as an individual. Thanks to my pure vernacular-medium background, I used to lack various attributes to crack CAT and top B-School interviews. In my opinion, three qualities are really necessary: confidence, composure and character to bell the CAT. PPD helped me achieve a right mix of all of them. I loved the way he used to set new benchmarks for me every day. Just one year ago, I didn’t even dare to dream of IIM A/B/C. But the CAT ’12 results changed everything. My level of confidence reached its pinnacle when I received a host of calls. But even a great CAT score is not good enough to convert Top 3 IIM calls these days. Only a properly structured approach with in-depth preparation of as esoteric subjects as one can imagine can help one reap the benefit of years of hard-work and struggle. But when one has PPD, one should definitely stop worrying about the results. Just following PPD’s instructions with sincerity can conjure magic.

Backspace’s GDPI programme helped me break down my inhibitions and forced me to introspect. It gave me a huge amount of clarity as to why I wanted to do what I wanted to do. Of course, the GD and PI prep was excellent, with some much needed direction for the kind of prep I needed to do better at my interviews. However, the biggest value addition I obtained out of it was the ability to think clearly and be a little less wary of everything around me.
My experience with Breakspace has been phenomenal. I never would have had the confidence to crack an IIM interview if it hadn’t been for the continuous interviews that I had given at Breakspace. The questions they ask during the mock interviews are well researched. The best feature of Breakspace is that I can give as many mock interviews as I want. Special thanks to Shah Rukh Khan sir for preparing me to face the interviews. It was an absolute delight to face his mock interviews and his feedbacks really helped.
To put things into perspective, Backspace is the best institute for you if you aspire to crack the GD/WAT/PI processes of top B-Schools. I was a part of Backspace family and I can proudly say it’s one of the best and in all probability the only institute in the country that emphasizes on the overall development of the aspirants. Be it the weekly GDs, assignments, WATs, PI, Backspace prepared me not only to ace these but also prepared me for the long run ahead. Currently, I am pursuing MBA at IIM Bangalore and Backspace is the one single factor that helped me convert 9 out of 10 IIM calls. All in all, if you want that extra edge to ace the interview process, Backspace IS the place to be.
Joining Backspace has proved to be the best decision of my life so far. I had been a part of “Verbospace” and “Breakspace”. I spent almost a year here, and I will remember these days forever. Partha’s unique way of teaching has awakened the warrior inside me. I enjoyed the blend of discipline and fun, and realized the meaning of “work hard and party harder” only at Backspace. Partha, the one-man army, loves like a father, punishes like a marshal, and makes fun like a true friend. If you have aspirations for a decent management college, then this is the workshop to backspace your fear, to break your cowardly bones, and to re-energize your willpower. Backspace has given me the opportunity to befriend with such an honest and above board soul, Partha. I am and will be grateful to him for the rest of my life for whatever he does for us.
To start with, Backspace is not just any other GD-PI prep institute down the street. It is a mandatory pit-stop for every B-school aspirant in the race that consummates with a final admission offer from his or her dream institute. The USP of Backspace lies in its Unique yet Simple and Personalised pedagogy, spearheaded by the one and only Partha PD sir – a man of many talents, mentoring being the greatest one. From encouraging us to look into the “Mirror” in the ultimate quest of self-realisation to nurturing the seeds of “Finger thinking” in a bid to put thoughts to words, from enticing us to come “Out of the case” and overseeing our transformation from a “Dumb and Fat Pappu” to “The Economist”, Partha sir has been an exemplary friend, philosopher and guide in the truest literal sense. My experience at Backspace has been nothing short of phenomenal. I wish I could capture the entire journey in “Frames per second”, as it whooshed past. My heartfelt respect and gratitude go out to the entire Backspace family. In closing, I would like to say that in the “Daud” through the gates of our dream B-Schools, the key that you should be hitting for “Survival” is Backspace!
Pranmoy Ray Testimonials
Prannoy Ray

I was very skeptical if I should Breakspace since I lived in Pune and the only option was to have the interviews conducted online. But, barring a few hiccups, the interview process was good. The best thing is that there is no upper limit on the number of interviews and this helps you refine your answers before your actual interview. It helped me plug in the gaps in my GD-PI preparation.
I was a little sceptical when I was finalizing a coaching institute for the next round (GDPI) preparation. Since I was joining Breakspace as an online student, I wasn’t really sure about the kind of comfort and interview experience that I will get from the mentors. But I was really amazed by the level of personal mentorship that I received over the period. From the unlimited mock interviews to multiple SOP edits, Breakspace was always there for me when needed. The tips provided to improve written and verbal communication skills helped a lot in improving in these fronts within 3 months. Being a working professional, it was quite hard to manage mock interviews during the daytime. But the mentors somehow arranged interviews at odd hours which really helped me get going because some of my actual interviews were very early. Wide variety of knowledge sessions, WAT and GD practice and mock interviews were all available in abundance. I can confidently say that had it not been for Breakspace, I would have been struggling in actual interviews. I would like to thank PPD sir and the entire team for all their efforts in shaping me and bringing out the best version of myself.
It was CAT 2017 when we, a group of 13 aspirants from PaGaLGuY, had created a WhatsApp group for CAT preparation. It was these guys who introduced me to Breakspace, a platform which helped them immensely in bridging the gap between their excellent CAT score and converting their dream B-School. I couldn’t bring to fruition my only interview call, and so decided to go for another attempt. Fast forward, I got 99.65%ile in CAT 2018. Luckily for me, CAT had released both, the answer key and the response sheet this time, so I was aware of a few of the calls that I was sure to get. I decided to sign up for Breakspace the very instant. Early enrolment helped me immensely in getting to know where I stood and how I well I needed to perform. That is precisely where the weekend sessions by Mr. Partha helped me. From organizing mock group discussions to making me practice Writing Ability Tests (WATs) on a diverse array of topics, he prepared me for the worst of cases and brought out the best in me. Breakspace also boasts of providing an unlimited number of interviews. I only took a couple but that assisted me a lot in getting over the tiny shred of interview phobia that was there in me during my first B-School interview last year. Excellent feedback mechanism and 24*7 availability of mentors was a cherry on top of the cake. Thought I shouldn’t be just another passerby and drop a note of thank you for the work you people are doing, knowing how much mentors value feedbacks. Thank you, Breakspace. Being a working professional, it was quite hard to manage mock interviews during the daytime. But the mentors somehow arranged interviews at odd hours which really helped me get going because some of my actual interviews were very early. Wide variety of knowledge sessions, WAT and GD practice and mock interviews were all available in abundance. I can confidently say that had it not been for Breakspace, I would have been struggling in actual interviews. I would like to thank PPD sir and the entire team for all their efforts in shaping me and bringing out the best version of myself.
Prakash Jain testimonial
Prakash Jain
Breakspace was my one true saviour when it came to interview preparation. Right from providing me with materials to prepare from, to relentlessly taking interviews for me day in day out, the hardworking workforce of Breakspace has made my dream come true. It wasn’t just the professional support they provided for preparation, but the emotional 24*7 support as well, to keep my mind healthy. The kind of personalised attention I received and the approachability of the individuals helped me sail through my dark days with ease. I would like to sincerely thank the team for providing me the ideal platform to shine and soar.
With a lower border mark of 99.65 in CAT I got through IIM C. Success is two folds:- Backspace and Self-preparation. Backspace helps one prepare for the Self-preparation part too. The pedagogy and interview line-up are the inner and outer crux. It is upon one to grab the best out of the process. This is the place if you wish to convert a call!
First, I would like to thank my friend Chandra for introducing Breakspace to me. I was dithering to pay 20K for PI in January. After speaking to a faculty member to clear my doubts about the course, I understood that I was in the right place. Over the next 12-13 weeks, I had a myriad of interviews for various B-Schools from the team. They not only helped me to overcome my fear but also helped me to understand my strengths and weakness. I never felt like I was giving an interview in my B-School interview’s, Thanks to Breakspace. I owe a lot to faculties of Breakspace for their untiring efforts. Now I am super excited to see how PPC course is going to shape me better.
I joined Breakspace to convert my PIs. The weekend classes were very helpful. On one hand, the GD and WAT practice helped us for our admission process whereas on the other hand the group tasks helped us develop team working skills, an essential skill for our MBA journey. Adding to that, there were several other things like JAM and extempore which helped us gain confidence. The USP of the course is you can take unlimited interviews which really helped me with a wide variety of questions asked and prepare me for the actual interview.
“This was my second attempt at CAT. In CAT16, even after getting a very good percentile I wasn’t able to convert the call of my dream institute. But this year I could do that. The difference being I had joined Breakspace this year. Right from the first day, both Partha Sir and team had instilled me the confidence that I could do it. The pedagogy of Breakspace is very unique. Fb group gave a platform to learn from others, improve the writing skills. The mock interviews helped me learn from my mistakes, to be prepared for any question that may come my way during an actual interview. The faculty acted as personal mentors and I owe them a lot for my success this year. Thank you Breakspace
“I owe a big part of my success to Breakspace. It’s amazing how much I improved throughout the course. Especially through the mock interviews, I could visibly notice the difference between my first and my last mock PI. I really liked how everyone at Breakspace is very accessible especially Shahrukh Sir who was my guide for most of the program. Thank you Breakspace ”
GD-PI? But Backspace will offer you something more than that. I know the initial amount might get you thinking, but once you pass that little hitch and step into Backspace I can vouch, you will realise the huge difference that Backspace has from any other institutes. Personally, it was an experience to me. An experience to know myself better and see the weaknesses I need to work on. In the end, it was all crystal clear to me that joining Backspace was one of the best decision I have ever taken. If not for GD-PI, I would say one must enroll to Backspace at least once just to develop an improved YOU.
Lack of proper mentors had been my biggest problem throughout my past and this was set to continue when I was rejected for GD-PI classes by a certain coaching centre. I was sure of not joining just any other coaching centre because no personal attention is paid to a student there and I know this from my past experiences. Then came a glimmer of hope when my childhood friend told me about this place called Backspace (name sounded very different) in Salt Lake area. I was a bit skeptical at the start considering the area was too far from home and I had workload as well. But I had no option either, so I decided to give it a shot. I visited the centre and it was small compared to other coaching classes but when I went into the room and I saw a person with headphones working on his MacBook so deeply that he could not hear me or see me knocking twice, I kinda felt I was about to witness something different. I would not hide that i was scared (being a Marwari) as well because I was about to invest Rs. xxxxx. at one go. But the moment I filled up my first form at Backspace, the glimmer of hope was more than a glimmer by then. By the time I gave my first interview, I was assured that I had chosen not the right place but the best place. The attention that is paid to each and every student here is amazing. The uploading of interviews by every student helped us to attend so many virtual interviews instead of one real one. It was not just the interviews but also the group activities, case studies and discussions where we were insisted to think differently always taught us something new. The amount of time spent on everyone by the godfather mentor or teacher Partha whichever name you can give is surprising. Partha, as we call him, has been an inspiration and will always be so. He kept instilling me with the confidence that I should always think of A, B, C instead of FMS, SP Jain and NITIE and he repeated this sooo many times that I really started believing that I could do it. I was never able to give a spectacular mock interview but the confidence given by Partha and Team Backspace was amazing and made me feel patient. Also, Partha was very clear about what I should do and prepare and I just followed him blindly and I am glad I did that. Backspace has been a game changer and today when I look back at my performances in actual interviews where I converted all of them except IIM-B and w/l IIM-A, I owe it to this place. A place that will stay in my heart forever…Backspace can never be backspaced from my memory.
I cannot imagine having being able to convert IIM Calcutta without help from Backspace. But then that is not the primary reason why I hold Backspace so close to my heart. It is for all that I have been able to learn here that I am forever indebted to Backspace. I believe you should study at Backspace at least once in your life to acquire the Backsperience. I have learnt a lit bit about everything and a lot about myself in my three months at Backspace. It has been an opportunity of a lifetime. I am grateful for all that I have learnt form Backspace. I will surely be associated with Backspace forever. #Once a Backspacian, always a Backspacian.
I joined Backspace with a lot of expectations and a tinge of anxiety – being aware of the enormity of the challenge that lay in front of me in my quest to convert a call from one of the top B-schools in the country. But the sessions at Backspace, the valuable inputs provided by Partha Sir and Shahrukh Sir helped me to increase the bandwidth of my thought process and develop the art of structured thinking. I will always be indebted to Backspace for the inexplicable amount of personalized attention provided in the form of numerous mock interviews, personal interactions et cetera, all of which instilled in me the much needed confidence to do well in my interviews. Last but not the least, apart from the full-fledged guidance for acing the GDPI stage, Backspace taught me a lot more about life, about the importance of values, about the impact of unforeseen externalities which ultimately helped me to come out as a more matured individual in comparison of the one who attended the first session of Backspace 3 months ago. So, all in all, Backspace has been a life changing experience for me and the place will always occupy a special place in my heart.
Soumyadip Sarkar testimonial
Soumyadip Sarkar
If you would like to have a mentor who would keep pointing out your weaknesses till you are almost perfect, would work on your problems tirelessly till they are eliminated, would believe in you more than you believe in yourself, would be happy in your success like it is his own and in return of all this, would just want a life time friendship… then I think Backspace is the place you are looking for!
I heard about backspace from a friend of mine and honestly I was skeptical about it as very few had heard about it and many people were like “if you spending so much money then why aren’t you joining a reputed institution”. But all the dubiety was pulverized in just my first visit to backspace. The admission form itself was a testimony to the fact that this place had something different and unique about itself. From classes to interviews to the personalised attention which each and every student gets is unbelievable. Partha sir is a genius and he knows each and every student of his in-depth. From discipline to punctuality to integrity, Partha sir epitomizes all these adjectives. What really amazed me was that he was always ready to help you with the quickest of replies even over mails and social media. I guess Backspace has helped me backspace all the negatives which I had. I was very doubtful if I was capable of converting IIM Calcutta but a lot of credit goes to Backspace for believing in me and I would honestly recommend everyone to join Backspace. #ProudToBeBackspacian
To me, a “Mentor” seemed like just another word for a teacher or a guide. Then Backspace happened. It was July 01 2015 when I started my first ever job, barely a month out of college. It was the best opportunity I could have ever gotten. Through the days to CAT, there was immense support from everyone, especially, PPD Sir. He helped me with valuable suggestions and guidance on how to approach the examination. However, it was during Breakspace Season 5 that the real importance of a great mentor dawned on me. One who had failed miserably in almost all the interviews he gave the previous year had a bigger opportunity, and it was now or never. PPD sir was remarkably professional. Although I was an employee at Backspace, when it came to my preparations I got the same amount of attention as did all the other students. The sessions started mid-December with JAM exercises, simulations of business school activities and pursuits that forced one to introspect and find the real self. It was not just another personality development program for post-CAT preparation; it was something different, one of a kind, a “Mini B-School” experience per se. Each PI was perfectly crafted to an individual’s level and the Institute that it was meant for. Over time, the PIs would help one feel as though one was prepared and the D-Day was just another day with another interview. A lot of PI’s and GD’s followed and for four months that was the only thing I saw Sir doing. His work ethic was remarkable. Something I could learn from. On D-Day, I was already prepared for all the kinds of questions that the interviewers threw at me and did very well. At present when I am at IIM Calcutta the biggest contribution to that has been by PPD Sir who ensured that an introvert like me could go to the interview and speak as well as I did. Thank You, Sir, my success is all thanks to you.
Securing a good CAT percentile was certainly a big achievement for me but as they say CAT is not to select the deserving ones but to reject the undeserving ones. The WAT/PI conducted by the IIM’s is a bigger challenge as you are up against the very best, with odds terribly against you and with every topic under the sun to prepare for. I have always been very skeptical of coaching centres and none of them gave me the confidence to take their help in this all important stage. After a few nervous days I came across the name ‘Backspace Consulting LLP’ in an online forum and whatever little I learned about the place, it convinced me to give it a shot. From the application form to the class activities, every small thing about this place is submerged in creativity. The weekend classes give you a framework regarding what to prepare and how to go about doing the same which gives an idea about the topics to prepare. The GD training is thorough and enough to prepare you for every topic possible. The WAT topics are relevant and essays are graded and useful feedback is given to learn from. The best part about the entire program were the personal interviews. Each interview is structured as per the style of a particular institute and every aspect of your personality and profile is tested so that there are no unpleasant surprises during the actual interview. You will be grilled, intimidated and your personality shattered, only to be re-built again in the best possible manner. The most unique thing about Backspace is that it gives you much more than you expected. Throughout those 12 weeks you will go through new experiences which will contribute to your growth story in unexpected ways. You will understand the importance of discipline and good communication and gradually develop these skills. You might just end up re-thinking about your career goals. It gives a taste of what B-Schools will be like and prepares you for the same as well. You are sure to receive a few reality checks and you learn to look at the stars with your feet firmly planted in the ground. By the end of it clearing the WAT/PI round became the least of my worries. It was an enriching experience, an amazing journey and I did end up being the alumnus of my dream B-School.
The journey at Backspace is a short but memorable one. The transformation an individual undergoes here in such a short period of time is tremendous. The sessions are unique, creative and involve a lot of fun. What sets Backspace apart is the level of professionalism displayed and the importance given to discipline and ethical values. The guidance provided by PPD and Siddharth is second to none and ensures a smooth transition into life at a B-school.
The biggest attribute of the best mentors is that they make the most daunting of targets seem fascinating and very much within reach. So was the case with Ppd. The very 1st day, he instilled this feeling of self-belief in me that converting the top IIM calls is nothing out of the world. We were a group of some 40 odd Backspacians who were actually enjoying every bit of PDP in our pursuit of the best b-schools. The immense emphasis on team building and group activity in Backspace helped in consensus-building, taught us how not to miss out on minute details and all that helped us score well in the Group Discussions and Case Studies that are held across business schools. The school-specific interviews conducted by Ppd helped me identify my weak areas and after every interview I knew exactly what I have to work upon to ensure I do not mess up in the same area in the next interview. It was after a lot of these interviews with Ppd that I could finally improvise on areas like articulation, body language and eye contact. Backspace for me is like a team wherein every Backspacian encourages the other to keep giving his best irrespective of the outcome. Perhaps that is what helped me take every call as a new challenge and helped me improvise throughout.
9th January, 2017 would always remain a memorable day. It was the day CAT results were declared. Having secured a good percentile, I was quite eager to kick-start my GD-WAT- PI Preparation as I knew that this is the most important stage; the stage where you go toe to toe with the best in the country. At the outset, it looked impossible to prepare for as one is tested on a plethora of aspects such as current affairs, knowledge of your undergrads,personality and behavioral traits etc. In search for a platform which would help me build on these aspects, I came across Backspace. Describing this place as a GD-PI preparation class would not do justice to the unbelievable experiences this place has to offer. Everything at this place is filled with creativity and eccentricity. Be it the application form or be it the way the weekend classes are structured and organized, you will always stumble upon something way out of the ordinary. Each and every part of your preparation is taken care of by means of JAM sessions, Extempore, WAT, Group Activity, Knowledge sessions etc. The program offers mock personal interviews suited to the B-School of your choice, as no 2 B-Schools have the same interview style. To top it all off, one has access to the interview transcripts of other students as well. These prepare you in the best way possible as it almost takes away the unexpected surprises that await one in a B-School Interview. Trust me, once you endure through these, even the most stressful interview would be a walk in the park. But, the thing that really stands out in the program is the mentorship of PPD sir. He not only makes you better prepared for an interview but I believe he makes you better prepared for life. One could really transform one’s personality by imbibing the wonderful traits displayed by him. This is a place where one might very well rediscover oneself. Sans hard work, no one can guarantee you a convert of your coveted call but what this place does ensure is that you leave here as a better and happier human being!! All the very best to Backspace Consulting LLP!!
I started my journey in Backspace with a lot of enthusiasm, and a tinge of anxiety- calls from top IIM’s are hard to get, and converting them is an even more arduous task. But, the sessions at Backspace, the inputs of Partha Sir, and the interaction with the wonderful peer group helped me grow in confidence. PPD Sir’s interviews repeatedly pin-pointed my weak areas so that I could work on them, and ultimately after a couple of months of hard work, I have the privilege to write “IIMC PGP 2016-18” beside my name. I’d like to thank Backspace for helping me achieve my dream, a much-coveted seat at the venerable IIM Calcutta.
I came to know about Backspace quite late during my WAT-PI preparation, and I deeply regret it. Nevertheless, PPD sir ensured that the time I spent there was both enriching and worthwhile. I remember PPD sir telling me that I would be able to convert at least two of the top three IIMs. When you have a mentor who is able to channelize his own confidence into you, it really can be a game-changer. Besides this, the friends that I made at Backspace, the competition I faced, have all changed me for the better. Thank you PPD sir, and thank you Backspace!!!
For extraordinary results – preparation, mentors, methodologies and support need to be extraordinary. Breakspace was where I was able to get all of the above. I was an online student for the year 2018-19, and initially, I was having reservations whether it would be helpful for me. But all the mentors were very supportive at every point of time. The personalised mock interviews were very helpful as it builds confidence and will be able to categorize your strong and weak areas. So, I highly recommend joining Breakspace for converting your dream call.
As someone who had put in a considerable amount of effort to get a good percentile in the CAT, I wanted to make sure I was well prepared to tackle any kind of question that came my way during the course of my interviews. After getting a good feedback from my friends who had been a part of the earlier seasons, I decided to join Breakspace, and I can say this with a lot of conviction that Breakspace is much different than what any other coaching institute has to offer. The unique pedagogy and the platform given to interact with your peers is worth a mention. The classroom sessions and mock interviews helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses and carry the right attitude in my interviews. I thank the entire team of Breakspace for their constant support during my preparation and for not just helping me secure an admission from one of the most coveted institutes in India, but also for making me a better individual.
I joined with the aim of improving my GD/PI experience, but personally the experience has been much more enriching. With fun filled, well designed activities and interviews which covered every inch of knowledge we were supposed to know , helped us put our biases aside and made us think out of the box. The awesome mentors at Breakspace and the amazing peers in the batch have helped me grow into a better version of me.

Breakspace has been the key ingredient for me to make it to the IIMs! While I was always performing well in CAT, I somehow fell short when it came to the interviews and would always end up in the waitlist of colleges. This year I decided to enroll in Breakspace for WAT/PI preparation based on the feedback I had received from my peers. And it was the best decision I could have taken! The experience I had at breakspace was extraordinary. The program which has been designed by Partha Sir is not just to help you with your interviews, but it is something which will help you throughout your career. According to me, the focus of the program is to improve you as a person, to make you become a self aware individual, to help you become more confident and in this process help you deal with your interviews as well. The sessions that were conducted by Partha sir are extremely important for any individual, let alone a B-school aspirant. In addition to these sessions, the mock PIs that are conducted by the team help you discover your strengths and weaknesses. They also help you get a clearer idea of your future goals and objectives, which are very important from a B-school perspective. And all of these meetings – the sessions by Partha sir or the Mock PIs can be conducted either Face-to-Face or via online modes, which is the best thing an aspirant can ask for. Hence, I would recommend any B-school aspirant to definitely give breakspace a try!
My experience with breakspace was a very unique and amazing one. When I joined Breakspace as an online student, I had certain apprehensions about what I am going to gain from it as I am not going to be there in the classroom. But the whole experience came as a sweet surprise as our mentors at Breakspace tried their best to keep online students as much engaged as possible. The thing I loved most about Breakspace were the mock interviews as the mentors covered almost each and every aspect of my profile which can be asked in the actual interviews and I was prepared with answers which I could relate with my personal life and not the fabricated ones. The mentors never tried to spoonfeed the answers to me but they helped us chart our own ones so that we can be our best possible version in the interviews. One improvement which I would really like to see specially for online students is the number of activities should be increased for us which can lead to better involvement. I would really miss Breakspace after the last class and I would suggest people to join Breakspace because it not only helps you prepare for interviews but it’s an experience which you can cherish for lifetime. I would like to thank Shahrukh Sir specially as he has been there during most of my interactions and really understood my strengths and weaknesses and trained me accordingly. I would like to thank Partha sir, for envisioning this whole experience. I would like to thank Srinath and Souvik sir as well. I hope to stay in touch with all of the mentors and the friends I have made while in breakspace. Cheers!!
After a not-so-great entrance exams season, I ended up with not even a single call from IIM A, B and C. IIM Lucknow and XLRI were my best calls and I had to convert to convert at least one of them at any cost. This was my first attempt and I had no prior experience of attending any b-school interview. So I needed mentoring at this stage to get through the process successfully. At this juncture I came to know about backspace on pagalguy. The concept of B School specific training caught my attention. I contacted few old students of backspace and they heavily recommended it. I was convinced and enrolled for the program. But the program ended up being more productive than what I have expected and what I have been told. In spite of being an online student, I was provided with enough resources and opportunities to participate in group discussions and the regular weekend classes. Especially the B school specific interviews highlighted what every b-school expected from a candidate, helped me to meter my performance and to know where I stood in the competition. The program also helped me to know my shortcomings and gave me the opportunities to correct them myself. By the end of the interview season, I ended up converting 8 of the 11 interviews I had attended including IIM Lucknow and XLRI. I sincerely thank Partha sir, Sharukh sir and Aritro sir for guiding me throughout the journey and for helping me to get into one of the top b-schools of the country. I’m joining IIM Lucknow this year and I look forward to associate myself with Backspace in the future too.
After getting calls from different IIMs, I was not sure about what kind of preparation is needed for GDPI process. One of friend suggested me to join Backspace for concrete GDPI preparation. I remember my first mock interview where I wasn’t able to answer basic questions. With proper guidance from mentors through different b-schools based mock interviews and deep analysis of every aspect of interviews, i was well prepared for GDPI process. I will always be thankful to backspace for mentoring me and helping me secure admission offer from my dream B-school.
Soon after the CAT result, like many other students, I was trying to figure out a good coaching institute for my GDPI preparation. I had heard from many of my friends who were pursuing their MBA that this stage is much more difficult and comprehensive than the written exam. Due to my fear for this stage coupled with the fact that I had finally managed to secure calls from top B Schools after all these years of trying, I wanted to get the best guidance possible. I joined Breakspace after talking to a few friends, mainly because of the positive reviews and also the fact that it was an online program – meaning I could attend interviews and sessions as per my time convenience. I cannot put into words the changes I have seen in myself as I went through the program. My fear of interviews started reducing with every mock interview. The amount of personal attention and guidance given by PPD Sir, Aritro Sir and Shahrukh was immensely helpful and helped me convert my best call. Thank you Breakspace!
“Backspace is just like a light that shines brightly at the end of a dark tunnel. Being a fresher and no prior experience of the interviews, I was terrified to the core. The word ‘terrify’ is as good as an understatement. Then, I came to know about Backspace and read the success stories through the testimonials and I had this feeling that ‘Yes, that’s it! This is where I have to put my faith in’, and I immediately interacted with Shahrukh sir. He remained so calm with all my qualms throughout till the end. Partha PD sir is not just your mentor but family. He scolds you, yes! But, it is always on-point and for our own benefit. Within just quite a few interactions, and that too online, he has the ability to capture your personality which sometimes even we are not remotely aware of. That sounds quite surprising at first but when it happens to you, it comes as a shock. A pleasant shock. Backspace is not just about interviews, but life at large and Partha sir is a ‘life designer’ in its true sense. These 3-4 months were an experience in itself. Right from filling the b-school forms to the mock interviews to the final calls, you name it and you have everything for them here. I heartily thank the whole team of Backspace for the invaluable learnings which will remain with me till the end.”
People think that once you get the opportunity to enroll yourself in one of the top b-schools your job is done. But sadly that is not it. At Backspace I learnt not only how to ace GD-PI of a b-school interview but how to build myself once I enter the institution. Though I had heard very good reviews about the Breakspace program, I was skeptical at first. But one session with Shah Rukh Sir changed everything. The way Partha PD Sir teaches in class to the life lessons he wants to impart to us is really quite enriching. All the sessions conducted were well-planned. The program is not only about cracking the GD-PI it’s about preparing oneself for the next hurdle. Thank You Backspace!!!
Breakspace program has helped me a lot in my interview preparations. The mock interviews help a lot in analyzing strengths and weaknesses and prepare accordingly. Institute specific mocks help to understand the pattern of questions and past trends. Rigour and punctuality helps in developing sense of discipline. The mock GD and WAT sessions were really helpful. Overall it was a wonderful experience to be a part of the program. Thanks to Partha PD sir and team for helping me in converting my calls.
When I first decided to appear for CAT, I was very evident that a good percentile can get me an admission offer from a good college. The sphere of trance broke when I got to know that people with 100 percentile are being rejected by top institutes. When I scored a decent percentile in CAT 2017, I was very skeptical about by GDPI preparation. I was more willing to prepare my own and less willing to spend any money for this. Still, I started searching over the internet for a guide who/which can help me to cross this stage. Fortunately, I encountered the name of Breakspace. I will term it as one of my best decisions, that I called Shahrukh sir that day for enrolling in Backspace online GDPI preparation course. I was very confident of my preparation level and I thought that I can crack the interview easily, even the interview starts now. I was shattered when Partha sir took my first interview and I was not able to answer the basic questions. I realised how underprepared I was. But having the guidance of made it really easy to face the interviews. Breakspace not only helped me to prepare for the b school interviews, but also helped me to become a better human being who can communicate in a better way, can handle different situations in a better way and also can keep her calm in pressure situations. The team’s dedication towards the students are beyond anyone’s imagination. If I get a chance to be a part of Breakspace again, I will do that without any second thought.
I reinvented myself after joining the Breakspace program at Backspace. The personalized guidance, JAM sessions, GD and extempore, interview sessions – everything was exemplary and perfectly conducted. With every session, I learnt something new, something useful. Being a part of this experience, definitely, will be cherished for the entire life. Here, one can not only witness a glimpse of the life at a B-School, but also get to be well-versed with the B-School curriculums.
I am Yatin Paliwal, a graduate from IIT Guwahati and I was working with SAIL in its Durgapur Steel Plant. This year I will be joining IIM Lucknow, thanks to Backspace for making my journey to B-school very smooth. Just like any B-school aspirant, after cracking CAT, I was very apprehensive about the next hurdle i.e. GD/PI. When I attended the first session of PDPbyPPD, I instantly realized that this is the place where I should be learning about nuances of communications, which will be helpful for B-school interviews. PPD not only grooms you for the interview process but life at large. He not only makes his students feel confident but also helps them to uncover their hidden talents, which everybody has. The amount of effort and hard work which he puts in every class is unmatchable. The most impressive thing about his pedagogy, which lags in other coaching classes, is that he doesn’t try to change you, rather he brings out the best in you and makes you presentable in the interview. He makes you feel being friends with him and learns about you to tell you things which even you may not know – very helpful in preparing answers to the personal questions. He is very patient and he believes in little improvement on a daily basis. I myself have seen a lot of improvement in myself after attending sessions conducted by him. His personalized feedback helps to tackle GD/PI very effectively. With my own experience here, I can definitely say that this is the best any B-school aspirant can hope for.
There always is a gap between what we think about ourselves and how others perceive us. Mine was a case where I did not use to think high of myself. Even if I was good at something, I used to be under confident of my skills. But, then I joined PDP sessions of Backspace and like a magic these sessions backspaced my under confidence and allowed me to rediscover myself with the help of various creative sessions. I never knew that I can perform well in a team or I can wander on the streets of Kolkata for a creative task. Most importantly, I learned to give words to my thoughts, which is generally a major hurdle in Group Discussions and Personal Interviews. In the first sentence I mentioned a gap. Partha effaced that gap by letting me know of my strengths and showing confidence in me. Since the beginning of this season, he used to tell me, ‘You are for sure joining IIM Lucknow this year’ and that did happen. His predictions have worked for other students too. His remarkable judgment of abilities and his sheer confidence in me ultimately made me think, ‘I can do it and I am definitely joining a reputed B-School’. Every Fridays and Saturdays, my eyes used to be glued to the FB page so that I can have an update on next day’s session. Getting weekly news updates and notes on current affairs, writing essays and compulsion to submit them on time, preparing for the mock interviews, well generally three times a week (Pheww…) and working on the points of improvements suggested by Partha, all these loaded me with weapons to ensure victory in the final battle. I scored 98.28 in CAT with 93 in VALR. Now I think that if I would’ve joined ‘Verbospace’ classes in Backspace, I would’ve got high percentile in VA section for sure. I had made a crucial decision of my life by joining Backspace and now I can proudly say that I am lucky to be a BACKSPACIAN.
I will be indebted to Backspace for having guided me through the most crucial phase of my journey to IIM. With the best of brains in the industry and a dedication which surpasses the former, I was led through the details of the preparation marathon. Backspace helped us to take a disciplined approach to the preparation. We were introduced and had some sessions from the students of the IIM as well which indeed was very informative. Each of PPD’s session was like something to look forward to. Each of the session would harp on one crucial topic that was motivating as well as educative. Along with that we had enough material to practice from be that the theoretical aspects, essay writing or the application/SOP editing. And not to forget an equally important aspect with which Backspace helped immensely is the SOP editing. Though they had a large number of students yet they handled each of our essay, irrespective of the fact that we tended to submit ours in the last moment, with due care.
Hi there! I am Souvik De. I am a Civil Engineer from Jadavpur University. I hail from a small town Bishnupur in West Bengal. I appeared for CAT 2011 and managed to get GD-PI calls from many prestigious business schools like IIMC, IIML, FMS, NITIE etc. After the CAT results were out, I was confused where to join for GD-PI coaching. As I was a working professional, I needed a customized programme. PPDbyPDP seemed to be the right thing I had been longing for. The final results also proved me right (as, I converted IIML, IIMI, FMS, NITIE and MDI). PDPbyPPD was different. It was different in terms of its content and the execution of the classes. It was actually a local non-virtual Wikipedia where everybody shared his or her story and knowledge. Every management institute emphasizes the importance of peer learning nowadays. And I can say without an iota of doubt that PPDbyPDP planted the seed of an efficient peer learner in everybody in that class. PPD has shown the right direction to a perpetually confused person like me. He can understand someone’s strengths and weaknesses very easily. And then, he can guide the person in the right way by honing his or her strengths and working on the weaknesses. In a word, his personalized coaching has been a huge learning experience for me. P.S. I will be joining IIM Lucknow, 2012-2014 batch.
The road to the completion of PGPM course from one of the reputed institutions of the country is not a cakewalk, and that is the feel Backspace gave us since the very first session. Through all the JAM sessions, regular debates and the projects that we did, Backspace helped us in shedding off our inhibitions and making our place in cutthroat competition. The PI sessions were absolutely customized according to the institute one was appearing for and every student had their own SWOT analysis with the mentor. Backspace not only gave us the pitch to strike our scores in the ball game, it enriched us as a better human being through a number of tasks. Can’t possibly thank and eulogize Backspace and Partha enough for his efforts and contributions towards the success of each and everyone of us. For the big initiative that Backspace actually is, it is possible for mediocre students like me to believe in our dreams and crack it! Thank you Partha.
I am sure everyone has heard of rag to riches story. Well in those stories it was the sweat and blood of an individual behind their success. In my case, I have to say that it was Partha and team backspace. Thank you for everything that you have thought me and coping with me.
Two Months!!! Yes, two months was all it took for Partha (for he stoutly refuses to be addressed as ‘Sir’) to effect the metamorphosis from a brooding individual who was sceptical of his abilities to someone with the confidence and affability to tackle the sternest of IIM interview panels. Having had calls and having converted and dinged by IIMs before, I was acutely aware of the fact that there is many a slip between the cup and the lip. With a disappointing outing in CAT 2013 and XAT 2014, I only had a handful of colleges to target. It was at this juncture that I decided to join Backspace for the PDP – having been introduced to the institute by a college senior a year ago. It was a gamble, for someone who was living in Durgapur and working six days a week, I was unsure as to how many sessions I could attend. But at Backspace, Partha has a solution for all your prep-related problems. Telephonic interview sessions, consecutive interview slots on weekends as per my requirement and the planned increase in PI sessions as the actual interviews zoomed into view – everything ensured that my preparation was never found wanting. Partha also ensured that I had a place to stay for the night on Saturdays. My heartfelt thanks to Saket bhaiya for the same. With his brand of infectious optimism and an unwavering belief in self-fulfilling prophecies, Partha ensured that our morale was never flagging. At Backspace, nothing is left to chance. Everything is meticulously planned – right down from institute specific interviews and all sorts of eclectic questions that the panel may throw at you at an actual interview. Destiny conspired against me and I could not convert my best interview from IIM Ahmedabad. But thanks to Partha, I could convert the other calls I attended – IIM L, K, S and New IIMs. Partha taught me to smile and remain positive – even when you are bamboozled by the interviewers. For it does not require an encyclopaedic knowledge to convert an interview but something far more important – maintaining your composure and equanimity even in the most stressful of situations. And that was mastered at Backspace through rigorous practice. Also the mock GDs and numerous group activities helped a lot in clearing those respective hurdles in the B-School admission processes. A testimonial about Backspace would be pitifully incomplete without a mention of Team Backspace – Ritesh, Sumeet, Saket and Ankit – a quartet which kept the institute ticking under the guidance of Partha. Thank you for being there when it mattered. A Proud Backspacian.
Sayantan Biswas
We all have heard from our thermodynamics teachers that any irreversible process will have an increase in the overall entropy. I think this was true before Backspace existed. Backspace consulting brought my entropy levels ‘two-stops’ down by helping me understand my true self, by imbibing placidity within me when the MBA admission season was full of disorder. It was the incessant effort of Partha sir, his words of wisdom and his unique way of helping students in a customized manner that helped me achieve my goals. Initially, it was a bit difficult for me due to my work location away from Kolkata and given the fact that I missed most of the classes, but the motivation from the team made me believe in myself and with two weeks of toiling before my best call, I crossed the line. I feel proud to be a part of the Backspace family and I hope that the feelings are mutual.
After my CAT ’15, before the results were out, I had a fairly decent idea about my percentile and when I told my friend about it, he told me that I had to join Backspace. I was a little sceptic in the beginning as to what could be so good about this place, that my friend asked me to not look anywhere else. So the day 1 began with a Just A Minute (JAM) session, followed by WAT and group discussions. Not just this, Partha Sir would give us a group task/individual task almost every day in the class. I still remember one of the best tasks ever assigned to us was to go out on a valentine’s day and sell valentine day cards made by our group. Now that i think about it, these tasks weren’t meaningless; they were there to get us a glimpse of the MBA world, to prepare us for our B-school. The personal interviews conducted by Partha sir also used to be lengthy and I liked the part where he would put in more effort than me, to analyse me, my mistakes and how I should be answering questions. He even once said that his processes are different and we would later know that he has made us ‘loha’/stronger. At times I was just moved by how much faith Partha sir had in us and it was those times that gave me confidence in myself. I have found that he is not just a teacher but also a mentor for life. Today I am pursuing MBA from IIM Lucknow, all thanks to Partha sir for believing in us.
There are some who are born ‘selected at a top b-school’ and there are some who are on the gates but need a push. I belonged to the latter category. On my first day at Backspace, PPD asked me, ‘Why so serious? Let me put a smile on your face.’ My biggest learning was to know how to smile constantly during a PI and this art is a game changer; I also got very good at handling stressful situations. I was able to transform every single of my interviews to friendly chit-chats. Not so tempting, eh? Now think of a third category of candidates. People who had almost zero chances of cracking a top b-school, people who had the mute button pressed during the GDs, people who ended up crying and sweating during the mock PIs, people who got strings of rejects in the past. And these are the people who got the real benefits of Backspace. I won’t say that PPD is a magician, but he’s an illusionist. He made people believe in themselves, he made people to put in the hard effort and success did follow. I realized that investing 20-25K in the MBA exam forms and expenses incurred while attending GDPI would have been a waste, if I hadn’t joined a good GDPI workshop and hadn’t converted a top b-school call. Joining Backspace was worth it and will benefit me forever.
Backspace is not an education centre or a personality development program. It doesn’t offer anything new. What it really does is bring out things in you which you never knew even existed. For those who think that they lack communication skills or cannot display confidence, should experience this journey. Usually coming out of one’s comfort zone is not a ‘feel good’ act. But Partha’s encouragement at each step totally gives a new definition to the expression ‘feel good’. Come to Backspace to rediscover you.
After getting calls, I was of the opinion that I was preparing well, and did not need any other specialized program. However, the long-drawn process was becoming tiresome and making me complacent. It was only after joining Backspace that I realized what I had been missing. The most important thing that I learnt was how to deal with diverse scenarios that the various GDs and PIs later posed at me. PPD prepared us for the worst of interviews and taught us how to play on our strengths, while simultaneously working on our weaknesses. The regular diverse discussions kept us on our feet. This improvement was showing on my results as well. Starting from a waitlist of 122 (SJSOM), I moved up through waitlist 63 (NITIE), waitlist 4 (MDI Gurgaon) and finally converted IIM Lucknow. Thank you PPD for this wonderful journey at Backspace which will be with me forever.

As someone who is not very familiar with English-medium communication, I was a bit skeptical about my chances when I received calls from the top B-Schools. But, Breakspace has helped me so much in this regard, that I am noticing a significant improvement in the way I presented myself not only in the Interviews but also in my day-to-day conversations. I believe the no cap in the number of interviews is the X-Factor of Breakspace and that allowed me to pre-empt most of the prospective questions and to get a taste of all flavours of interviews, from the super-friendly ones to the hard-grilling ones. Also, the practice of posting the mock interview transcripts in the common Facebook group allowed us to collectively learn from each others’ performances. The math and academic stream-wise refreshers uploaded in the Facebook group were immensely helpful. I would like to sincerely thank the Breakspace team for guiding me through this preparation journey.
4 months at Backspace was a great learning experience for me not only in terms of knowledge and gearing me up for the interviews in my way but also it added a new dimension to my personality by helping me emerge as a better, confident, strong  individual. It helped me think on my own feet and generate ideas at times of crisis as my thought process got a direction after numerous gainful interactions post mock interviews. I could hardly believe the fact that someone would put himself in my shoes, read my personality, feel it and then sail me through all my weaknesses and appreciate me for all my strengths, unless I would not have been at Backspace. This is the experience I can’t be grateful enough for. Overall, I am surely gonna cherish my journey at Backspace for lifetime
I Enrolled in backspace with a lot of skepticism. Due to my location i had to enroll for their online gd-pi preparation program.right from the start be that those backstab updates or those interviews conducted by partha sir and team they have always been on point.I got more than what i signed up for. Sir was accomodating when i wanted to give an offline interview.The knowledge sharing sessions on sundays as well as the interview transcripts of other participants were very very helpful.My decision to enroll was fruitful when i was asked a question that i had prepared from one of the transcripts in one of my actual interview.Such incidents imbibe confidence in you.I was in awe of partha sir and his people reading skills.I believe that i have earned a mentor for life.A true life designer in every aspect
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” I never understood the need of a Personal Interview round and the GD in the whole admission process for an MBA. In a country which is obsessed with marks and with 99s, it seemed out of the ordinary to conduct all these interviews. I had a failure with a very high percentile in XLRI last year. Enter Backspace, I was made to understand the importance of the interview session and it no more seemed like a process but it seemed like another arena where a person could outshine others and grab opportunities never open to him earlier. Partha, as I like to call him is a very logical teacher and that is what I love about him. The whole process at Backspace is very logical and very personalized. Interviews you can have are unlimited and over and above that, the help from Partha is not just limited to the things we need to do but even help with how we need to do it. He stood like a shadow behind me, never allowing me to fall, always supporting me and kept motivating me. Even in the darkest of times his smile was all I needed to be reassured that “I am worth it!”. I remember reading something from Robin Sharma, which was on the lines of gaining back our connection with our childhood when we were natural. Backspace is a place where the students undertake that journey to become natural and spot their USPs to cash on them and all of this is done in a controlled environment monitored constantly by Partha. I wish you all the success Partha for I know that you are the only person who can change the mindset with which people take interviews and can explore their very depths to find that hidden pearl which is special to each one. I would love to be of any help to you anytime.

The journey with Breakspace has been phenomenal. From getting numerous feedbacks in mock interviews to changing perspective on things and life, the sessions have helped me to come out of my comfort cocoon and realising that I can do it too. From converting calls with borderline scores to getting compliments from the panelists on my GD performance, it helped me realise my own potential and making me confident about the challenges that lies ahead. Needless to say, I would not have converted so many calls this season without the help of Breakspace.
I joined online course of breakspace as after CAT i was confused as how to prepare for GDPI /WAT effectively (being working professional i used to get very less time) so after consulting with few friends i joined breakspace. The weekend classes absorbed almost all the things needed with weekly essays which had a very descriptive and specific OFIs and most importantly interviews which really boosted my confidence. I am thankful to the whole team who made all that far easy was very cooperative all the time..Overall it was an amazing experience…ThankYou Breakspace !!!!!
It has been a life changing experience. I have learnt to think in ways I never could. I can also see the multiple sides of various problems. This course has also imbibed several key human virtues such as empathy, compassion, forgiveness. I loved the teaching pedagogy of Partha Sir. All lessons were taught with a practical experience. This course has also helped me outperform in GDs and WATs.I would also like to thank Shah Rukh Sir and Srinath Sir for taking so many interviews of mine. I was skeptical at first due to the course fee but today after the course has ended I’m sure it has been worth every penny. I wish it lasted longer but anyways a lot has been learnt and ultimately the bird’s got to leave the nest. The world offers very few life changing experiences and this was surely one of them.
You can’t put a price on some things, and the Breakspace experience falls into this category. When I found out about Breakspace, I had just one call. Even so, I enrolled for the GD-PI-AWT coaching because I’d heard from several places that it is the “BEST” in its class. Not only did I realise over time that it is the BEST, I now also fully endorse this opinion and would recommend it to everyone who wants to get into their dream B-School. As the number of calls started to increase, so did the support, encouragement and guidance to give each of my interviews my best. The logistics were hiccup-free and so, even as an online student, I could get fully integrated into every classroom session. Every mock interview, essay-writing activity and weekend session left me with a lot of food for thought and slowly became an inextricable part of who I am. At Breakspace, I didn’t just get “interview coaching,” I got a lesson in how to be the best version of myself. The entire journey from the calls to the results and beyond was expertly guided by team Breakspace and I’m extraordinarily grateful for everything I’ve got from this programme. I’m going to finish with this: if you get the chance to be a part of this incredible journey, seize it, and see for yourself what I’m talking about
I was an online student at Breakspace. I joined to prepare myself for GD/PI processes of various B-Schools. The personal attention provided by Breakspace was beyond my expectations. The mock interviews conducted by Faculties helped me present the best version of myself in the actual interview. The knowledge sessions imparted by Partha PD sir in the form of weekend classes transformed my thought processes and widened my perspective on a lot of general topics and I am sure lessons absorbed in those sessions will continue to benefit me in future too. Immense respect for Partha PD sir and heartfelt thanks to his team for always cooperating with us for taking interviews at odd hours. Overall, it was an amazing experience. Thank you, Breakspace!
Ronit Ray testimonials
Ronit Ray
Breakspace is a place that made our personality development their priority. More than preparing us for GDPI breakspace prepared us for life. In each of his class Partha sir motivated us to be good human beings first. A good teacher can change one’s life and I am sure each of my season 8 batchmates will agree with me that we all are a little more compassionate than the day we entered Breakspace. There was underconfidence within me that I struggled with. Faculties constantly told me that I could win the world with the right amount of confidence. Everytime I aced an interview with a confident smile on my faced I thanked him silently. A GDPI prep is incomplete without technical and current affairs questions. This where Srinath sir comes in. He made sure I knew every detail of the things I said in the interview, found the trickiest counter questions. That scare helped me ace my technicals. I used to be a person who shivered during GDs and didn’t know how to be confident in interviews. I used to let one badly answered question leave it’s mark on all the subsequent ones. the collective efforts of Partha sir and team helped me face my fears. The best part being the amalgamation of their own individual styles that helped me overcome each of my shortcomings. If one is like me who is scared to death of a GD or an interview. Breakspace is the place that will make taking interviews a breeze. And the cherry on the top is the amount of fun we had during classes and activities. I will miss my batchmates and my mentors very much
I was introduced to Backspace by one of my seniors who I was seeking suggestions from, about sharpening my GD-PI skills post the competitive exams. He, a student of backspace himself, suggested me to join Backspace without having any second thoughts. And so I did. In the very first session, Partha sir made it clear that Backspace was not just a coaching institute. He told us that experiential learning will be given the utmost imprortance. He was right. Backspace was unlike any coaching institute that I had been a part of. The sessions brought to light my flaws which, at times, made me doubt my abilities. But I always had Partha sir by my side who took it upon himself to prepare me for my calls. He kept encouraging me after every mock interview. No matter how insufficient I was in my performance, with a smile on his face, he always urged me to perform better in the next one. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. My time at Backspace has been a life-changing journey for me. Not only did I find a mentor in Partha sir, I also discovered new aspects of myself. I learnt what I did mattered less than how I did it. The group discussions, jam and various other activities made we aware of real-life problems and helped me learn how to the find their solutions. It has also helped me immensely in crossings the hurdles of the B-school admission process. The personal interview sessions were extremely personalised. Backspace had a plethora of institute-specific questions which one had high chances of coming across in the real interviews. Partha sir is always a phone-call away. I remember calling him anxiously before the interviews. He used to help me calm down and also gave some last-minute tips which turned out to be very helpful. It would be wrong not to mention the faculties who took a lot of my mock interviews and gave me their valuable suggestions which only added credit to my entire learning process. Thank you, Backspace.
As I write these lines, there is a smile on my face. This smile reminds me of the beautiful memories which I may connect with Backspace and its members. A journey so complete in itself, it promises a positive transformation within oneself, rather breaks the chains with which we’ve held ourselves over times and brings out the best in us. PPD plays the role of a great leader Jambavant who motivates Hanuman to realize his true potential and continues to push him towards his goals. I still remember my first day at Backspace where the warm gestures of the family would make me feel it a home. Sometimes I’d find myself lonely traveling 5 hrs from Durgapur to attend the sessions but down the line I knew it was all worth it! My first mock interview had really been an eye-opener and a reality slap and PPD was quick to make me realize my under preparedness. His personal attention, his ability to understand me, his flexibility and determination would sometimes give me goose bumps and inspire me to work harder; I now understand it wasn’t an overnight transformation. PPD was my mentor who held my hands at every hurdle, provided me answers to the faintest of my doubts and at times also scolded me. The times when I felt low and doubted my capability to convert the much-coveted call, he was there to assure that I am awesome! It was his continuous motivation that instilled in me the confidence to face the interview panel at XLRI and the convert couldn’t have been achieved without his guidance. Today, I have but love, admiration and respect for the man who single-handedly molds dreams into realities year after year, yet shies away from taking any credit. Supported by genuine hardworking talents, this living legend is undoubtedly idol for many. The connection with Backspace is more bounded by hearts than on a professional level, which makes it a family pledging to stay connected throughout life. – Backspacian for life
I have distinct memories of the day when I got a call from a good friend regarding this ‘training institute for GDPI’. Up until that point, I had little idea that such institutes even existed. I was blissfully engrossed in QA/DI/LR/VA, without the slightest care for the fact that I might have to face an interview panel at a real B-school. I consented and we turned up at Backspace. Little did I know then of what I’d signed up for. GDPI training? I assure you it’s ABOUT MUCH MUCH MORE. I cannot think of too many forms I’ve pored over longer than that one A4 sheet that I had to handle shortly after we’d exchanged pleasantries with the man himself. And it wasn’t as if there was a time limit either, cue ‘Take your time’. He just left us with that form, in that room. While my friend scribbled away furiously, I sat there, scratching my chin, thinking, as I’d not done in years. Backspace was about INTROSPECTING. We were drafted in to Batch Bond, with VA classes to start with, and here’s where the next lesson was learnt. The lesson was a simple one. Ethics and morality. It seemed slightly harsh to start with. Today, I realize that one bad egg has the potential to ruin the whole basket. Backspace was about VALUES. Batch Bond had super performers. Puskar and Pradipta showed us how it was done on day 1, with Dwaipayan picking up the cues in the most able manner. These three apart, Swarnendu with his rather interesting alternate views, Dibya with a great sense of humor made Bond a great bunch. Then came a date with the Rockstars; Debjit, with his brand of unassuming intelligence, Sreedipto, with his blend of creatvity and a quirky sense of humor and Ratan were among the standouts. Among the Bonds I got acquainted with later, Suvajit with his delightful ingenuousness, Purva, a natural leader with all the ideas, Ruchi, with her enthusiasm were the brighter sparks. Backspace was about AMAZING PEOPLE. Amidst all the fun-filled intensive learning sessions, Backspace turned one. Trying to lend a helping hand to the likes of Dwaipayan, Aritro and Puskar, was a truly enriching experience. The evening was an enthralling ride, what with events like Bhaskar’s stand up comedy, Sreedipto’s mastery with the violin, Prad and Debjit-induced crowd chanting, and of course PPD’s song. Backspace was about EXPRESSION. We had the small matter of XAT to negotiate, and days were spent poring over test papers. Decision making has never been a forte for yours truly, and if anything comes close to describing how PPD dealt with it, I would have to think absolutely magical. He dealt with me the way no manager at work ever could (ok PPD sorry about the comparison.) He got me to WORK. I remember the night before XAT, when I sat at Backspace with 60 decision making caselets, PPD taking me through over half of those. Only later would I realize the importance of what the man had inspired me to. Backspace was about MOTIVATION. CAT went off awfully for me. One of my significant targets missed, I decided to recline in the comfort and safety of my shell. I reacted. PPD RESPONDED, leading me out of my shell, making me realize I still had another of my targets to negotiate. By 20th February, PPD tells me ‘You’ll convert HRM’. 21st night, I call up PPD, ‘PPD, I love this place, HRM it’s gotta be’. PPD ‘I have faith in you. You’ll convert HRM’. Today, I sit back and think about the clincher for me that fateful day. Surely, it has to be that person you respect, that tells you, ‘Yes you CAN’. For the bouncing back alone, I owe it to PPD. Backspace IS about WINNING.
18th May 2012 -> 3 seasons -> 6 programs -> 710 in GMAT -> XLRI The journey to XLRI might seem simpler above but only I and Partha (he refuses to be addressed as ‘Sir’) know the significance and effort behind each of the arrows. The journey commenced on the recommendation of one of my friends and I joined Backspace on 18th May 2012. At Backspace, we refrain from marketing and the success speaks for itself as students are the brand ambassadors. At that time, I was struggling with both writing and communication skills. In an era where students refuse to acknowledge the contribution of their mentors, on my first visit I was surprised to see two students, who had already made it to IIMs, sitting there, reading, and discussing. On that very moment, despite having enrollment in another coaching institute, I joined Backspace. I am a sceptical person especially when it comes to following advice and instructions, and multiple failures have added to that. Even after joining Backspace, I didn’t follow the instructions by word and spirit, which led to not-so-good results, twice. After that, I was contemplating on the idea of leaving the MBA dream and keep on working as usual. This also led to the lack of focus on my entrepreneurial venture which ultimately I had to close. Partha sensed that and offered me a scholarship through which I could join any of Backspace’s programmes for free for an entire year. And maybe because of that encouragement, I kept my MBA dream alive. On the suggestion of Partha, I started Preparing for GMAT and he made sure that I get a good score. I also promised myself that this time I’m going to prepare exactly as instructed by Partha. More than me he was adamant that I shouldn’t give up until my goal is reached. That’s why when I was delaying the essay writing he reminded me again and again and made sure that all submissions are on time. My first attempt in MBA essay writing was reprimanded completely but then with the feedbacks and continuous evaluation, I was able to submit quality essays which led to getting calls from all the colleges I had applied to. The biggest challenge during the journey was the interview preparation owing to my faltering communication skills. At some point of time when even I was apprehensive of my selection, Partha with his never-ending optimism and deep belief in self-fulfilling prophecies ensured that I remain on the right track. I was the person who got the maximum scolding and random tasks during the GD-PI session; initially I thought those were weird and used to feel bad sometimes, but now while connecting the dots I realise that it was a part of a well-thought strategy to remove the fear in me, to prepare me for the possible interview situations. This helped me in remaining positive and maintaining my composure and equanimity even in the most stressful of situations. The entire session is so meticulously planned- be it institute specific interviews and all sorts of eclectic questions that the panel may throw in the actual interview, mock GDs or numerous group activities, that it prepares the students for all kind of hurdles in the B-School admission processes. Even after the selection, he kept on guiding me on various things so that I can do well in college also. The different things that I learned there even during that short time, are helping me tremendously here at XLRI. The journey of Backspace is incomplete without the mention of some of the nicest human beings that I have ever met. During the struggling phase, Saket Bhaiya and Pradipta Da were always there to help and guide me. Backspace has also given many good friends and I’ll cherish the moments I that spent at Backspace, all my life. Thank you, Partha, and everyone for being there. Always a Backspacian!
It is very hard to imagine that in another 10 days, I will be leaving Backspace. But while parting, I am taking a bandwagon of memories – the way I learnt, worked, played, partied and above all grew personally and professionally will always be one the coveted assets of my life. I would be indebted to Backspace forever for an awesome teacher like PPD and many wonderful friends. I was part of 3 programs at Backspace and I would briefly jot down the impact of each one of them: PDP S03: I was on a mute mode before the start of PDP S03 and when the season ended, I was handling a B2B Sales role with the company I was working. I could take it up because the program taught me to open up, befriend unknown people and most importantly build relationships. Verbospace S03: CAT 2013 Verbal Section – 50 percentile || CAT 2014 Verbal Section – 99 percentile. This is the extent of transformation that is possible under PPD’s guidance in a span of just 6 months! Breakspace S04: Since I had decent scores in all the exams that I took, I ended up with multiple calls. But it was equally difficult to prepare keeping in mind the requirements of each and every college and the program applied to. Thankfully, I had Partha to rescue me again. I also had my own share of peer learning from some of awesome participants of this programme. I still possess the paper where PPD reviewed an essay on the very first day of this season and remarked that the season should end with an offer from a top-notch B-School. In case you want to meet a teacher who is inspirational rather than professional, you have to come to Backspace. Thank you Backspace for shaping my life
PPD has tremendous amount of patience and dedication, excellent communication skills and great ability to empathize with others. For solving any problem, one must identify the root cause of it and this is exactly what PPD does. He identifies the weaknesses present in an individual and then shows the path which one has to take in order to overcome them. All an individual has to do is to follow the given path diligently and honestly. In my quest for an institute for GDPI training, I was looking for someone who can groom me for GDPIs and not spoon-feed everything that generally every other institute does. I had many problems when it comes to verbal communication before joining the programme, but the amount of guidance, time and responses to all my queries, which I had got from PPD, was really one of a kind. I am so sure of the uniqueness of the programme offered by PPD, primarily because last year too I had taken GDPI classes from two other institutes, which from my perspective were just spoon-feeding and not trying to bring the best out of an individual. The testimony of all that I have said is that, I have already converted my XLRI call, my dream college and also the calls from two other prestigious B-schools. And in contrast, last year I was not able to convert a single call despite having interview calls from similar B-schools. Last but not the least, I have always looked at him as my mentor cum friend
Gautam Poddar testimonials
Gautam Poddar
I believe that we make two kinds of decisions in our lives: the right ones and the wrong ones. I have made my share of wrong decisions, but walking in through the front door at BACKSPACE was definitely not one of them. I met Partha and I liked him immediately, not for the immensely gifted person that he is (I got to know about that gradually), but for his unassuming and friendly demeanor. I started with the PDP sessions and they were a real eye opener. I realized the competition was actually even fiercer than what I had thought at first and I had a lot of catching up to do. Being in a job which was extremely taxing, involved a lot of travelling and gave me very little time of my own, I found it difficult to prepare properly and even attending the PDP sessions and mock interviews regularly was not always possible for me. This is where the difference between BACKSPACE and other ‘reputed’ GD-PI institutes is enormous. Even when I used to be out of station or too busy to attend classes, I would receive regular updates and tips from Partha over the telephone. Even when I forgot the timing of my telephonic interviews, I used to get a little SMS reminder from Partha himself. This aspect of BACKSPACE where you realize your mentor is just as worried as you are about your preparation is what sets it apart. The personal touches, the little pats on the back and the subtle nudges in the right direction really go a long way in making a individual feel that he can make it. I have converted a call and I will be on my way in a few days time, but I’ll always hold one line which Partha told me on the first day close to my heart, ‘At BACKSPACE our relation is not just over the period of a course, but forever’. Signing off… A HAPPY BACKSPACIAN (for life)
The training and more aptly the nurturing that you receive from BackSpace helped me being presentable and likable during the GDPI process. The important life-hacks that I learnt here are sure to help me out tremendously in my dream B-School and beyond.
Krishna Dhanuka testimonials
Krishna Dhanuka
“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” And here at Backspace I found a teacher who not only inspired but accompanied me all through the journey of so-called CAT-XAT. Being a typical bong and a JU-ian, I have that typical laidback “hocche-hobe” attititude and so in my final year at college I decided to follow the mob and join just any ‘coaching centre’ to get through the b-school interviews. But the very first day, when I stepped into Backspace I got a feeling that something is different here and it’s more than a coaching centre and this belief further got reinstated when I was asked to fill in the form where there were questions that will compel even the most dumb person in the planet to THINK DIFFERENT. I feel I am lucky to share class here with some of the top b-school aspirants and the peer learning through numerous group activities, group discussions and mock PIs prepared me not only for the b-school admissions but for the life after. The countless hours that we put in together enhanced my preparation and helped to boost up my confidence. So when I entered the actual GD-PI rooms I knew in the back of my head that I am well prepared. What makes Backspace unique is the individual attention and constant nagging from Partha, that helped me to constantly improve and outdo myself everyday. Thank You Partha for believing in me and helping me to aim high and convert some of the coveted b-school calls. Proud to be a JU-ian, BACKSPACian.
I would like to thank Partha Sir and entire Backspace team for my success. I was completely impressed by the personal attention, constructive criticism and constant motivation that was provided out here. Partha Sir will work with every guy relentlessly to bring the best out of him/her and he will create an atmosphere that will help you give your best. Believe me you will find very few people who are as passionate and as creative as Partha. He mixes with his students as a friend but will guide you much more than you would expect from any mentor. Undoubtedly Backspace is the best institute in Kolkata for GD PI courses and the difference between Backspace and traditional institutes is like comparing cheese with chalk. Thank you for everything Partha Sir and entire Backspace team.
Rajarshi Sarkar testimonials
Rajarshi Sarkar
‘Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.’ – William Butler Yeats It takes a special person to light that fire in us, to raise our expectations and never give up on us, no matter how challenging it might be. When one reaches great heights one knows that at some point in time there was a special person. Partha (or PPD, as he is better known as) is the soul of Backspace. Untiring, unrelenting and unfettered, this man not only explains things so well that students understand but also get the students to explain things well enough so that they can be understood. Here at Backspace we do not merely listen to things taught but we are a part of an environment that brings out the best in us. I found this place allowing me to pace my preparation accordingly. Individual attention and doubt clearance is redefined here. To top it all the quality of my peers in the batches was amazing. Everybody was learning from every other and that was the best part. The quality of materials and the thought provoking discussions on the same were unmatched. Long sessions never seemed long. I do not know why but maybe one should experience it first hand to realise. However the thing that amazed me the most was the creativity with which PPD accomplishes even trivial tasks. Right from the nomenclature of the various sessions for PDP and Verbospace to the various real time activities, all seemed so unique and refreshing that I never felt I was preparing. I was merely imbibing unconsciously. Results of Backspacians speak for themselves and I do not need to endorse them but the environment I received here as a working professional was inspiring. Thank you Backspace.
‘Do not join NITIE. You can achieve much more. And do not worry I am there to help you out in every step’. This is what Partha said in Apr 2012. I took his advice and did not join NITIE, not because I was confident about my abilities but because I knew Partha is a man who takes his words seriously. After exactly one year, I am about to join XLRI. Thank you Partha! They say, ‘Practice does not make perfect’ but actually only perfect practice makes perfect. PDPbyPPD is a program that provides you with the perfect practice to succeed in a B-School interview. And in the process of preparing, you to convert the coveted B-School calls, it arms you with communication skills that will last a lifetime.

The entire season of Breakspace has been very eventful and enriching. The plethora of activities consisting of Group Discussions, Case discussions, Just a Minute sessions, Group Tasks, Knowledge sessions, WATs, Personal/Group Interviews, Leadership & Humility Session, et cetera enabled me to tackle any unexpected surprises in the GD-WAT-PI rounds of the different B-Schools. The mentorship of Partha Sir, Aritro Sir, Shahrukh Sir eased out many of the challenges that I faced. Overall, this journey not only helps you to ace through your B-School admission process, but also prepares you to face the bigger challenges in life in a better way.
“Backspace”, a word which was merely a keyboard key for me was given a different interpretation in three months duration. Initially, I was sceptical about joining Backspace as I hadn’t heard the name before but coming across a few people who strongly endorsed this learning centre made me change my perception. I had been apprised of the fact that scoring a decent percentile was the easiest part of the entire MBA journey and it only gets tougher as we go forward (including the GDPI). In fact on the first day itself Partha sir gave us a glimpse of a standard b-school interview. It seemed all too intimidating. However, the mentor-cum-guide-cum-leader-cum friend that Partha sir is, the journey from a being a novice to being that person who has converted a reputed b-school seemed much easier than what I had imagined. Backed by a strong team (special mention: Siddharth Sir, Aritro Sir and some current B-School students), Partha sir taught us the nitty-gritties of the entire process and ways to champion them. At this juncture it would be a fallacy on my part to restrict Backspace to only a GDPI training centre. The three month curriculum not only fostered a sense of confidence while speaking before an audience but it also prepared us in advance for the challenges that we will be facing during our respective b-school tenures. The JAM sessions, WAT, group activities and numerous other activities helped me in becoming more confident. The two key advantages of Backspace are firstly, the interview transcripts that are shared by all the students for the rest to read and learn. These transcripts (b-school specific), weekly presentation and news updates provide you with all the content for preparation, at your fingertips. Secondly, Partha sir always had some refreshing thoughts brewing in his mind. This consequently led to some insightful knowledge sharing by Partha sir. Through such measures sir urged us to expand the horizon of our thoughts. To conclude, I would simply say, just backspace the entire conundrum revolving around b-schools and let sir guide you with all that you need and ought to know.
“Tell me something about yourself?” Okay, I say to myself, straightforward question, I have an answer in my mind. I’ll just process it into words, and say it out loud. Sounds easy? Perhaps, it is. But I broke into an incoherent babble, and killed my chances in the first 2 minutes of the interview. The year was 2014. A year later – Same question, same thoughts. Different execution. The difference – Backspace – Thoughts to Words. The nausea that I had developed against interviews was treated on the first day itself of Breakspace-S04. The three months that I spent there were among the most productive of my life. Not only did it develop my confidence to face the interviews, Breakspace connected me with some brilliant people, and a mentor, who would go to any length so that you could give your best. After facing interviews the year before and failing to convert a single call, I had realized that cracking the exam was the simpler one of the two battles in the selection process for B-schools. The tougher battle, the interviews are what will make or break your candidature. The pedagogy at Breakspace covers all bases, not only for interviews, but for life at B-schools as well. A heartfelt thanks to everyone at Breakspace. Most of all to Partha, for not just his guidance as a mentor, but, for the little things – about how to keep your feet firmly on the ground, about how not to get bogged down by failure, to make one realize that the most important thing is to be a good human being. I have been a Delhiite, a Kolkatan, an NITian and a Backspacian. I enjoyed being a Backspacian the most.
Backspace is the bridge between the dream and the reality. I was not only tutored to crack B-school interviews but also was prepared for challenges beyond that. This is a place where the teacher works continuously with you to ensure that you realize what you aim for. The lessons learnt helped me backspace my inhibitions and made me aware of my capabilities.
Most institutes change the way you think but only few help you to transform it. Backspace definitely falls in the second category. I was fortunate to be a part of Backspace’s Verbospace programme and PDP. Verbospace provided me a platform for a holistic improvement in the way I approached the Verbal Ability Section. I owe my 99.3 percentile in XAT- VA to the pedagogy, numerous assignments and tests conducted under the mentorship of Partha. Going forward with the few calls I had, namely SPJIMR, XIMB and IMT-G, the battle was only half won. But, with the excellently designed PDP and the guidance of PPD, I was able to convert all three of them. The program with its lively mock GDs, intriguing case studies and customized interviews helped me work on my strengths and develop a sound temperament before the D-day. About Partha, I would be indebted to him for his contribution to my life as a mentor. He went beyond the definitions of a stereotyped teacher to help me in every way possible, throughout this journey. I would therefore, recommend Backspace to all those who wish to transform themselves to become humble and successful. And to be privileged as ‘Backspacians for life’.

Breakspace has played a vital role behind my 100% conversion rate in the WAT-PI rounds for admission to the IIMs. Being a working professional, the flexible time slots for mock interviews helped a lot. The fine blend of behavioral, profile-based and stress interviews allowed me to focus on all three areas. Regularly graded WAT assignments helped getting acquainted with writing on various topics. Apart from these, the weekend sessions of case studies, group discussions & personality development activities were very helpful. The takeaways from all these sessions is something I would use during my MBA course and later as well.
When I approached Breakspace, it was my third attempt at the GDPI process. I had received interview calls from the top IIMs and XLRI in my previous attempts due to a good score, but had faltered at the last step, the interviews. Breakspace helped me with not just the practice but gave me a new perspective to view myself with and this I feel is the greatest value that Breakspace has added to my life. It began with a creation of a baseline of my level of preparation and confidence. Every mock interview acted as a feedback mechanism for my next mock interview, helping me build on strengths and smoothen out the rough edges. Common interview pitfalls that I had really not noticed earlier were highlighted and reinforced with every mock interview. By the time I gave my actual interviews, I could say that I was much more confident about speaking about myself that I ever was before. But the preparation wasn’t restricted to just mock PIs – we were given extensive preparation in personality building, written ability and GDs for the entire period of three months. I owe a major part of my admission to one of India’s premier B-schools to the personalized attention given by Partha Sir, Shahrukh and Srinath.
I remember last year, when I failed to convert a single B-school. Contrasting this with this year, when I have converted all my calls, save one, in which I was the top 20 performers in GDPI. I have backspace to thank for this achievement. The effort you have put in as teachers and mentors is commendable. I would like to thank Shah Rukh Sir, for being available no matter what the time. I would like to thank him for all his pointers after every interview, where he pointed out the smallest things that I was doing wrong. I would also like to thank him for the amazing knowledge sessions he had towards the end. I learnt a lot about things I didn’t really know. The session on Indian history and foreign relations was captivating. A lot of my actual interviews went the way Sir conducted his mock interviews. The sheer amount of effort that Sir has put in me is in itself a comment on his work ethics and strong drive to help others. Words fall short to express how much you have helped me. I would like to thank Aritro Sir. Although my interaction with Sir was limited to three, maybe four interviews, the areas he questioned me from and told me to brush up on were instrumental to me being able to answer the technical questions thrown at me by panellists from various B-schools. Finally, I would like to thank Partha Sir, for his sessions, which definitely helped in standing out from the crowd in the group discussions. I would like to thank Sir for his interviews, which gave me a glimpse into how one can think differently and use that as an advantage. I would also like to thank Sir for having rules and being serious about them, which helped me inculcate a sense of punctuality. Finally, I would like to thank Sir for an opportunity to work on Life Designer. As a whole, I would like to thank the entire firm, Backspace Consulting LLP, for helping me inside and outside the classroom.
Yash Vardhan Choudhury Testimonial
Yash Vardhan Choudhury
I learnt about Breakspace from 1 of my friend who had been a student the previous season. Even though I was a bit apprehensive at first about joining Breakspace as an online student, my friend managed to convince me and I ended up joining it. Needless to say, it has been one of the most sensible decisions I have taken in life. The journey at Breakspace has been nothing short of magical. All the people involved helped me evolve as a person. The programme is designed in a wonderful way to make you the best version of yourself. It makes you go through an amazing and humbling experience which is much needed to perform well in the interviews and GDs. The sessions taken by Partha sir over the weekend, the online discussions and the mock interviews taken every week by all the mentors involved went a long way in enabling me to be capable enough of cracking the B-School interviews.
Niloy gave a video testimonial, you can watch it here
When I had joined Breakspace, I had only one intention in mind – to convert my interview calls. However, here, I got to learn and do something new and different in every session. Special mention would be Partha Sir’s The Sales Race and Binness Plan, where even I was surprised that even I could do all these activities. The group activities helped me in (a) racking my grey cells, (b) be competitive, (c) the importance and value of teamwork and (d) presenting the final idea/work in front of 30 odd people. Partha Sir, in his sessions, enforced the value of discipline and empathy. The Group Discussions here helped me gain different perspectives – especially when Sir used to share his thoughts regarding the GDs. Shahrukh Sir’s sessions (Economics, Gyaan and Mortality) were very different from that of Sir’s. The way in which he used to go to ground level and explain Economics to us engineers, or explained the history of India and her neighboring countries, or even the Syria Crisis: everything was in a form of a story – a story that students would remember. The best and the unique part of this program is the institute specific mock interviews. Every B-School has a different interview style, and a generic interview will not serve the purpose. Each mentor had a different way of taking the interviews and I got to learn from each of them. The detailed feedback after the interviews helped me to work on my weak areas. The icing on top of the cake was that all students had to mandatorily upload their mock interview transcripts in a designated online study group: so I learnt from others’ interviews and they learnt from mine. Coming to the intangible aspect, the mentors were always available and approachable. Moreover, they have a human touch that ‘mentors’ these days don’t seem to have. When I was waitlisted at IIM-Calcutta, I was upset as the chances of conversion were nil. Both Shahrukh Sir and Partha Sir had called me and motivated me for my upcoming interview (FMS) and said that better things are in store for me. At that point, that motivation was much needed for me. This goes to show that Breakspace is way more than just a GDPIWAT training program: the mentors are like family.
When I entered into backspace for the first time, I didn’t have much idea about their personalised development program except for the fact that some of my acquaintances spoke very highly of it. Fast forward to the month of may, I’m having admission offers from IIM Kozhikode and Indore. Needless to mention, what has played the most pivotal role behind this. It’s backspace consulting. Their course content, so well curated that it prepares an aspirant not only for entering into a bschool but beyond that as well. The sessions that I had attended at backspace taught me a lot but most importantly, humility. It was an absolute privilege to have Partha sir as the mentor, who by far is the most phenomenal communicator that I have ever met. Finally it’s time to acknowledge the efforts of the person, without whom I’d have never been able to make it to iimk. He’s Shahrukh Sir. The kind of untiring support he has provided from conducting innumerable interviews to answering queries 24*7 is simply unmatched by anyone else. I hope backspace consulting grows by leaps and bounds in the years to come.
I had enrolled in the interview mentoring program at Breakspace expecting spoon fed lectures on current affairs, personal interview etiquette, body language and the other shenanigans associated with the B-school interview process. But the experience at Breakspace surpassed all my expectations from the program. The focus at this institution is not on ‘training’ candidates for the interview, rather it is on mentoring them for life itself. It would not be an overstatement to say that the constant mentoring provided by Partha Sir and Shahrukh Sir has prepared me much better to face the multitudinous challenges in my professional and personal life. I am a transformed individual with a greater awareness of myself and my surroundings. Throughout the course of the program, one thing said by Shahrukh Sir stood out for me. He said, “Aman, the panelists are not looking for scientists or bureaucrats and don’t expect you to know everything. under the sun. They’re looking for confident individuals who can think on their feet and face stressful situations and work through their way.” And this is what Breakspace would do for you. The one-on-one interview sessions with the faculty, the ‘let’s communicate’ sessions with Partha Sir and the classroom sessions have transformed me into an individual ready to take on life. I’m indebted to Breakspace for their mentoring and support.
CAT 2013! I had a decent percentile, a few decent calls, eight of them to be precise. I performed fairly well in the GD-PIs. Or that was what I thought. Then came the results. I was able to convert none, yes, none of the calls that I had. Catastrophe? Yes. Fast forward one year. CAT 2014! Once again I had a decent percentile, eight decent calls. I was sure that I would not repeat previous year’s mistakes, except two problems. One, I didn’t even know what my mistakes were. Two, everything was just the same as they were the previous year. It was the same demanding job, the same remote job location, the same lazy me, unwilling to work a little harder. I felt like I was just dreaming of converts without actually doing something to get there. That is when I joined Backspace. Partha, and his unconventional pedagogy, are a perfect combination that brings the best in you. The best thing about Backspace is that it doesn’t point out your shortcomings, but rather instills into you the insight to figure them out on your own. And this way of learning is far more effective than, say, a coaching institute force-feeding you the mantra of success. The way Partha gives attention to each of his students and their individual needs is astonishing. Due to my hectic schedule, and a far off job location, I could attend classes only on Sundays. And Partha scheduled me for back to back interview slots on Sundays and also arranged for telephonic interviews on weekdays as per my convenience. I wonder how many coaching institutes would do that. To conclude, I would like to sincerely thank Partha, Backspace, and my fellow students there, for helping me realize my mistakes and work towards eliminating them. Proud to be a Backspacian. Oh and I converted seven out of those eight calls this year.
It all started when I joined a private engineering college for pursuing my B.Tech degree. Some said ‘It’s the end of my career’ and some questioned the sanctity of my high scores in board exams. The innate desire to prove it to myself that even I am worth a college as good as an IIM played a very important role in the latter part of the game. Days went by, I finally completed my B.Tech and then joined Infosys, believed to be one of the best employers of the country. Little did I know then that life would be so difficult at this stage of the corporate world. Constant naggings from seniors, peer pressure to perform better and a demanding project made things even worse. Finally it was in July, 2011 when I put down my feet and decided firmly to go ahead and achieve my long lost dream: MBA. Gradually, as days passed, it was becoming tougher for me. But then nothing could stop me from achieving this – not even the constant threatening from team members. I took a long leave of about 2 months before CAT, sat back at home, brushed my basics and gave lot many mock tests. The results at times were very disappointing, there were times when I felt utterly stressed but my family always showed enough confidence in me. I managed to score a decent 96.67 percentile in CAT. Things got even worse when I realized that I have only one IIM call. It was a very big blow to my confidence. I attended few GD and PI classes here at Bhubaneswar. But it proved very difficult for me to manage both studies and work at office. Finally, with the help of a few very encouraging friends, I decided to stay back at Kolkata and study for my GDs and PIs. One of them introduced me to Backspace, another booked a PG for me, and another made sure that a dabbawala is arranged for my food!!! Hats off to all the wonderful people in my life!!! Now, here started my journey at Backspace – my journey with Partha and all the other 20 odd Backspacians. After attending few classes here, I realized that the others were far better prepared than me and I need to do a hell lot of home work in order to reach their level. But Partha never lost hope in me. I still remember him saying in a very strong voice, ‘I am sure you will convert IIM Kozhikode’. He showed confidence in me at a time when I had none on my own. He had set my targets very clearly – he had asked me to prioritise all my calls and work accordingly. The sessions on writing skills were particularly helpful in honing my written language. I could clearly gauge the improvement through my own writings. Regular GD sessions helped me overcome fear of non-participation in a GD. The wide variety of GD topics helped us to gain different perspectives and ideas on the same subject. Apart from all these sessions, there were times when Partha personally sat down with me to jot down the answers for my personal questions. Very patiently, he would listen to all my stories and help me in formulating my answers. Then again there were the brainstorming mock interviews which gave us a clear picture of the kind of cross-questioning that we would face from our interviewers. Here, we also had the opportunity to sit through the interviews of others – this helped immensely in gaining an insight into different subject fields as well. Last but not the least, the small tea breaks at the tea stall across the road, the light moments when we teased each other by making imaginary couples and the end of the day gup-chup treats were amongst the most memorable parts of this journey. If I am asked to describe Partha in two simple words, then that would be ‘Perfectionist’ and ‘Dedicated’. He gave the best of his efforts to groom us to a stage where we can fit into good management institutes. Being an IIM-A graduate himself, he understands management better and that is very well demonstrated by the manner in which the sessions are conducted. Finally, today here I am writing a testimonial after converting my lone IIM call, a dream come true for me. Thanks a lot Partha and all the Backspacians, it wouldn’t have been possible without you all!!!
I have been associated with Backspace for almost a year. Backspace helped me to find the right direction to achieve my dream. It offered me such care and guidance that I wonder any other institute could provide me. Here, the learning was interesting and fun. The level of competition I experienced here was quite beneficial for me. After so many years, once again I learnt to be disciplined. The assignments, GD, PI and other group activities were 100% fruitful for me. I hardly found any difference between the practice PI and the actual PI. Perhaps, because of that, I could convert all my eight interview calls. This is the right place where one can ‘Backspace’ his/her fear of lacking in effective communication and learn a new way to make SUCCESS possible.
It was an experience I shall cherish for a lifetime. It helped me transform into a more aware and conditioned person for the future. And its innovative ways kept me engrossed and motivated me to improve myself and standup to the competition. I shall always be grateful to have been a part if Backspace. Hope I can make the Backspacians proud someday
I joined backspace in 2015 for GD-PI course and spent six months under the tutelage of Partha Sir. My stint here has been phenomenal and it played a pivotal role in my converting almost all the calls. The sessions here are exhaustive and the methodology followed is unique in a manner which not only prepared me for the interviews but also gave me a heads-up of a B-School environment. The personal attention given to me went a long way in overcoming my inhibitions and be successful in overcoming the final hurdle. Thanks to the entire Backspace team for everything.
The most difficult thing in this world is the decision to act and act in time and if you are reading this it’s not too late. Believe me it is not. As I write this, I imagine myself sitting on the coasts of Kerala beholding the beauty in front of me and thanking all the gods for helping me to arrive at the decision of joining Backspace. But why would one believe in something that somebody has to say. Let your discretion gain hold of your senses and you decide for yourself: ‘There, once, was a guy who scored 23.xx percentile in Verbal Ability and after two years made it to IIM K’. There is a link, as you guessed it right, that is gravely missing. Yes, it is BACKSPACE! The programmes Verbospace and PDPbyPPD are the ones I had the opportunity to be part of. Both are very meticulously designed standard programmes that can help one recognise the zenith of one’s potential. Verbospace tremendously helped me in improving upon my comprehension skills to ace VA and I attribute this success solely to the creator of Backspace. He is the Verbal doctor who understands you and your weaknesses in his first diagnosis and pushes you in the right direction to cure you of your verbal fever. He believes in the ability of each and every student of his and materialises the belief into palpable converts. But the creative learning is not the only thing Backspace had to offer me. The ambiance provided to me as a Backspacian was conducive to excellent peer learning which I think is very important. At the end I think what mattered the most is what I experienced at Backspace. This was something so profound that I never realised if such kind of creative learning can do so much good to an average aspirant like me. Thank you Partha and thank you Backspace for your constant faith and help in recognising the winner in me.
Hello, I am Pranamit , and Backspace has played a huge part in helping me secure a seat in a BSchool. I first came to Backspace after my cat results came out, and I must say, it indeed has been a life changing experience. PPD sir painstakingly polished us and groomed us from starry eyed freshers to professionals ready to take on the management world. But I feel the greatest takeaway from those months is that we learnt to think differently, and more importantly, see ourselves differently. With the countless knowledge sessions and the extensive interviews, we could feel our transformation taking place. I shall forever be grateful to backspace for this experience. And especially to PPD sir, because he is one of the few people, who not only told us that, we can all achieve our targets, but also showed us , how to do it.
CAT 2013 was my maiden attempt and though I secured a good percentile, I was not confident about the evaluation process after CAT. Moreover I was pretty busy in my job at Visakhapatnam which is quite far away from my hometown. I was suggested by one of my close friends Ritesh, who is infact working at Backspace, to join PDP course at Backspace. Initially I thought it would be tough for me to gain much from the course as I would be out of town most of the time. But finally I decided to take a leave of few days and join Backspace. After that I did not look back, it was a roller coaster ride for me with PPD and my fellow Backspacians. In a very short period of time I was able to gain a lot of insight about the business world and what is expected from an aspiring candidate. The mock interviews helped a lot to develop confidence and temperament that is required in a B-school interview. The materials shared in Backspace helped in clearing my confusion about business jargons. Apart from that I always found PPD explaining different nuances of business verticals like finance, marketing, etc., which was of immense help.Then the various GD sessions and case studies that I attended developed in me the ability to think analytically. PPD arranged telephonic interviews for me even at wee hours of the day when I went back to my workplace. This type of flexibility can only be expected at Backspace. PPD used social media like Facebook for peer learning by uploading their respective mock interview questions which I thought to be quite innovative. I also learnt a lot from my peers at Backspace who were extremely talented in their respective fields. Last but not the least I would like to thank the entire team of Backspace specially Ritesh,Sumit,Saket Bhaiya and my fellow Backspacians without whom this success would not have been possible. Backspace gives you the perfect environment and recipe for success, so I would suggest to all aspiring candidates to join Backspace and grow as a person.
Putting my experience at Backspace in writing is nearly impossible, nevertheless I will give it a shot. Backspace, as the name suggests prompted a negative sentiment to me something to be deleted, to be redressed and so on. Jetting out of my subconscious mind, these thoughts hovered in my head while I stepped into Backspace for the first time. Like we have seen in typical admission consulting firms, I was expecting a receptionist to receive me and help me with the paperwork. Quite contrary to my expectation, a smart young gentleman stepped out of a conference room and greeted me to the firm. He did not mention any of those trivial processes, and again quite contrary to my expectation, my first day at Backspace started with, not an introduction but a case study. Unique, simple and effective that was my first session at Backspace. People say office aesthetics does not matter but it does, we often fail to realise it. The bright sunlight pouring through the massive windows, the beige interiors with pictures of staff members, the small details like branding every tangible product, look and feel of the furniture, et cetera (the list goes on though) brings out the scholars in most of us. And then there is the PPD. He is a brand, sculpted with the finest of precision. He does not believe in trivial lecturing, rather he leads by example. Partha sir made many of us cry during those ruthless stress interviews. But then that is why most of us converted our dream business school calls. As I have learned at Backspace, only a good person can make a good manager. I am thankful to Backspace for making me a better person.

I have always thought I am not confident enough when it comes to presentation. Breakspace helped me to overcome this, boosting my confidence. I had to face a lot of difficulties while participating in a GD. I didn’t have much hope when I joined Breakspace, I joined to improve my presentation skill and GD-PI experience. But after joining Breakspace, attending the very first session interested me very much. The sessions by Partha Sir were very interactive, well designed, humorous and full of activities. Those sessions had been a life-changing experience. It helped me to be a better person. Teachers shared a lot of ‘Gyaan’ to help our General knowledge as well. The sessions with the team helped me immensely in the interviews. It reduced the nervousness of an interview, my answers became more structured, solid. I joined just to gain some experience of GD-PI, but the experience in Breakspace made me more positive and confident about myself as well. Those who are facing the same problem as I had faced and not confident much, should definitely join Breakspace to have a life-changing experience.
Right after CAT, I had no idea as to how to go about preparing for the challenging GD/PI/WAT rounds. Having attended a few classes in a coaching institute, I had given up all hopes of converting my dream call – IIM Indore, since I wasn’t satisfied with their coaching. One day, I came across the name “Backspace Consulting LLP” in an educational forum and was really awestruck by the conversion rate of students, who had made it to the top B-Schools of the country. That was when I planned on joining Backspace. Backspace is unique in every possible way. The personal attention which Partha Sir gives to each and every student of Backspace is unmatched. Rigorous mock interviews by the team made me aware of my flaws and improve on them. The best part about these interviews was that they were institute specific and each interview was followed by a SWOT analysis by the mentor. The weekend sessions, assignments given to us, group activities are perfect for the holistic development of one’s personality. Essay topics, group interviews, group discussions are comprehensive and help one understand exactly where he/she stands. Backspace helped me come out of my shell and boosted my confidence in a manner in which nothing else could. It helped me in improving many aspects of my personality. I owe my success to Backspace.
As a B.Com. fresher with limited exposure of the world, I had only one purpose of taking up GD-PI training at Breakspace: converting my calls. And that is the motive I stepped into Breakspace with for the first class. However, my perception turned on its head thereon. As a student of Breakspace, I took part in activities that I would never have otherwise done: British Parliamentary Debate, Beg.Borrow.Steal, Dance Act on Fear and many more. I learnt how to conduct myself in a plethora of situations, including, but not restricted to, group discussions and interviews. Partha Sir was less a mentor and more of an elder brother to me, always willing to address any queries or tackle any apprehensions, putting all of us before himself. In fact, he was the one to break my IIM Indore’s selection news to me! The entire Breakspace team had been thoroughly supportive every second of the journey, a quality which differentiates it from all other learning centres. My experience at Breakspace made me aware of both the fallacies of my character as well as effective ways to tackle them. Indeed, Breakspace gave me more than what is tangible, the intangibles being boundless. Thank you, Breakspace.
The idea of joining Backspace was introduced to me by a fellow senior. When I went to enrol myself for Season 6 at Backspace,I happened to meet Partha Sir. He came across as a very calm and positive person and by the time I left,I was in awe of his communication skills. Ever since then,I looked forward to every class and there was always a take away at the end,in terms of knowledge, values and ideas. Every class comprised knowledge sessions,discussions,exchange of ideas juxtaposed with a lot of fun. The group activities helped me realize the prerequisites of being a good team player. The additional assignments with interesting topics motivated me to deliver my best within the stipulated time.The interactive sessions with Sir made me discover my strengths and weaknesses. His unbiased feedback encouraged me to work upon my flaws and helped me emerge as a much more confident and organised person. The journey was an enriching experience and I will always cherish those 12 weeks of my involvement with the place that helped me BACKSPACE my flaws and shape my personality in the best possible way.
What would you do if you were a knife? And if you were Aamir Khan?’ – Such were the questions in the form I had to fill up, when I first met Partha. But where’s that form which requires a passport size photograph, and filling up pages with my grades, percentages and what not? It was right then that I realised that Backspace is not going to be something conventional… Partha (or PPD) – the man behind Backspace…Here was a person who refused to be addressed as Sir, would discuss anything ranging from Bollywood movies to the Indian Parliament and hardly slept because he did not want to leave any gap in helping us convert our calls…I also had an opportunity to be a part of an exceptional batch, which has contributed significantly to my success. The weekly BacksTab, numerous discussions, interviews (each different based on the profile of the student and the institute) and assignments – no stone was left unturned to help us secure a seat at the coveted B-schools. Above all, the individual attention by Partha, from the time of preparation till the results were out, the way he helped us correct our mistakes and the confidence he showed in us are but a few things that make Backspace different from others. At the end of this wonderful journey, I can say that Backspace doesn’t just prepare you for an examination or interview, but it prepares you for life at a B-school… Proud to be a Backspacian!
Hi! I am Mainak Bhowmik. My first attempt at CAT was in 2010, when I landed up with 3 IIM calls, but performed disastrously in the main stage. In my second attempt in 2011, I had calls from IIM Indore, IIM Kozhikode and five of the six new IIMs. My first date was with IIMK; verdict – disaster. It was right after my IIMK interview, I was sent to New Delhi for official purposes. I knew at that time that I needed someone who would be accessible 24/7, literally. The only interview left was with IIMI and I had to convert it. It was then that I came to know of Backspace. The level of support and dedication that I have got from Partha is indescribable. He believed more in me than I did in myself. His efforts really made me go that extra mile. Just 3 weeks under his guidance and religiously following his directions have helped me get a seat for myself at IIMI’s PGP Batch 2012-14. Statutory Warning: Come to Backspace at your own risk. You will pick up a habit to work hard.
For me Backspace is not just a place where I mastered my communication skills but it is an experience of a lifetime. During the three months I spent here, I discovered myself in different ways. The journey started when I got interview calls from IIM-I and IIM-K. I was excited and motivated but at the same time I was confused and under-confident about my chances of getting selected. With all my excitement, I was at the doorsteps of Sir Partha’s office early in the morning even before it was open. When I entered backspace, I found a board on which it is written that “Keep your footwear and ego outside” and after spending some time here, I realized the it is the first thing one needs to develop if he wants to experience true learning. Although I was little apprehensive at first as Backspace was a new name for me but after the first class at Backspace, I knew that this is the only place I would rather be. Unlike other GD & PI training centres, here I found the methods of mentoring really effective and innovative. The morning classes on Saturdays and Sundays were insightful and helped me to understand conceptual base from where I could grow further. The Just-a-Minute (JAM) Sessions, where we were given a topic and one person had to speak on it unless he is stopped by other for grammatical or factual error or a long pause, was a fun way to realize the mistakes we made while speaking. Then the Group Discussions helped me learn to speak logically and present my points in the most coherent way. The 20 personal interview conducted in Backspace was comprehensive. Each of these interviews were customised according to the target college. In all of these interview, there was something new which has not been asked before. After giving so many mock interviews, the final one felt like another kind of mock interview. There are so many other activities like the mirror, the real life marketing challenge, extempore, debates & role-play which develops your overall personality in general and communication skills in particular. Throughout this crucial time, whenever I was in doubt, Sir Partha was always there. He was just a phone call away. He had more confidence on me than I had on myself. In fact, he checked my results before me and broke the news that I got selected in IIM-Indore. I would always be indebted to him and to Backspace. Without Backspace, it wouldn’t have been possible.
I was looking for an institute/person to help me prepare for the GD/PI round. I had come across some names and decided to give Backspace a try. I remember calling Partha in the evening and requesting him to let me attend a mock class. When he said that it is not possible, I was a bit hesitant before committing myself by paying a significant fee. Partha asked me to connect with one of my seniors from IIT G who had attended Backspace. This senior of mine gave a very strong feedback and the next evening I was there at Backspace to enroll myself in the program. While filling the registration forms itself, I got the feeling that PPD (as he is called) and his approach is quite different. What distinguishes him from the rest is the fact that he is able to dive into your world, understand your feelings, and connect with you at a personal level. His recommendations for you are thus customized. What I especially liked about him was his work ethic, meticulousness, and his ability to psychologically assess every individual. This clearly sets him apart from the rest since he is able to lend a personal touch. I hadn’t faired very well on the CAT result day and thus had only limited calls from IIMs A,I,S and SP Jain (Marketing), and MDI. I had been appearing for interviews and writing application essays earlier as well, since I was applying to colleges abroad. But this year I could clearly see a significant improvement in my responses to WAT questions and my Interview performances also improved drastically. I was performing well in mock interviews and by the time of actual interviews, I was quite confident of my ability to deal with WAT/PI rounds. I performed very well in all my actual interviews and I owe this largely to PPD.
IIM is like a dream for every MBA aspirant in India. I was not an exception. It was a desire two years back, which gradually built up into a dream as it continued to elude me. I performed pretty well in the mock exams although my preparation was not up to the mark. CAT went well, and I fetched an above-average 99.04 percentile. But I was shocked when I got just one call from the older IIMs – IIM Indore. The dream seemed distant and the lone IIM call was like a make or break for me. I attended a couple of mock GD/PI sessions conducted by the top-notch MBA coaching centers for the IIM call getters. Those sessions were real eye openers, which exposed my weaknesses and made me aware of the competitions that I am going to face in the GD/WAT/PI rounds. However, at the same time I was sure that these coaching centers would not help me much; I need personalized attention, as there are lots of areas to improve upon in a short period of time. It was then when I heard of Backspace from a friend and decided to pay a visit. I understood that very day that this was exactly what I wanted. The interactions between the Backspacians were pretty different from the so-called GD/PI sessions. There were role-playing exercises based on real-life situations, presentations by the students themselves and even going out and interacting with unknown people on the streets apart from normal essay writing and GDs on various topics. These activities actually help people to improve on their communication skills, reduce their inhibitions and build up the confidence required to tackle any real-life situation, which the interviewers might try to create. I would also like to mention about the one-to-one interviews that were conducted in front of all participants, which helps the interviewee receive diverse feedback and eventually different ways to tackle the questions. The whole concept of Backspace and its success in making people achieve their dreams owe entirely to Partha Pratim Das aka PPD. He is an extremely hard-working person who would manage everything very sincerely, and with utmost ease as it seems. He would always keep you updated with new tasks and constant reminders, which worked extremely well for a lethargic person like me. He would literally force you to attend as many sessions as possible with constant follow-ups and will patiently listen to all your worries until late in the night. Lastly, helping peers, which PPD always encourages will actually prepare you for the life that you are going to spend in the coming two years. That is in short Backspace and PPD for me. It has worked wonders for me and will surely change the future of hundreds of others who would join this place. You would realise the change within you; you would realise the potential within you to achieve the dream. PPD also taught me to handle failures well. One other interview or rather life trait which he taught me is to always wear a smile and shun aggressiveness. There is a thin line which demarcates Assertiveness from Aggression, and one should always be careful not to tread the wrong path. Thus there were a lot of other immensely useful lessons which I learned from my interactions with PPD.
Backspace is one such place that makes us believe that it is achievable. I joined Backspace on my friend’s recommendation but it turned out to be one of the best decisions ever. Backspace with its unique mentorship and one to one attention module takes PDP training to different level. It provided me with an opportunity to extend my learning beyond the traditional barriers of classroom. I was part of various activities and sessions that Backspace conducts to make the entire training process intriguing and interesting. I also had the opportunity to work in the live project of BacksAdios which was an experience to cherish. Backspace apart from its regular GD and WAT session provides a very flexible approach towards mock Personal Interviews. Throughout the journey PPD Sir has been a confidence booster. For someone like me who has never been exposed to the great game of interviews and GD he helped me to calm down my nerves. For every B-school there was a unique way in which the interviews were conducted and got me ready for everything coming my way. Lastly, Backspace is not contained to PDP skills but an experience beyond that.
I came to know about ‘Backspace Communication’ from one of my seniors two years back. I scored a good percentile in CAT 2012 and got calls from few prestigious institutions. My senior was all in praise about the institute, but I was at first very skeptical as I had already been part of another coaching institute and was unwilling to trust some ‘not-so-famous coaching center with a significantly large fee’. Still driven by curiosity, I decided to ring up Partha, who asked me to join batch ‘Bond’ as part of the PDP. The astonishingly lazy that I am, I reached 25 minutes late after the schedule and just 5 minutes before the class began. The moment I turned the pages of the registration form, I found something very unusual. After a very long time, someone had asked me to scribble down the dreams I have. Well, it was a dream start for me. And it just kept on getting better and better. Within Partha, I found a friend, philosopher and a dedicated guide, who never lost faith in this ‘Kid’. I learnt the necessity of self-introspection and developed myself under his constant guidance. I tried to induce his creativity and willpower upon myself. That led to an instant success as I converted MDI Gurgaon last year. But the journey wasn’t meant to cease there. I hoped for better and joined the Verbospace course to better my knowledge in verbal ability, decision making and logical reasoning. What I received in return is inexpressible with any permutation of alphabets. Numerous GDs, case studies, individual interactions, mindboggling decision making problems are enriching indeed. All these added with Partha’s constant guidance yielded fruitful yet again, as I made it to IIM Indore PGP batch of 2014-16. For the rest of my life, I will cherish the radical transformation that this seasoned leader and his Backspace have brought within me. And whenever I would be in distress, I would stay positive thinking ‘something better is in store for you’. The tags of JUCSE, IIM Indore are coveted indeed but I am proud to say that I have been a Backspacian for 2 significant years.

When I decided to start preparing for an MBA, the first thing that concerned me was the huge batch size of the most common Coaching Institutions in and around Kolkata. Even before I decided to start my preparations, I was clear that I needed some serious guidance in English. For someone else, the problem area could have been Maths or Logical Reasoning for the matter. So, the most important thing while choosing an institution for guidance is ensuring to what extent the personal guidance is going to be because everyone has his own set of problems that need solving, and my set of problems are likely to be different from yours. Personal guidance is very much dependent on the batch size. For someone who had spent a couple of years at Kota for IITJEE preparation, I had the first-hand experience of the fact that no matter how much the faculty is willing to provide personal guidance, at some point, when the batch size is huge, personal guidance is logically not feasible. So, that ruled the common Coaching Institutes (TIME, CL, IMS etc.) out of the scenario, at least for me. Another option, that might have been available was learning online, but again, for someone with almost 4 years of experience, online classes would have been too flexible to be taken seriously. Then, I learnt about Backspace. I would not try to glorify Backspace, as an institution, only because I have studied here, rather I would like to share my experience of 8-9 months that I invested at Backspace. The focus at Breakspace is not only to get you the coveted percentile, but also to develop you as a person. The CEO, PPD Sir, is very stringent about punctuality, be it about arriving to class on time, or submitting assignments on time. Even a second late is considered late, and necessary actions are taken as per policy for the defaulters. Personality development was given as much importance as learning development. Discipline was given the utmost importance. The batch size is small, when compared to other institutions, I studied in a batch of 10 students, which ensured that all our doubts and queries were addressed to, individually. The door was open at all times for anyone with doubts. If you think that you need more practice on a certain topic, and communicated the same to the teachers, it is ensured that you have sufficient practice on that topic. To classify into the three CAT sections, VA is taken up by PPD Sir, who also an IIM-A alumnus. The QA and LR sections are taken up by Sharukh, an alumnus of IIM-C. The course is rigorously structured, to cover all minute details of the syllabus, not just for CAT, but also for similar examinations. The communication does not end at just the hours of the class, it continues over Facebook and Whatsapp too. Besides weekly assignments given out in the class, daily assignments over Facebook are given equal importance. It is ensured that to continue the course, you are completing the assignments daily, and you have spent sufficient time on your assignments. All the assignments are diligently discussed, and the class proceeds at the pace of the slowest learner. The slowest learner is given ample time, opportunity, and practice to no longer be the slowest learner of the class. The practice materials are generally a few notches above the average difficulty level of the actual examination, to ensure that even a difficult paper on the date of the examination is unable to breach through the defense. By the time it is September/October, you are likely to become the Virender Sehwag of easy questions, with the defense of Rahul Dravid in case of a difficult set. If you think personal guidance is what you would require, Backspace is the go-to institute for all MBA entrance examinations
I joined Breakspace when I realised that a good score in CAT is not enough and the process after it is as hard to crack. I was one of the online students. Breakspace offered unlimited interviews which ensured that I covered as many areas as possible and our mentors were very Co-operative and helpful in plugging our shortcomings. These mock interviews helped me deal with the nervousness of of facing an interview as well. The weekend classes by Partha sir were an absolute treat where my all round personality was developed and I almost always got a new perspective of looking at the world ion a different lens. We were usually made to write essays also and those essays were evaluated. Overall it was a very good experience and I would definitely recommend Breakspace for someone who is willing to put serious efforts into converting those calls.
The moment I came to know about Breakspace from one of my college alumni, then studying at C, who told me about the program in detail, I got really interested to join it. And after going through it, I do not regret it at all. The kind of help that Shahrukh sir, Srinath sir, and Partha Sir have provided us is extraordinary. They work really hard with you and make sure all of your problems queries apprehensions reluctance are thoroughly addressed. Even I was a bit apprehensive in the beginning about the fees for some time, but trust me it’s a different kind of an experience and you’d not regret joining the program. Lastly, You attend sessions, do tasks with people who’d eventually join the best B-Schools of this country and the learning and bonding that develops during that phase is something you’d cherish forever. Thanks again Shahrukh, Srinath and Partha sir for being there always for us. always!
I enrolled for GDPI preparation programme of Backspace. I thought it would just be a normal GDPI prep module similar to that provided by other institutes. However, within a few weeks after joining it, I realized it was nothing close to what I thought it would be. It had much more than that. It is not just an institute which will prepare you for a particular course. It has much more added to it which you will realize as soon as you enroll in their prep modules. The best things about Backspace are 1. Extremely Professional 2. Disciplined 3. Personal Attention 4. Anytime Support. The mentors at Backspace – Partha PD Sir, Shahrukh Khan Sir – are immensely knowledgeable and will guide you well throughout your course. They will help you reach your desired goal. They will help you at any time of the day and will prepare you even for the worst situation. There personal guidance and constant support are not just restricted to your course, they will help you develop a better thought process and eventually into a better individual. You will feel the positive vibes on interacting with them. Most importantly, they will always be there to help you out even after you are done with your course at Backspace. And this is something which makes it unique and prompting to join.
I appeared for GATE 2012 and had a call from NITIE for its PGDIE course. I was looking for a course, which could help me broaden my knowledge base and improve my presentation and communication skills in the long run apart from preparing me for GD/PI. I am really fortunate that I came to know about PDPbyPPD at the right time. This course provided me with all that I was looking for. PPD has his unique style of teaching. He does not give general ‘GYAAN’ of Dos and Don’ts in GD/PI. Instead, he works with us to identify the secrets of effective and creative communication. His personalized feedback really helped me identify my weak areas and improve my knowledge about the world and now I am a proud student of NITIE’s PGDIE (2012-14) course.
Raunak Goyal
I appeared for CAT and a couple of other management entrance tests. I got GD/PI calls from the new IIMs, FMS, XLRI, IIFT, TISS and few more business schools. I was looking for an institute, which could groom me for the GD/PI phase and that’s how I landed at Backspace. The most unique feature of PDPbyPPD that makes it class apart from other similar programmes is the kind of customized personal attention a student gets here. In the beginning, I was a guy who lacked confidence but slowly with the help of personal counseling by PPD, I regained confidence. I was very much hopeful of making it to one of the reputed B-schools this year because of this one-of-a-kind programme. Finally, I’m joining NITIE Mumbai and I’m thankful to Partho because without his guidance it would have not been possible. I have taken few correct decisions in my life and joining PDPbyPPD is one of them.
I was a student of a certain coaching centre, and never enjoyed it. The coaching game started for me during the pre-engineering days, and the word ‘mentorship’ was candidly missing from all courses that other institutes have to offer. In a very strange setting, a guy (a fellow Backspacian later) on PagalGuy told me about a new study place called ‘Backspace’. I was reluctant, but the inner geek helped me to stumble on to the website and to my surprise, I found people from my alma mater in the testimonial section. I quickly called Partha at Backspace, and since then never regretted the decision to join the institute. The meticulous and methodical approach in teaching and practicing at Backspace helped me a lot to stay on top of my preparation. Truth be told, I spent relatively less number of days at Backspace for what the institute has to offer through its programmes: Verbospace and PDP. But, the rigor of coursework in a friendly setting built the necessary confidence in me. The personal attention that the institute has to offer is unmatchable. You can sense the passion of people with a common goal to excel every day at class. Long discussions, debates, assignments, games and chitchat will help you to escape your alter ego. Practice, practice and more of it is the mantra of Backspace. At the end of the day, I have realized that I am more than me. Keeping a goal which is a year away and working for it is very difficult. Keeping a plan and reviewing your daily output towards it is harder. But, meeting like-minded people and working towards the same goal is fun and interesting. I found all the courses reasonably priced and of adequate duration. You will not feel lost in a crowd, as far as batch size is concerned. While I move on to my next phase of life, I wish you a great experience at Backspace Communication.
PDPbyPPD helped me to get an insight of what is happening around and made me more conscious about myself, so here I am at NITIE.
I always wanted to get into one of the best B Schools but never came close to realizing that dream. But when CAT results were out in first week of January 2016, I couldn’t stop approaching few acquaintances from Kolkata who have made it to the much coveted IIMs and Ivy league B Schools in US. It was only then I came to know about Partha Sir and Backspace. It was 10th of January, 2016. A fine Sunday, when I took an appointment to meet Partha Sir, at Backspace at 7 30 PM. I went to meet him with a decent CAT percentile, character full of intent and will to do anything to get into a good B-School. Following weekend started the journey at Backspace, which I believe was the most enriching experience of my life. Sir made sure that each one of us participate in events like JAM(Just-A-Minute) and Group Discussions. Then interviews were lined up for every student, which were customized as per the B-Schools from which one has a call. I still remember, apart from regular interviews, I had around 8 interviews in NITIE format, after which I knew how to approach the interview of NITIE. I still have the picture of my wall where I made a note of each and every such questions which sir had asked me. Overall it was a long and tiring journey, as I had to manage between classes and work. But when I look back today, I can connect the dots. Backspace has brought the change which I always wanted in my life, and i owe Partha sir a lot for this. I believe I shall be ever indebted to him. Thanks Sir, Thank you for every thing.
Rakesh Mohan Mohapatra

Breakspace showed me the mirror. I can unequivocally claim that before entering the interview room, I was well aware of my strengths and weaknesses and the entire credit goes to Breakspace. The GDPI program in Breakspace is rigorous, educational, fun and involves a lot of self introspection. PPD sir is as expected awesome. He took fewer sessions but gave us a lot of valuable insight. Sir has an eye for detail and perfection and there is always so much to learn from him. The team was with me throughout my preparation phase for the interviews and provided me with every help possible. The mock interview sessions prepared me for any eventuality in the actual interviews and sir is the reason why I was able to convert my best call(MDI G) and also most of my other calls. Special thanks to the team for refining the SOPs for the b-schools. Apart from the mentors, I believe it is the peer group in Breakspace and the weekend sessiones that kept me motivated throughout my journey. I have attended innumerable mock GDs and case discussions, written countless WAT and performed many fun group activities in Breakspace. Before concluding, one final remark I want to make is that I genuinely believe the scope of what I learnt in Breakspace doesn’t end with my entry in a b-school; in fact I believe my experience in Breakspace will guide me throughout my b school journey and maybe even after that.
To be very honest I was very confused where to take professional help and guidance after securing a decent CAT percentile. In a limited time span of two months, with a plethora of calls and unorganised thoughts, I began my journey here. It would be wrong to say that it is only an institute for GD/PI/WAT preparation in Kolkata. It is much beyond this. Converting calls and preparing for limited topic based answers is a common anomaly in this domain that most misguided students believe. Striking chords at the very base to understand why such a process is being adapted for admissions in a B-school after such a rigorous competitive examination, is what I learnt here. After being personally trained by Partha Sir and Shahrukh Sir, I understood that this is not a knowledge based test but a behavioural based screening. Complete personalised attention and catering to what each and every student needs is what makes the entire journey different and special. Moreover, institute specific details offered and interviews make it a must go. Here at Backspace, they do not standardise things in terms of number of sessions and discussions. This is not a package that is being sold. It is a session that improves you as a person both in your soft skills as well as character traits. Once this is taken care of, the rest already gets to place. I would strongly recommend everyone to please come and attend a session here so that you feel that how unique yet successful things can be. Thank you. Ps-Do not miss your Let’s Communicate and Mirror sessions
BreakSpace is a name one can really bank upon. I see BreakSpace as a furnace, that purifies the gold in each of us. I personally can see the difference in each of us in a Before/After contrast after going through the sessions at BackSpace. Backspace is not simply a GDPI preparation Institute, but it is a personality development program in the truest sense. It develops its students as good human beings. I sincerely thank Partha PD, Shahrukh and Aritro for the personalised efforts they put in to groom us and develope our creativity and thought process. While preparing for B School Interviews, this is the best program I could have enrolled for, because I always felt BackSpace to be a mini B School in itself, with the hand picked batch structuring and finest peer learning opportunity. I am thankful to all my batch mates, who helped boost my knowledge and confidence on varied subjects.
Satyaki Dutta
After a disappointing CAT score, I had few good calls and thus it became important for me to make the most of those. Hitting the bullseye is much tougher when you have few shots to take and given the rigour of the whole GD-PI-WAT process, it was definitely an uphill task. So I thought that having mentors who could guide me through the process might be beneficial for me. Breakspace was suggested by a few of my friends. The experience here was enriching, to say the least. The classroom sessions are crafted keeping in mind the long term development of the students and many activities in turn prepared us for the selection processes of different B-Schools. The simulated personal interviews are also very beneficial and the personal feedback helped me improve gradually. All-in-all Breakspace is a must-join place for B-School aspirants.
Enrolling at Breakspace, offline or online, definitely gives one an edge over other call-getters across the country. The institute-specific mock interviews as well as the luxury of going through transcripts of the interviews taken by your peers covers all bases for the Personal Interviews. The periodic Writing Tests as well as the Group Discussions in class makes one aware of the required outlook and equips one with the necessary skills. Having completed the journey here, I realise that Breakspace through it’s unique style – encompassing regular classes and a myriad of activities; has successfully enhanced the way I perceive and understand the world around me. The program has made me more self-aware than I was at the beginning. The importance of lateral thinking and being confident about one’s individuality stressed on by Partha Sir has the potential of not only securing a seat at a premier business school and performing well in there but also changing a student’s approach towards life at large. I cannot thank Shahrukh Sir enough for always being there whenever I needed him for his advice and insights on almost anything and everything. It has just been a pleasure to experience the different roles that both these individuals play- that of a teacher, a mentor, a big brother and a friend. The freedom with which one can communicate with them is something that can only be experienced. To sum up my experience here, Breakspace has been one those investments whose returns I will be enjoying perpetually. It has initiated a long series of big and small changes in me which I am sure to experience over due course of time. Thank you Breakspace for taking the extra mile and making me a more positive and confident person. I will always look back on the time I spent here, with a broad smile
Shashank Saroff testimonials
Shashank Saroff
It would be tough to quantify how much Backspace has helped me, since I don’t know what would have happened if I went else where. Here, I have learnt how to interact with people who are much better than me intellectually. I have grown more confident in my ability to learn and ability to solve challenging situations. I have learnt what my limits are and tried to surpass them. And as a bonus, I have converted one of my dream colleges. All thanks to Partha sir and Shahrukh sir. Thankyou for everything sirs’. I am really glad I joined backspace
I remember the time at the start of my GDPI when I was looking for someone to guide me the way forward on how to make the best with the opportunity at hands. Breakspace turned out to be a great experience filled with knowledge while providing a deeper understanding of who I am as a person, with the help of some insightful sessions by PPD Sir himself. I would like to express my gratitude to him and owe my success to him and also to Shahrukh Sir for constantly motivating and guiding me along the way. The knowledge sessions were the unique part where we were provided with the critical ‘B-School Gyaan’ and helped me prepare well on what to expect in a B-School while bridging some fundamental expectations gap. I would also like to thank Aritro Sir and Manami Ma’am for the interesting interview sessions as well. The group discussions and mock interviews with a constant feedback supported by a dedicated focus to specific call-based interviews helped me understand on what different B-Schools might be looking for in a candidate, and with Breakspace’s tremendous experience in this regards, it turned out to be quite advantageous. Thank you Breakspace! 🙂
Gaurav Dhar testimonials
Gaurav Dhar
Someday, somewhere – anywhere, unfailingly, you will find yourself…. ~ Pablo Neruda Backspace for me was a step in the above direction. A glimpse of the life to come and the friendships to be made. Challenges to be won and lost. PPD Sir will take you through a transformational journey and in the end, you will come out as a much more confident and creative individual. Be it PIs, GDs or WATs, he will show you how to treat everything with a different perspective. Backspace was an experience I will always cherish and would advise everyone to seek.
I had heard about the wonders of Backspace from some of my good friends who had been students here earlier and thus had no doubts about the value proposition. But hearing about something and experiencing it first hand are like chalk and cheese and joining Backspace was one of the best decisions of my life. If there’s one thing which PPD and Backspace have done for me is to instill within me the confidence to believe in myself. Having quit my job half a year back and then having unsuccessfully tried my hand at my own venture, I had gone on to mess up CAT and did not have many calls which I had initially aspired for. I still remember the day I met Partha sir for the first time after joining Backspace and shared my disappointments, concerns and goals. And there had been no looking back since then. Having attended school, tuitions and university classes, I can say with conviction that the classes (or episodes as we called them) at Backspace fall into the rare category which one would never want to miss. Every episode, with its themes, discussions and activities, had its own takeaways and I always returned home with food for thought. The mock interviews were huge confidence boosters and the best part was the feedback and key insights which I got post the interviews which really helped me cover all the aspects of my preparation. I happened to join late in the season and wish my journey at Backspace would have been longer. But all’s well that ends well and thanks to PPD and the entire team at Backspace I have finally managed to not only convert my best call, from MDI Gurgaon, into an admission offer, but have also found the confidence to always strive for excellence without compromising on ethics
I joined backspace after a friend referred it to me. I was highly skeptical since I had not heard its name earlier. However, I believe the experience was worth it. Yes, experience! Partha sir is extremely helpful and is truly as much motivated as we were for every single one of us to succeed. Backspace also helps an introvert to speak out and come out of the shell through various games and tasks. They come with the highest recommendations and if you do decide to join it, just be yourself and make the most of it.
The decision to join the right GD-PI institute after my attempt at CAT with not very high percentile was not an easy one. My verbal communication skills were bad to say the least. I went through many websites, consulted with seniors and friends and finally decided to join Backspace. The decision was not an easy one as I was working in Jamshedpur at that time which meant I had to do a lot of travelling every week. I, along with one of my friend, who was working in Odissa, thought to attend one class and based on that class we will decide whether it will be worth all the efforts or not. On the very first class, I realised that this is the place which we both were looking for. The session was unconventional, individual attention was given and everyone was forced to participate in the class. There was no second thought in my mind thereafter about Backspace. Right from getting all forms/applications edited even just few hours before the deadline to group activities and team building tasks, everything which one could face in second round of selection process for any b-school was taken care of at Backspace. The case studies, group discussions, and games not only helped me in the actual interviews but will also help during my MBA. Every interview I had given in Backspace was quite different from one another and probably the most difficult ones I faced. Even watching other students giving interviews at backspace had helped me a lot. I could never perform exceedingly well in the mock interviews but these equipped me to face the actual interviews more confidently. The most important thing about Backspace is that it motivates you to give your best. Partha, the founder of backspace, is the best mentor I can ever get. He knows the strength and weakness of each student personally and advises them accordingly. His dedication, creativity and above all humility make him the perfect mentor that he is. I will always be grateful to Partha for his efforts and continue to bother him in future as well. For outsiders Backspace may be a GD PI institute, but for me it is a place for transformation where you are groomed and made ready for the top b-schools of the country.

Here I would like to share my own experience. When I started my MBA entrance exam preparation I was very much skeptical of joining any coaching institute as I was already working in a consulting firm and investing time in any institution was going be very costly from preparation point of view. Having already appeared for CAT once I knew that I need a personalized mentoring and special guidance in VA and LR section. One of my friend suggested me the name of Backspace and the personalized mentoring that is the main usp of the institute. 8-9 months of preparation and after my results I am happy that I decided to join Backspace. VA had always been my achilles heel but the sheer guidance and relentless efforts of Partha sir (CEO of Backspace and also an alumnus of IIM A) helped me to get to a position where I was really confident to appear for any MBA exam. He will scold you, nag you , motivate you when your mock score will hit a strata(happens to everyone). Apart from all the guidance in VA, his lessons on life and happiness , his focus on punctuality would really help one to set his/her foot in right path of MBA journey. In my first attempt in CAT, I scored a mere 70 percentile in LR. I always feared LR sets and it is generally the make or break section of CAT. The very streamlined and start from the basic approach helped me to tackle tough LR sets with ease. Another important aspect to score more marks in DI LR section is choosing the right set and understanding the complexity of the set. Mentors would teach you the art of leaving time consuming set and nailing down time consuming set with ease. They started with easy sets and then gradually encouraged you to tackle tough sets. Same goes with quant section. After completing the syllabus from the basics, it boils down to mocks. The team helped me to analyze each mock paper , which question I could have left and which I should have attempted. These analysis helped me to attempt the final paper with ease. I scored 99.16 percentile in the 2018 cat paper. We were 10 students in the class, each one of us got enough time to pick up each concept. We helped each other with different problems so there is ample scope of peer to peer learning. You can approach the faculties any time of the day and they would feel happy to guide you always. The daily assignments in the class, the stringent timeline of the assignments via whatsapp and Facebook groups, anytime doubt clearing on facebook and whatsapp are one of the important features which helped me to keep in touch with my practice always. If you are looking for personalize mentoring, mock analysis ( I believe you will get this nowhere ) , small batch size and round the clock guidance, join Backspace.
I have been writing the CAT & OMETs for the past 3 years but could not managed to get a single call. I have got 4 calls this time and wanted to take an admission this year itself. My senior and well wisher has suggested me Breakspace for GD/ PI/WAT and SOP finalization. People at Breakspace work very hard with you to convert your calls. The feedback they provide helped me to work on my weak areas and crack my interviews. I have spent more than a week to frame a perfect answer for tell me about yourself. Throughout the time the entire team and Partha sir were very supportive. I was an online student and I had felt that I could have learnt a learnt if I was an offline student.Converted SIBM Pune ( All India Merit Rank -15), SCHMRD , IIFT Kolkata with in the first list & cleared GI-1 of SPJIMR and couldn’t make through GI-2. I have decided to join IIFT Kolkata finally.
Backspace and in particular the Breakspace programme was a life changing experience for me. I had opted for the programme with the sole intention of converting the calls that I had received from various B-Schools, but the programme proved to be much more than just another GD-PI preparation course. It completely changed how I viewed the world at large as well as how I viewed myself. The discussions inside the classroom as well as outside were enriching to say the least and there was always a constant push to do better and step outside our comfort zone. All the mentors i.e. Partha Sir, Shah Rukh Sir and Aritro Sir were available whenever I needed any kind of counselling regarding the upcoming interviews or any other kind of advice that I may have needed at the time. Something else that sets this organisation apart is the sheer dedication and innate want that the mentors have to see their students do well in their lives. They do everything possible to give you an insight into the life at a B-School as well as help you build a character that would help you during your time spent there as well as life after that. I would like to conclude by saying that Backspace is an institution which goes above and beyond your expectations with such positivity and enthusiasm that by the end of the course you come out a better version of yourself. It teaches you to be a better human being rather than just a better manager and I think that anyone who would like to change any part of their personality would greatly benefit from it.
My journey at Backspace started in 2015. It has been two years since then and I can feel the impact this journey has had in my life. I believe that this journey had a lot of takeaways for me, starting from gaining confidence to public speaking skills to positivity. Being such a personalized program, I could always get the help from Partha Sir and the whole Backspace team for any doubts that I had, and used to get advice and help on almost everything possible. Overall, I had a wonderful experience being a part of Backspace.
I had taken the various B-school entrance exams over the years and had qualified for the GD/PI stage as well. But there was a missing factor that did not let me bring out the best in me. PDPbyPPD was that deus ex machina that enabled me to complete my transition from a B-school aspirant to a B-school student. The personalized attention given by PPD was the nurturing element that let me realize my potential.

Though I had pretty decent calls but one thing where I was lacking was in the preparation for the interview. I came to know about Breakspace via word of mouth. I was not sure about whether to join this or not but I can say that I’m more than happy that I joined this programme. The dedicated faculty members helped in realising so many things that I was not aware of. And in many of the actual interviews, more than 80% of the questions asked was similar to those asked in mocks. I would like to thank Srinath and Shahrukh sir for their dedication in our preparation. And also Partha sir for the weekend classes which were so helpful in the development. In all I can say I enjoyed the learning.
This is the story of my experience over the past eight months. It started with my second and final attempt at CAT and after getting my result and missing new IIMs’ calls by a whisker, I was dismal. Then I thought a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. So I decided to try to convert the calls which I had in my hand. But getting a decent score in CAT is totally different from cracking an interview or a group discussion, because here you do not need some quant skill or some reading skill. To become successful and triumphant at this stage, knowledge is an imperative but not a sufficient skill; you should have a decent personality and good communication skills. And that makes this stage totally different from the previous stages because it is very hard to revamp and enhance your personality in couple of months. At this stage I found myself totally confused and disoriented. I didn’t have any clue on how to proceed and whom to approach. One of my friends told me about an IIM-A alumnus Partha and suggested me to join BACKSPACE at that time. I still remember the first day I entered BACKSPACE, full of enthusiasm, expectations and anxiety, I filled up a form and to be honest I had never seen such a form in my life. The questions were totally different, unique and distinctive. To answer those you have to introspect and think out of the box and that was the start of a practice of thinking differently from others (one of the most important skills according to me). Then when I first attended a practice GD, I found myself befuddled by seeing so many talented peers. Many of them had IIM calls and almost everyone converted those calls. I really found myself lucky to be among them. I think GDs at BACKSPACE are the toughest among what all I have ever seen. In those GDs we can find so diversified thoughts that our thinking process changes automatically (and that make you unique and exclusive among the crowd). To be honest I had never found any difficulty in actual GDs because they were way too simpler than that of the numerous practice GDs at BACKSPACE. Now I want to say something about Team BACKSPACE. At first I would like to say something about our friend, philosopher, guide, mentor and psychologist PPD aka Partha. Honestly I have never seen a man like him in my entire life (ask any BACKSPACIAN and all will agree with this), and sadly I can’t describe him in few words but I mourn that I could have achieved a lot more if I had met a person like him at earlier stages in my life. I still remember my first mock PI at Backspace and Partha suggested me a lot of things to make me accurate and systematic. And seriously from this stage I never looked back. After getting so many final offers from so many colleges I truly understand the value and stature of his words. He is a man full of passion and dedication. I can remember one day when Partha was taking continuous classes though he was seriously ill. Almost all of us want to become an entrepreneur in our life but only a few can give such dedication and commitment to their work. One more thing about Partha is his ability to motivate. When I got rejected in my first PI result and I was in a state of frustration, Partha told me that don’t lose your hope you deserve better. Those few words really boosted my confidence and determination level to a new height. After that I have converted almost every single call. And at the day of BACKSADIOS (farewell) Partha told us to be a forgivable person in our daily life to become successful and happy, that kind of a mentor and guide he is. I would also like to thank Ritesh Pathak, Sumeet Gupta, Saket Mishra and every BACKSPACIAN for their relentless support. At last again I would like to thank BACKSPACE and specially Partha. You have made me a more deserving MBA aspirant. Without you I could not have achieved my dream of pursuing MBA.
Having born and brought up in a middle class family, I had to fight for everything. The fact that nothing came easy developed the “never give up” trait but did little in shaping my personality. Given that converting a call is way more difficult than getting one, I decided to enroll in Backspace seeking for assistance in the process. As things turned out, Backspace is way beyond just a coaching center, its a learning platform. The weekly 6-8 hour classes, full of group discussions, written assessments and group activities leaves a significant impression on your personality which not only helps you in the GD-PI-WAT process but even beyond that. “The Sales Race 2018” was one such activity conducted in Backspace which I went on describing in one of the interviews I had given which in turn left a positive impression on the panelists.Not to mention the simulated interviews, which aid a great deal in framing responses to the expected interview questions. The mentors, both Partha and Sharukh Sir, assisted even on a personal upfront in order get rid of the pessimistic attitude which I once developed after scoring not so well in CAT. I almost converted all my calls but life isn’t just about converting these calls, it’s more about the lessons you take away from this journey which are enriching. I genuinely want to thank Backspace for making me a better human being..
It is my honor to write about PARTHA PRATIM DAS and BACKSPACE. There are few people who have the intention to help an individual, irrespective of where he comes from. I am glad to say that PPD, as we students fondly address him, is one who helps people who have problems with their communication skills and intellectual ability. Here, in his PDP sessions, one is mentored not only to excel in interviews, GDs and what not, but also to become a better human being. The individual attention that he fondly pays to each of his disciples is something unique to BACKSPACE and is a refreshingly warm breakaway from today’s coaching culture.
Parimal Parag testimonial
Parimal Parag

The Breakspace GD PI classes helped me a long way in getting into my desired B School. The knowledge sessions taught me how different perceptions can broaden my mind. The GDs helped me figure out how to get my point across in a diverse crowd. The PIs helped me practise every possible line of questioning. It made me search for answers by self introspection and formulate them such that they can withstand cross questioning if any. Extremely grateful to Partha Sir , Shahrukh Sir and Srinath Sir for being patient with me and guiding me in my journey to IIM Shillong
A form that asks you to define a Knife and Goals in Life, a class with MLK at left and Jobs at right and a Preceptor who asks you just to put a smile. The smile which helped me crack both my interviews and without which all my knowledge and diligence would have gone in vain. From the very beginning Backspace was unique in its style, content and execution. The rigorous assignment, the fiercely competitive group discussions/group tasks with some of the brightest minds in Kolkata and the Best in-class interviews prepared me for anything and everything that was to come before me. PPD would always say, ‘Communication is not something to impress but to express. You don’t need to control your way of speaking; you need to unleash it and I am here not to make you a good communicator but a better human being’. There is more to Backspace than converting your call, it’s about transforming your life. Both Verbospace and PDP helped me immensely and I could convert both my calls despite a very low percentile. The true essence of the program was felt when I visited the IIM-A Campus for my MICA interview. A day at IIM-A made me realize that Backspace puts you into a B-School even before you are there. After my CAT results I only had a call from IIM-S , an institute that has 45% weight age on CAT score during the GD/PI round. When everyone told me that you have one in a million chances, Partha said, ‘Thank God! At least you have a chance’, and the guidance which he provided in the coming months helped me to not lose hope and finally reap the harvest out of that one chance. Equally challenging was to get a call and convert from MICA, with which I felt I did a true justice to the pedagogy of Backspace. MICA was all about creative communication and so was Backspace. For someone with no experience in public speaking and not much extracurricular in his kitty to boast of, facing the MICAn drill was only possible because of the persistent guidance of Backspace. Backspace is not a coaching center, it is a Center of Excellence, and you do not participate here as a student but as an enthusiastic collaborator. It is something to which you can never say good bye! Since when we first realize that a now is preceded by a before we become aware that it’s Backspace with its personal and unique approach that backspaced the before.
Backspace makes you realize that success is not about reaching at the top, it never was. Success is that little satisfaction which you get, when you look at a mirror and know for sure that you have tried your best. Well, they say-”we do not guarantee success”. Utter lie!!! Because trust me, they do.
I only had a dream to go a good bschool, an IIM to be specific. Rest credit goes to Backspace and Partha sir in particular to make me reach there. Each session, group activities, simulated PIs and other exercises were designed in a manner to meet the needs of a bschool. It prepared me not only for a bschool but also beyond that. Now I am more confident, have better clarity in terms of career goals and approaches any situation in a very different manner; my whole perspective got changed. The 1: 1 attention helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. Overall, I learnt a lot and I would like to thank Partha sir and entire Backspace team from the bottom of my heart for everything. I wish them all the very best ahead for all the good work they are doing.
When you are not sure which path to follow, which way to go what you require a light which can give you a proper direction in your life. Well, Backspace gave me just that. Whenever I felt any dilemma not only in my career but also in personal life, I know I can rely upon the trusted mentor PPD Sir. His dedication to his passions and attaining perfection in every aspect of his life makes him stand out from the crowd. Not only he is tremendously knowledgeable but also a great human being. I am very thankful that I got him as my mentor. I wish him and Backspace all the very best for the future endeavors. Cheers!!

Backspace has been a great journey for me. Backspace is one of those few places where a student willing to learn, can gain knowledge without feeling the boredom of a classroom. Each and every day, something unique was taught at Backspace. The curriculum itself is very unique. It goes much beyond the limits of a PI and a GD. The group exercises give us an idea about the kind of teamwork that is required by a group in a real life situation to execute something successfully. The best thing about Backspace is the ambience of Backspace. No one is made to feel inferior. There is absolutely no difference in the treatment meted out to students based on background or B-School calls. As a result, I, personally find the Backspace environment to be very healthy. It is competitive but everyone is ready to help each other. It would be extremely unfair if I do not mention about the main architect of Backspace. PPD is not just a mentor but also a friend of every student. He personally takes care of everyone. I have studied at other institutions but the ‘personal touch’ is not present anywhere. He is a true inspiration and he helps people recognize their true potential. I will give my personal example. In my first season at Backspace, I got an admission offer from TAPMI that I would have joined had it not been for PPD. He shared his own story with me and assured me that I have a greater potential. Today, I am about to join IMT Ghaziabad. Can a student even think of getting motivation like this anywhere else? I don’t think so.
Backspace was a life changing experience for me. It helped me enhance my communication skills and encounter stage fear to a great extent. The active student participation through the super active Facebook group, facilitated the flow of information and helped to stay updated with all the significant affairs. The mock interview transcripts uploaded were representative of the actual questions asked in my Bschools’ interview. Over the course of the programme, one gets ample number of opportunities to participate in Group discussions, Extempores, Group activities, WATs and Debates, et cetera. This has helped me broaden my perspectives and horizons. Overall, the whole programme was closely in line with what one is ought to face in the actual Bschool selection process. Partha Sir, the man behind all this, exactly knows the strengths of every individual and believes in capitalising on it. He has always encouraged us to think the unconventional way. His friendly nature made us easy to approach him with all our problems, even though, professionalism was never compromised. This is what made him unique. Siddharth Sir is extremely knowledgeable in diverse fields. The questions that were asked by him in the mock interviews led us to do a detailed analysis in varied number of topics. Aritro Sir, with his reassuring presence, guided us and motivated us immensely, in the course of the programme. One thing, that I feel needs to be worked upon, is the marketing of Backspace itself. Before joining, I did not have a lot of idea about Backspace. One would also feel that the fee charged is on the higher side, because of the lack of information about the services offered, prior to joining. I therefore felt that a free counselling and interaction session could have been taken by Sir, before joining ,so that students could understand more about Backspace and Breakspace, in particular. Overall, my Backspace journey was phenomenal and full of learning. It’s something I am going to cherish throughout my life.
Shruti Saraogi
Shruti Saraogi
I joined Backspace with the intention of having an opportunity have some mock interviews and discussion before my real interviews in B school. What I got back was much more. I became more confident talking about myself in interviews. I learnt the importance of communicating clearly. Backspace did not change my personality, rather it taught me to portray myself in a better way, above all to be genuine. I am confident that what I leart in backspace will help me throughout my career, not only in Interview. I would like to thank Backspace for making a difference in me.
My first day at Backspace made all the difference. Now that I am at IMT Ghaziabad, is because of a decision taken at the right time and under the right guidance. This was my first attempt at CAT, and I wasn’t satisfied with my percentile of 90.66, and so I had made up my mind to give it a shot again. I came to Backspace the first day to enquire about Verbospace and get some inputs regarding my decision of another attempt. PPD never gave me a decision, but he provided me with options and the possible outcomes. I joined PDPbyPPD, and yes now I realize, that my job was half done then :). Gradually, I could tap into my potentials. PPD in a calm and composed way provided me with insights that used to boost my confidence after every mock interview. GD sessions were too good – so much that my B school GDs seemed relatively much easier. Very small things that did matter the most were: critical reviews, essay reviews, and group activities. Most important were those calls right after every B school GD-PI. PPD could assess whether I was getting heavier on my strengths or weakness, and used to advice accordingly. Even the first assignment of PDP, was most needed, because it was then, that I realized how important it was to spend time with myself and get to know the better of me. Out of many, the three key takeaways from PPD and not just PDP would be: 1. A great mentor is an exceptional teacher. 2. I should always uphold my character. 3. Learn to forgive – a takeaway for life
I was a student at Breakspace for the session 2018-19. Firstly I would like to say that the mentors here – Partha Sir, Shahrukh Sir and Srinath Sir make you feel at ease and give you the utmost confidence required to ‘Break open a space’ in your dream B-School. Not only the mentors but also your fellow students here will be from varying academic backgrounds vying for a place in top colleges. Interacting with them will add to your learning. All in all if you want to succeed in your b-school interview and get an experience of what a real b-school interview is like without actually facing one, Breakspace is the place to be.
After 6 months of grilling and then getting a decent percentile in CAT, it was time for GD/ WAT / SOPs / PI preparation .There are many videos, test series , reference books to ace the CAT but wanted personal guidance for interviews. So I came to know about Backspace from my college seniors who are currently in top B- schools. The feedback was good from their end. But when I actually joined it was better than expectation. We had classes on every weekend which was taken by Partha Sir, someone I really look up to. Let me tell you why it is good. Every single aspect was taken care of. Starting from body language, way of speaking, the GDs ( the dos and dont’s, not to mention the key points to remember on how to draw attention, cut into someone smartly, collect points, summaries and so on ) and the best part every single trick worked in the real GDs which helped me in converting the calls. What was great that in every class , it seemed like a real scenario. So the actual ones were like a cake walk or at least known territory not to mention the topics that were carefully handpicked by Sir which had great correlation with the actual ones. Now lets come to the interview which I loved the most. One can schedule a mock interview even based on different colleges ( each college has different interview pattern) . There were behavioral questions, questions based on current affairs and what not ! We were mentored like how to tackle a not-know answer, to drive the interview. This is a speciality of Backspace which helped me a lot as I had different calls and each college has its own way of interviewing. Overall it was a great boost not only for my interview and GDs but also personal development. It seemed that I matured much in the process . I would highly recommend Backspace ~ one stop solution for Pre B-school prep! ~ I can vouch for that.
Being a part of Backspace was a life-changing experience for me. I am highly indebted to Partha sir for guiding me throughout this journey. His friendly nature made it easy for us to approach him without any hesitation. He made me believe in my capabilities and to be confident in whatever I do. The interactive sessions with sir helped me to discover my strengths and weaknesses. It also helped me overcome my fear of public speaking. Partha sir’s feedback made me realise my flaws and work on them. Each of the sessions, group activities and simulated interviews at Backspace prepared me better not only for a B-school but also beyond that. I am also very thankful to Shahrukh sir and Aritro sir as they helped me prepare better for the B-school interviews with their knowledge. The overall journey at Backspace was an enriching experience as it shaped my personality in the best possible manner. I owe it to the entire team of Backspace for what I am today.

I came to know about Backspace through word of mouth reviews. Initially, I hesitated in joining the online version of the program, but all my apprehensions were resolved when I had a word with the team, and so I joined it without another thought. I had 1-to-1 online interviews and live interaction sessions scheduled with various mentors almost every other day. The feedback given by the mentors helped me in getting better with each interview. They prepared me exhaustively in all kinds of interview style and helped me gain overall confidence, while also taking care of my subject knowledge by taking various knowledge based interviews and interaction sessions. The online sessions on weekends by Partha Sir were cherry on the cake. Partha Sir kept everyone busy on the Facebook group with various tasks and, also shared all the important subject material pertaining to graduation subjects and, also for all the specializations in the BSchools which would come handy in the future as well. The transcripts of the interviews shared by fellow students made it sure that no stone remains unturned in the preparation. I am joining NMIMS Mumbai this year, and the personalized guidance I received from the Backspace fraternity was instrumental in my success. I didn’t use my opportunity to interact with Partha Sir in a live 1-to-1 session as initially, I had plans to travel to Kolkata to meet him but couldn’t go later due to my father’s health. But I am looking forward to it as I would like to continue my journey with Backspace even while in BSchool and beyond.
I talked to a couple of previous session students and based on their awesome feedbacks, I finalized on Breakspace for GDPI preparation. I was very much intrigued after attending first two or three classes. It’s not just about the things taught for gdpi but the valuable skills taught that one can carry for a lifetime.I have learnt how to cope up with stress, manage time, be focused, I sincerely feel Breakspace had a great role helping me develop these traits. Thank you Partha Sir, for your insights and perspectives and tips about every group/case discussion we had. The classes were so captivating, that one won’t even feel like missing a single class. The next best thing about breaskspace is the n number of interviews one can take before the actual one. The entire team helps and pays attention to each and every student, no matter what calls one have and they ensure that we ultimately deliver our best. Here the students not only get general interviews but also interviews catering to each B-school style. In a nutshell, i can say their mentoring process is very thorough and student friendly. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Breakspace on making me believe that I can do it from the very first day to ultimately making me do it, it really would not have been possible without your consistent mentorship and motivation.
Undoubted the best experience. Apart from the teaching and gd/pi here you will grow as a better individual and your perspective to things might change, the individual attention you get here will definitely surprise you. This makes backspace truly the best out of the rest. Thank you Partha PD sir and team for always guiding me.
When I had enrolled for the GP-PI Training at Backspace, I went in with the expectations that one has for any other coaching centre. But after the many interactions with the team there, especially Partha Sir, I have come to realise it is much more than just coaching for interviews. It is really coaching for lessons on life, happiness and laughter. I can safely say that now I’m a much better version than I was when I had joined, from a nervous, tongue-tied person to a confident individual, with better structured thoughts. Today, I feel immense pride in being associated with Backspace and will always cherish the memories that this place has blessed me with. Another very important lesson that I will always carry with me from here is the spirit of Trying. It might seem like a cliché, but it has helped me a lot on both personal and professional front. This is epecially because I realised how this helped me through the mock interviews, Gds and other group activities. The belief that the team instills in the students all the time makes the students try whole-heartedly which enriches the effort even more. It was the first time in my life that I felt so heart-broken when the sessions had ended. But alas, we must move on with the happy memories!
Having touched 97+ mark in CAT in all my attempts but unable to convert any decent call, I was actually a bit depressed. This is when I decided to join Backspace. I thought of it as just an institute to learn about GDPI skills but after 7 hr sessions on weekends I realised it not only teaches us tips to crack interviews but also the mantra to lead a successfull life. In my 21 years of learning, I never came across any person or institute which changed my perspective towards life to such an extent. It was Backspace which helped me do it. Backspace is not just an institute to learn GD-PI-WAT skills but it is a platform to re-discover yourself. One to one sessions, Mirror interviews , Let’s communicate sessions actually helps you realise what your real potential is. Partha Sir is someone who can read you very well and has all the answers. He just waits for you to ask sometimes and gives you an answer which really helps you a lot. Mentors guide you for both life inside and outside of a Bschool classroom. I genuinely want to thank the team for helping me throughout and I would recommend to join Backspace and atleast give a chance to yourself for learning something new
To me Sir has been an inspiration and it is because of him I got into a B-School. Partha sir’s personal attention to each and every student ensuring that they take active participation in the classes and the mock interviews is the reason he is one of the best mentors that I have come across.
In a world where seemingly every piece of information can be Googled, there is still some knowledge that can be gained only through proper guidance and experience. Only GD and PI sessions would be there was what I thought. But after commencing my classes at Backspace, I realized that the sessions were much more interesting than my expectations. From Group/Case discussions to JAM and group tasks helped me to understand the leadership attributes and be a team player. Then there was Partha Sir, whose willingness to share his own experiences and wisdom while listening closely, helped me become a better version of myself rather than trying to mold into others perspective. The whole backspace team is just like a family. The mock interviews though stressed sometimes, enabled me to be confident for the actual interview and finally convert the calls. Backspace does not ends with just the conversion of calls but it goes on to work on personal brand and develop the traits needed to make an impression in a professional environment. The words and action of Partha Sir always wants a person to be a good human. Thank you Backspace!
If I have to describe my journey in Backspace in one word I will use the word special. I joined Backspace on my friend’s recommendation but it turned out to be one of the best decisions ever. The attention that is paid to each and every student here is amazing. Backspace not only helped me prepare for B-School interviews but also emphasised on the overall development. Partha Sir has always been there to help me clear all my doubts and guide me in the right direction. He has been an inspiration for me and will always be so. I wish Backspace all the very best for the future endeavours.
My journey at Backspace has been a truly enriching experience. I expected to be well trained for all my forth coming GDs and PIs but it trained me for much bigger things in life. It has led to an immense growth in me as an individual on a personal as well as professional front.
It was my second attempt at CAT in 2013 and I did not do well with a meagre 94.48 OA. I did not match up to the expectations. But I decided that all was not lost. I came to know about Backspace from two of my friends. I did contemplate before joining Backspace but it has been a decision well taken. The day I joined, a form was given which had to be filled in. It had such questions which gave me hints that this was certainly going to be a special place. From the day the classes started, each weekend was what I waited for. Partha Sir aka PPD is the soul of this temple of erudition. He always stressed on thinking different and taking the path less travelled. As the days progressed, I learnt a lot through various activities which were unique in their own manner. Personal attention was never a problem as I could contact PPD any time I felt. As days progressed, I was infused with enthusiasm, lateral thinking and confidence. I came to know myself better now as a result of all the maverick activities. What PPD asked in return was dedication and a smile on my face. As the PI dates came closer, I attended more and more mock interviews. However, just days before NMIMS interview I fell ill and could not attend mock PIs. I felt low and called up Partha Sir and it was unbelievable how in 2 minutes how someone can inspire you to do well. I still remember him saying- You’re my responsibility. Don’t worry. You’ll do well, just take ample rest. Thanks to Backspace, I converted the coveted call some days later. Backspace has become a very important part of my life and will always be. You never know when your life changes when you meet the inspiration of your life. I owe my success to Sir who will always be the biggest source of inspiration for me.
After CAT, I was sceptical as to where I should take the GDPI classes from. I got to know about Backspace from my cousin and he told me it provides the best GDPI sessions in Kolkata. I finally joined Backspace after the discussion I had with my cousin. Backspace turned out to be a life changing experience for me. It helped me a lot in overcoming my fear of public speaking and I gained much more confidence in myself. We got to participate in ample GD’s, extempore, WAT. Group activity, being a part of each class helped in broadening my horizons. Activities like debates, knowing our fears, the marketing challenge, the mirror has helped a lot in my overall development. The mock interviews conducted by Partha sir and team gave us an exact idea of how the selection process in the B-schools would be like. Partha sir has always been there to solve our doubts. He was just a call away to help us in every possible way. He understood us so well. He knew our strengths, our weaknesses and helped us utilize it in our best interest. He has always been an inspiration to me and will continue to be so. I will always be indebted to him and Backspace. My journey at Backspace has been full of learning and I will always cherish the memories I have made here.
To begin with I was always a pessimistic person. And then entered backspace. I owe backspace for whatever I am today. For bringing a new light in life. Showing the right track and inculcating the required knowledge, ethics and confidence to speak… I always had a dream to join a B school but with limited calls it seemed a distant reality but to say the least this place takes out the best in you with what you have.The out of box classes, GD sessions, Customized interviews and Case studies. All had helped me to make my weaknesses as my strength and to develop a sound and calm temperament before the judgement day. I am extremely indebted and thankful to partha sir for guiding me throughout this journey. He showed confidence on me when i had none on my own. The team insights developed in me the ability to handle crunch situations, Very patiently they used to listen to me and help me formulate my answers. I am thankful to the entire backspace team for changing my dream into reality.
Being a student of Backspace is one of the best things that have ever happened to me. Be it giving a refined edge to my soft skills, or, inculcating positivity in my life, or, learning the basic values of life, Backspace taught me everything. Team Backspace not only acts as your mentor but they are family, and no better teachings than those from family.

Just like a cup of freshly brewed cup of Starbucks coffee with perfect thickness of latte spread over it lifts your mood,Breakspace provides you with that experience in a mortal world in a different sphere altogether.It’s indeed “breaking the space” in its arena and genuinely stands apart from others in the league.The trio of PPD Sir,Sharukh Moin Khan,Srinath Raghavan indeed brings the best out of you. The knowledge sessions provides you key insights of the road ahead and one could use it to chisel one’s characteristic traits. You can select the way you wish to customize your preparation as per your requirement.Round the clock assistance is another plus.Moreover,you get the rich advantage of peer to peer learning while interacting with the smartest brains of India.You get simulated interviews where you might get totally shattered only to come back in a much better form.As they say,what doesn’t kill you,makes you stronger. Definitely a thumbs up! Breakspace will definitely give you more than you expect- preparing yourself for the battles ahead,without giving more spoilers,I would say go and experience yourself. “Once you come out of the storm,you won’t be the same person ever again.” Happy learning!
I joined Breakspace because of the fact that they offered unlimited interviews. What I did not realise at that time is how that was such a small part of the experience offered there. It was such a transformational journey that I would have difficulty in recognizing myself from 3 months back. The mentors all worked with me and helped me in identifying my issues and gave me guidelines on how to work on them. As for the classes and interviews, they were very all-rounding and covered each and every aspect that I needed to prepare for if I intended to crack a business school interview . And a very special mention to Shahrukh Sir for conferring on me the title of Mr. Accountant
Soft skills is one of the most important skills required to succeed in an organisation or your own venture. The entire team of Backspace give all their time to help you find the speciality in you and also help you build and create skills. The pedagogy is very unique and peer to peer learning is encouraged. The team is one of the most remarkable team I have come across and their knowledge pool exceeds all limits. I got to see things from a different perspective in every session and learnt how to grow myself into a person who is ready for the corporate world. Partha Sir, who heads Backspace, has experience of almost a decade in this field and this knowledge has helped me as well as others to choose the right B-school in all aspects. The passion he has for this work is recommendable and he will always be at your disposal for any doubts or to boost your morale. He knows when you are sad, worried or stressed out. This I feel, is the best part about him. He can read your expressions and will give all his resources to make you comfortable and at ease. The personal touch given to each student actually helps you to come out of your comfort zone. I am really grateful to the entire team of Backspace as they helped me to come one step closer to my goal in life and the learnings will stay with me throughout my life.
I always wondered why the place is called BACKSPACE. It was during the making of the ‘BacksAdios’ video that I understood the true meaning of the name and how Backspace has transformed everyone’s lives. Truly, Backspace is magical. When I joined Backspace, I was a little skeptical about the place. But the first day at Backspace completely changed my mind. Classes in Backspace mean exhaustive learning interspersed with loads of fun and yummy treats! My journey with Backspace has been amazing! I will never forget those weekend sessions, which ensured that everyone participated. With wonderful speakers around the sessions were such wonderful experiences! And of course the rigorous interviews by Partha which ensured that one never faces any difficulty in handling any institute’s interview however tough it might be. Thanks you Backspace, thank you Partha. It is because of him I have converted my calls and on my way to become one of the IIMites!
When I first joined Backspace, I was overconfident in appearing for the personal interviews, and a bit low in confidence for group discussions and essay writings. My overconfidence was shattered to ground during my very first interview with Partha Sir, which ended in just 2 minutes, and then followed by 15 minutes of scolding. I have come long way after that, thanks to Backspace. Backspace has helped me to increase my level of confidence, keeping my feet firm on the ground. The best thing about Backspace is that they take care of each and every students individually, understanding them and giving them personalized advice. This is unlike any other admissions consulting institutes or coaching centers that I have come across. Coming to the point of life at Backspace, I have always been too lethargic to get out of my bed on a typical weekend before 9 am. And attending 9 am classes at Backspace would seem really painful for me. But trust me, the fun filled activities at Backspace never gave me the chance to feel the pain of getting up early morning. Those were not just like ‘classes’ as we know them. They were interactive sessions, which were fun, as well as tremendously helpful from every aspect. And it is not just about the who conducts the classes, you will be participating and working with the best of the bests of minds. This will push you even in your subconscious to do better everyday. If you ask me about Backspace in a one line, I would say it is very very professional admission consulting institute with a personal touch, which makes them the best. I would like to thank Parth Sir, Siddharth Sir, Aritro Da, and the entire Backspace team for the tremendous effort that they put in for each and every student.
‘Thoughts to words’- the words that struck me first when I heard about Backspace, the expression that inspired me to join Backspace, the phrase that has changed my life for the better. My two-year journey at Backspace has made me learn where I stand and what I want to do with my life. The transition from being a pessimist to an ardent optimist is what Backspace has done for me and for many more aspirants like me. Before joining Backspace I never used to think that I could also be among the best, I was more than happy with what I was getting. But Partha, our mentor, a friend in the right sense of the term, instilled that confidence in me that I should strive for more, that I could earn more and that I could emerge a winner. My preparations never took a hit even when I had met with a serious accident before my exams, as Partha was more than ready to help me prepare in every way possible. His belief in me was enough to get me going in that tough phase of my life. That confidence ultimately paid off as I now have admission offers from a few of the top 20 B-schools in India. There are institutions, there are places where you go, sit, hear, and try to learn something, if possible. And then there is Backspace, which is a totally different breed when it comes to learning. One may not understand the relevance of effective communication, the importance of being creative and making informed choices if one has not been at Backspace. That is where Backspace stands out from the rest. Backspace has given me hope, helped me pursue my dreams and be a better individual. And if you want to be the next in line, I believe Backspace Consulting LLP is the place to be!
Sourav Saha (IIM Raipur)
I enrolled for GD-PI preparation module of Backspace. My goal was to go to an IIM for my PGP. With Backspace, Shahrukh Sir and Partha Sir in particular this was possible.The mentors here, Partha Sir and Shahrukh Sir are available for us at anytime to clarify our doubts and concerns.Overall, I have learnt a lot from here. I highly recommend this for everyone as this will be really helpful and useful for you.
There is always this problem with accuracy- it is technically impossible to attain. Science graduates will confirm that random and systematic errors are not like the universe-creating Big Bang – real but rare. Rather they are more devastatingly common- they happened to every measurement ever taken. The disclaimer that I am hinting at is this: what I write here is far from accurate because there are countless things that I am not mentioning in the limited space here and because it is easy to fill in words but understandably impossible to fill in the feeling. Also, ‘Backspace’ and PPD are used interchangeably- they are one as we all know. Now, out of the innumerable things that Backspace taught me, here are some that I would share : 1. Limitations of time and energy are designed to beat chewing-gums as far as stretchability is concerned. PPD proves it everyday and as Backspacians, the excuse of lack of bandwidth cannot legitimately belong to any of our speech and thought. 2. An IIM grad does not need to chase money like it’s oxygen for survival. Chasing money is far too ordinary anyway. Instead, truly divine is following one’s passion. My faith in the best bschool of this country stands unshaken as I know for a fact that it does not manufacture single-focussedly-money-minded alumni. 3. There are creative ways of doing anything and everything. Had I not been a part of PPD’s sessions, I would have never believed that teaching and mentoring had scope for so much path-breaking innovation. 4. It is possible to stay humble when even audited reports can confirm that you belong to a league of select extra-ordinary individuals. 5. Conventionalist populace has got this horribly wrong: Screaming is not a motivational tool. I clearly cannot recall PPD ever screaming to make us to do what we needed to do. Needless to point: At Backspace, creativity is a way of life. 6. Forgiving is cool, revenge is not. Learning this from PPD was easy but practizing is a lot harder than it seems. 7. It is perfectly okay to do good for people, even if there is little chance of a repayment, or worse, there exist some thankless jerks who would not even value what is done for them. PPD makes goodwill look good in times where it is fast-fading. 8. Bad spellings and bad grammar are an eyesore. As a Backspacian, I cannot anymore get comfortable with any of them. Speaking and writing responsibly has got to be Backspacians’ trademark trait. 9. Now, the last point on my abridged list: Apple suits PPD more than it suits anyone else. None of Apple products ever crash and neither does PPD. Personally, I have never been a huge fan of ‘Thank you’. It sounds like the end of a transaction, like a concluding note and my association with Backspace cannot conclude. Although I would hate to carry the unspoken ‘thank you’ with me, I would hate it even more to wind up the most amazing experience of my life. Briefly put, there are very few people I do not want to ever lose touch with and forever be just a call/ping/sms/mail away. I hope I am allowed to grow with Backspace, contribute and be a part of its adventures that come along. PPD is the awesomest person I ever came in contact with. – A proud Backspacian 🙂
Smriti Singh (IIM Trichy)
After previous failed attempts, I had a decent attempt in CAT 2013. I joined Backspace as I sensed GDPI would be a tough round for me. At Backspace I realized that I needed to improve a lot for having any real chance of converting a meaningful call. PPD, at this point, had been extremely supportive and constantly guided me to improve and get better. PPD senses pulse of every student and figures out the area one needs to work upon. The other thing one finds at Backspace is the unique way PPD conducts sessions. He brings so many elements while preparing students for GDPI, WAT, Case Studies that it keeps everyone intrigued, anticipating about the class. The aim of all these surprise elements is to first make one at ease with oneself and later on to encourage one to stretch oneself to become a better and effective speaker. The amount of dedication, time, energy that PPD puts in for every student and ownership that he takes for helping everyone to perform at their best is very inspiring and encourages one to complement his efforts. Joining Backspace has been a very wise decision for me. It introduced me to a model teacher and a wonderful personality in PPD. I feel I would have benefited more had I joined Backspace earlier. Team Backspace has been a bunch of great characters, very supportive and encouraging.
Raushan Kumar Pandey testimonial
Raushan Kumar Pandey (IIM Trichy)
Everybody has a dream, but not everyone is able to achieve the same. PPD is a person who instills a lot of motivation in you even at the hopeless of times and helps you achieve that coveted dream. I was at the same crossroad and it was he who told me that yes you can do it and land in one of the top B-Schools. The beauty of Breakspace, which I was a part of, is that it not only helps you get a seat in a top B-School but also makes you B-School ready. A lot of teamwork which one has to go through in the sessions with a lot of creative tasks helps one realize one’s true potential and makes him ready to tackle a real B-School environment. Throughout the stint, I have been under the mentorship of PPD. He has not only helped me crack my interviews but also helped me become a better human being. The pedagogy followed at Backspace is very unique which sets it apart from the rest of B-School interview training programs and that helps the students at Backspace convert a B-School call without much hassle. I owe my success to PPD and Backspace.

Thank you so much the whole breakspace team for helping me in every possible way. When I first came here, I was an entirely different person, one who was so under-confident to even speak to people (especially in front of public). Coming from a small village, I lacked the exposure and confidence to crack a B-school GDPI, but the sessions conducted by Partha Sir helped me a lot to get the required exposure. Partha Sir motivated me to participate in every single activity, helping me to overcome my fear and giving me enough confidence. Right from the beginning, many of my friends told me that I don’t have very good calls and that I will not be given personal attention from the mentors. But once here, I never felt this to be true. The mentors gave equal dedication to all the students irrespective of the calls. As I never read many books and also was not interested in reading newspapers and knowing worldly affairs, I always felt that I have very little knowledge because of which I will never be able to compete with other aspirants. But the mock interviews taken by Shahrukh Sir and Srinath Sir helped me a lot and whenever I felt low and demotivated they always inspired me not to give up. This journey in Breakspace was not just about cracking the B-school interviews, it was a life-changing journey for me. My gratitude towards the mentors cannot be expressed in words. Once again, I would like to thank Breakspace for giving me a direction and confidence to walk towards my goals.
Getting a call is only half the job, as we all know. Having no prior experience of GDs, I was apprehensive to say the least. I knew I had to acquire a lot of skills (public speaking, making relevant interjections in a group scenario, maintaining my composure in stress interviews etc) in a short span of time. This is where Backspace filled the void for me. The numerous GDs, the grilling interviews – they strengthened me mentally, and set me up for the real test. When you enter the GD room knowing that your preparation has been comprehensive, that you have handled all sorts of interviews (different panelists, telephonic interviews, mimicking the styles of different B-schools etc), your self confidence is boosted tremendously, and it reflects in your performance. For me, the biggest factor about Backspace was knowing that I was being tested by the best minds, against the best minds. Thank you for making the difference, Backspace.
My journey at Backspace started in April 2013. I had a call from a less-known business school- KJ Somaiya for its PGDM (core) program. I wanted to enhance my chances of selection, so I thought of pursuing a GDPI program, but most GDPI programs showed me the doors because it was the end of season. One of my friends recommended me to visit Backspace because it had unique method of interviewing candidates. I was able to convert my KJ Somaiya call by preparing for few days at Backspace and being personally mentored by Partha. Partha encouraged me to achieve my potential and try again for a better and this advice was the turning point in my life. I joined the Verbospace program at Backspace in 2013 and it improved my confidence in Verbal Ability. Partha believes and works harder than his students and probably this is the reason that even his weak students have tasted remarkable success. When Partha used to say to me that I am underestimating my potential and I will study in XIMB I didn’t believe it. In 2014, I went to another famous GDPI institute in Kolkata but I found that I was just one of the hundreds of students who are not given any personalized advise, where GDPI training is not practical but theoretical and not customized according to student’s requirement. In 2015, when I got GDPI calls from SCMHRD and XIMB, I was certain that I needed to join Backspace in order to convert my calls. I believed that if I focus on whatever I learn at Backspace without joining any other GDPI program from other institutes, the learning would be complete. At Backspace there was something new to learn in every class. For example, the sales race, group discussions at tea junction, different types of group activities, various types of group discussion, intense debates. The personal interview sessions at Backspace instilled confidence in me for two reasons because I got as many interview sessions I asked for and second reason being the interview sessions at Backspace were tougher than the actual college interview. Even when I failed and got rejected by SCMHRD, Partha boosted my morale and helped me overcome my failure by telling that I will convert XIMB. In Partha, I found a teacher, mentor, coach and guide who showed me light when I thought that I am in woods of darkness. Backspace prepared me not only for my GDPI but also gave me an idea about the business school life ahead. One thing I like about Backspace is its discipline. We were made to undergo rigorous routine of various activities relating to GDPI preparation but I feel that they have helped me in the long run in my b-school journey so far. Backspace has changed my perspective about things to expect in a b-school. It is the institute with a difference with personal touch by its founder Partha who constantly strives to raise the bar of performance and quality.
The life of a person is made up of all the good and bad decisions he takes in his lifetime. The decision to join Backspace may very well become my personal ‘Butterfly Effect’ after several years down the line. Needless to say, in a positive sense. This was my first attempt to secure a place in one of the top 20 B-Schools in my country and I knew this would be my last. I was petrified to think that at some point of time I’ll have to fight some odd 10 aspirants for every single seat at any B-School. Against the backdrop of a hugely competitive and cut throat scenario, I was standing with a safety-pin-esque communication skill in my arsenal. Backspace was not just a GD-PI training institute for me; it was my journey to find my competitive advantage. And I am proud to have PPD as my mentor through this journey. Backspace was a thoroughly enriching experience for me. When I walked through the door for the first time, I could never have imagined what would be in store for me for the next 4 months. With all the informative and interesting sessions, group exercises, 1600 word self searching, 2 hour long insightful form fill up, lots of thoroughly personalized PI and above all, the dedication and attention of PPD to each and every aspirant made our journey eventful and intense. Is there anything called competitive advantage for a person? Well, it is how well he knows himself. Backspace, in the end, turned out to be the journey where I found out my strengths and what to do with those. In this process I may very well have come across the best mentor of my life- ‘Partha’.
At Backspace as they say ‘from thoughts to words’, such has been my journey. After a few honest yet unsuccessful attempts to make it to the top tier B-Schools, despite having a decent academic background, I joined the institute last year as a part of the ‘Verbospace’ programme. Little did I know that I was up for a foundation course that will help me not only to understand the nuances of the English language but also to help me maximize my performance in time bound tests like CAT & XAT. My dreams were given the wings of reality over a period of less than a year though a well planned and rigorous curriculum with enough exposure and opportunities which in no time drove me out of my comfort zone making me more confident and equipped for all the upcoming challenges. The best part about Backspace is that it gave me an environment where I could be myself with all my flaws and imperfections. Mentorship of Partha, has been such that it helped me reinstate my long lost confidence with each practice test, Group Discussion, mock interview and various engaging group activities before the actual exam. He, as a mentor has both been a guide and a counsellor who can clearly see through each and every student and distinctly knows and works equally on both their weaknesses and strengths.
The best thing to have happened to me in a long time was not when I joined XIMB, but when I walked through the gates of Backspace and took the journey of self-discovery with 40 other starry-eyed, eager aspirants. Rarely have I come across a teacher like Partha, who in his inimitable style makes you believe in yourself and helps you to turn your dreams into reality. Partha made us do things that none of us ever thought we could. His one of a kind group exercises made us stretch our limits, challenge our notions and taught us to perceive the world differently. Armed with the rare combination of army-like strictness and fatherly warmth, Partha ensured that all his proteges turn their weaknesses into a host of enviable strengths after the end of the 2 most glorious months. Partha made me push myself to Backspace my diffidence and helped me to come out as a new person. I pride myself for being a Backspacian and for being mentored by someone like Partha. I wish I could inspire and encourage the way he does.
So there are those who are blessed with it and there are many like me who have to learn it. Backspace is a place where learning is a very cumulative process, you would not know it till you get out of there. I think by far, PPD is one of the best mentors I have had in my life, and his brilliance and maturity as a mentor is evident in every tiny little detail of his program and individual interaction. The best part about Backspace is that it customizes the entire process so specifically for a participant that the growth rate accelerates exponentially. In a time-bound environment where there are so many other players who provide 0% personal attention, Backspace was the best bet for a person like me who needed help. Backspace stands out for another reason that the participants in the class are few of the best in India, so you learn so much just by being part of the class activities. I sincerely thank PPD and Backspace for doing so much good for me and I would be indebted to both throughout my life.

I still remember the first session I had and how the mentors pointed out very minute things about me that I had never thought of but I couldn’t deny. Post that session, I felt like a different person because certain hard hitting realisations stuck. Since then, every session has only made me a better person. Without the help of Breakspace, I wouldn’t have been able to make it to my dream Bschool. They have guided me on every step with the most practical decision. I have never had mentors who would invest so much time in a mentee to help him/her develop both personally and professionally. I am more confident now than I was and a big credit goes to Breakspace for having such sought after mentors one can ever come across. Thank you!
I’m glad that I decided to join breakspace. I have heard that this place is for IIMs call getters and I was little bit skeptical that I will be able to manage or not. After joining here, I changed a lot. The mock interviews conducted by the team were actually very helpful. It’s really great how they used to guide us and those feedbacks by sir after every mock interview had really helped me a lot, I realise where are my flaws and I improved after working on it. Even those weekly sessions conducted by Partha sir and the team was totally amazing, I really feel happy to be a part of it. Every session we used to learn new thing. I had become comfortable to mix with people and even learnt how to express myself. I have no words for those those sessions. I’m very thankful to entire breakspace team.Thank you so much Partha sir for those valuable lessons in every session you used to share with us.
After my MBA entrance exams ,i was sweating over joining an institution to prepare for the next step of MBA Admissions that is Group Discussions, Personal interviews and Written Ability Test. Backspace came to me as a bolt from the blue when my friend recommended it to me as i had not heard about it . I finally joined it after some research and now after undergoing coaching at Backspace i can safely say that I will thank my friend for life for recommending Backspace to me. I went from being that individual who was always underconfident , to a focused and determined individual with a sense of belief about everything in my life. After experiencing what Backspace is like I now extend the recommendation that i had received from my friend to join Backspace to you all by highlighting some points about Backspace which I feel make it stand out. In true sense , Backspace’s coaching program is focused on overall Personality Development and not only on B-School Admissions. Alongside preparing students for B-school Admissions , Backspace seeks to enable students to use their B-School learnings to become better humans and not just earn fat pay packages. Learning only through a flow of knowledge from a teacher to student is now obsolete. At Backspace there is a dual flow of knowledge among teachers and students which again makes it stand out. Most importantly, the team at Breakspace works round the clock tirelessly during the B-School Admissions Season, be it conducting mock interviews for students , engaging students in online discussions so as to their personalities or being always available to reply to the countless queries of students. Students are allowed to gel with the team to bring about greater learning through the valuable insights provided to them by the team members from their vast personal experiences. All in all , Backspace’s program presents an opportunity to open windows towards adding a new dimension to both your life and career.
The one year long journey at Backspace nourished me not just academically but also as a kind spirited soul. All thanks to my great mentors. They instilled the confidence in me at every step of my journey, that I will achieve my goals, even on days when I didn’t believed myself. So, undoubtedly the best way to get guided under one on one mentorship is only available at Backspace Consulting.
The breakspace programme is excellent in every aspect. It is a healthy combination of learning and fun. The entire team at breakspace is absolutely amazing. Personal interviews too are held in an extremely organised manner. The team has put in extensive research into the admissions process of each and every college. All this will ensure that a student is best prepared for every call that he/she has
As soon as the results of various entrance exams were declared, an anxious me looked forward to the next step after having cleared NMAT, SNAP and securing a decent score in CAT. However, the job was only half way through. As aspirants know, the bigger picture is yet to come as the Group Discussions/Case Discussions/Written Ability tests and Personal Interview rounds are a harder nut to crack given only a select few gain admission into these prestigious institutes from an enormous number. I searched online in various forums and some suggested me this Backspace classes as they are known to provide you slots daily wherein you can arrange numerous interviews as you want till you get confident. In addition, they also held weekly classes which helped in GD preparation and their notes also helped me stay updated with the Current affairs and various terminologies an MBA student should be aware of. I am indebted to Shahrukh sir, Aritro sir, Souvik sir and Partha sir as they helped me a lot in my interviews and corrected me in so many of my interviews. It is only because of them I could convert NMIMS HR, IMT Ghaziabad and 2 new IIM’s. One word of thanks is not enough to thank them, the institute has helped me set my foot in one of the best B-Schools. To all the MBA Aspirants, choose Backspace now for converting your GD-PI calls so that you need not press the key ‘Backspace’ later in your career if you want to convert a call from prestigious institutes as the competition is deadly.
Backspace is like my second home where I have always found solace. Backspace has given me the confidence to give shape to my dream. Partha is the only person who had faith in me when I had given up hope of doing MBA this year. PDPbyPPD session was not a run-of-mill product by the coaching centers. It is like baby to Partha whom he nurtures so passionately. The outcome is all the participants of PDPbyPPD stand to gain and have a competitive edge amongst their peers. I can connect with each and every word that Partha has spoken during my Verbospace and PDPbyPPD sessions and I see the ramifications now. Verbospace and PDPbyPPD sessions are not a magical potion that will transform you miraculously but if you completely surrender to Partha, I can vouch the fine-tuning that you will get will surely change your life for better. The practical lessons that I have learnt at Backspace in a period of one year are my assets and will continue to live with me. For once I am grateful to my friend who introduced me to the world of Backspace and put me in contact with Partha who has been a life savior to me, who rekindled my self-determination and the desire to go that extra mile.
Pooja Saha
Since my pre-final year I have been hearing from my friends and seniors about a certain IIM-A alumnus named ‘Partha’, who seemed to have the ‘Midas’ touch in transforming people. I used to be in awe of him but at the same time was skeptical about how a person can bring about a transformation in a matter of few days. Nonetheless, I was determined that whenever any sort of opportunity would come, I would try to imbibe something from him and there awaited for me an experience of a lifetime. When I made a call to him, before resigning from Jamnagar and coming to Kolkata, the only words that soothed me amidst all my worries was ‘Don’t worry, you will convert all your calls’. When I attended my first session, I was taken aback a bit as he didn’t even give me the answers I didn’t know. Later, with time, I realised that my efforts in finding those unknown answers were slowly increasing my knowledge beyond my imagination and he wanted to do just that. The little habits of mine, those he changed, definitely impacted tremendously. I won’t say that I am a completely changed person now, but definitely Partha has done a lot to add dimensions to my personality and knowledge. I will be always indebted to him for his contribution to my life and will hope that he will serve as a mentor for me throughout my life.
Backspace… I got to know about this awesome institute from one of my best friends Pankaj… and about PPD from Ankit. Ankit told us ‘n’ things about Backspace and PPD. I am jotting few of them below: 1)It’s a different type of institute. I mean not like any conventional institute. 2)You will get proper one to one interaction. 3)There is one faculty who will guide us. 4)He is very strict. 5)You will be thrown away for any misbehaviour etc. And naturally we assumed the picture of our teacher as a tall man with big red eyes who will scold you time and again. But our assumption was totally wrong. I am talking about point number 4,5. He (PPD) is a simple, fair and sweet guy with a big smile and for sure his eyes are not RED. I learned many things, which I can’t write in this small space, but most important thing is using FB for noble cause i.e., studying. As I am from vernacular medium, my english is not that good, actually basic which I improved with the help of Backspace. I recommend everyone to join this special and awesome class. Thanks, a lot Backspace for everything!!!
I learnt about breakspace from a friend of mine . Having heard about it and having experienced it , I can say that words can never do justice to the amazing journey it entails. Still I am going going to make an attempt by recollecting my experience. I still remember when I was going for my first class , I was very nervous as my previous experiences of gd pi classes had always left me feeling quite low of myself because of my inability to speak comfortably in front of people . Little had I known then ,that it was not going to be just a gd pi training class . I came out smiling after my first session , not because I spoke really well or did something great but because the very first session made me realise that even though a lot needs to be worked on , but with my effort and their guidance, I would be able to achieve that. Listening to Partha sir gave me that motivation in the very first session . Discussion of all the topics, case studies propelled us to think differently, something that Partha Sir always insisted on . And his insights on every topic , after every discussions , actually helped us achieve that . Listening to him is always very enriching and thought provoking. It makes you reconsider your way of thinking and motivates you to work on improving it. And that does happen bit by bit with practice . I could see that change in myself . When I went for my actual group discussion , I was actually able to make few different points that stood out and I could think of them because of the learnings and practice that I had received in class. The interview transcripts uploaded on the Facebook group helped in preparing for interviews. Even the feedback provided by mentors after every mock interview was really helpful . Also there were knowledge sessions conducted and notes provided on various areas that made the preparation relatively easy. The group activities conducted in each session were very unique and interesting. It helped build in us the ability to work in teams and also to lead while doing so. The best thing about the entire program is the constant support and guidance from the mentors . Partha sir , Sharukh sir , Arito sir , they are all amazing in their own ways. They put in a lot of efforts to individually help each one of us attain our best potential . This season also introduced -Let’s Communicate sessions . In this Partha sir took each one of us out for a one to one interaction with him where in he helped us understand ourselves , making us come across many aspects that were unknown to ourselves and suggested us ways in which we can improve on them. Taking out the time to do this when it is not something he has to , and doing it so beautifully , with so much compassion tells a lot about his love for his students. He wants to bring the best out of all his students. It is rare to find such mentorship , where the mentor goes out of his way to help his students . What you will takeaway from breakspace is beyond gd pi training, beyond call conversions, beyond classroom learning . Breakspace has given me an amazing experience , lots of good memories and lessons learned for life.

Pre Placement Crasher Testimonials

The handouts provide a glimpse of what is expected by hiring agencies- extremely helpful
This workshop gave me a headstart and I came to know about various aspects related to CVs and resume.
Now I have a clear idea on what a Resume/CV at the end. We got inputs on how to develop one’s resume. The mentor has communicated with clarity and conviction the learning objectives and future course of action.
Very informative handouts which served as practical guides. It was presented in a structured manner.
The workshop provided the mentees with sufficient sample CVs and Resumes that give us a chalk out idea of where it starts from. The mentor has executed commendable performance in conducting the workshop with articulate preciseness and brevity.
I absolutely liked the way real life resumes were discussed, and the common mistakes were highlighted. From my little introduction in those two days, I have no doubt that the mentor is extremely clear about the subject and more importantly, knows how to impart the knowledge to us.
Sourav Bhattacharya
Resume of candidates from various backgrounds were shown to us. The best thing about the mentor is that he will take care of every person’s resume and profile.
Partha Sir is patient and encourages questions which helped us in understanding various nuances in CV and cover letter writing. CVs related to different domains were showcased and we were told how to mould different CV points into the required field
Resumes of people belonging to different sectors and institutions were presented It’s a very good platform to learn how a good resume is drafted.
The mentor is a good communicator and humourous. He cleared the clutter and offered personalised help.
It covers varieties of resume, which actually helps to connect with our experience. The mentor is able to answer all our queries.
CVs from different backgrounds were shared which gave us an in depth idea how we should draft our CV depending on the company that we are applying to. PPD provided us various insights and case studies. He was humourous and addressed every concern raised by the participants.
The diverse range of resumes being covered, provided us with the holistic view of resume writing and it’s importance. Mentor was more than willing to help the mentees. He made all sessions extremely pleasant and interactive in nature.
Getting acquainted with CVs of various types, understanding the importance of a resume, what to include and what not to include in your resume and how to frame it effectively. Partha Sir addressed issues of each and everyone in the session and explained everything lucidly.
Sourav Saha
It was excellent! The transition from an average Master CV to a stellar final resume.
I got to learn how to structure the content of the resume so that it highlights my best abilities. I got to refer to resume of older applicants. Sir made the effort to point out subtle mistakes in a resume that can result in discarding the resume. This will help me be extra cautious when drafting my resume.
I got to realize that even insignificant details about what I have done can be represented as a strong points. Mentors have very good knowledge of the was of building CV points for specific requirements.
The best aspects of the workshop: 1. Availability of diverse and real-life examples of resume and cover letter. Mr. Partha PD clearly has a lot of experience and knowledge of this entire process of resume preparation, and his insights as a recruiter was very helpful.
The workshop revealed how impactful the one page document- ‘Resume’ can be in deciding our course at B-School. The examples and sample resumes provided were very useful. Needless to say, Partha Sir was brilliant as usual.
It presented the same data in an impactful manner. got a brief idea about all the career options. Mentors are extremely knowledgeable, young and charismatic.
The workshop provides a heads-up to what we may expect in a management program and is very relevant for the program. Mr. Partha is very informative and an excellent mentor.
The workshop made me feel how important it is to structure one’s CV in a B-School.
We learnt the importance of Resume, ways of presenting information in a specified manner.
The session was 1. Interactive 2. Refreshing 3. Out of the box/Unconventional. Mentor helped to drive the point home.
I was unaware of various basic things of resume and cover letter writing. This workshop immensely helped me learn those and most importantly at the right time.
How a mundane activity can be translated into an engaging one is an art in itself. That’s my first key take away from this workshop. It was not only enriching but was immensely creative.
It was excellent as usual. We got personalized attention and feedback.

Design thinking workshop conducted by Mr. Partha PD from Backspace in association with MAC, IIM Calcutta was aimed at stimulating the intellectual brains and enhancing the creative potential of the participants. The participants were put into unique situations and then provided with different perspectives on how the situation can be tackled, post which they were asked to come up with ideas, put their ideas into structured format and finally create a prototype that reflected their ideas. Unlike other sessions which would generally focus on conceptual teaching, this workshop focused on learning through practice. Hence, the workshop was all in all a great experience that all the participants thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend to their peers as there was immense amount of learning each of them took along with them. Thank you. I hope MAC will be able to organise more of such workshops in collaboration with Backspace Consulting.
IIM Calcutta
It was a pleasure to have you here on campus last week! The candidates thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, and the common thread across all the individual feedback has been that the simulated interviews provided the richest learning experience. Also, as voiced at the end of the workshop, the candidates felt that the workshop could have gone on for another day or two. Apart from the above, the participants also found the content relevant to their preparation, and were wondering if any material could be provided on the same from your end. Please let me know in case that is possible. Once again, I thank you for your time and hope to see you here on campus next year as well. Thank you.
FMS Delhi
We got fresh perspectives and techniques for improving our presentation & communication skills, which one cannot find in web or any regular sessiones. The best part was the activity on different communication styles and how one can emphasize on each styles in different situations to mold communication and have maximum impact on the audience. Another important takeaway was we learnt the technique of using design thinking (Scatter Graphs) to relate different topics and present our ideas better with much efficacy. The event was interesting and immensely beneficial to us .
CFA PPC testimonial
CFA Institute
This was the first time a workshop dwelling on the trending concept of “Design Thinking” was conducted on campus. Initial apprehensions notwithstanding, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that the workshop helped open up a very unique perspective in the sense that it made the participants realize how a design mindset is not problem-focused but solution focused, and action oriented towards creating a preferred future. Armed with the concepts of empathy, consumer journey planning, ideating, and prototyping, which were explained not only theoretically but also manifested with hands-on applications, the participants were able to derive method and meaning, which made the session all the more engaging. This testimonial cannot be complete without complimenting the vast knowledge and delivery acumen of Mr. Partha PD, who reinforced the salience of merging empathy with business. We hope to host Backspace LLP for such edifying sessions in the years to come!
On an honest note, this being first such interaction for most of us, the day began with apprehensions as to how exactly will we manage being active for five straight hours. However, to our surprise the thought dissipated almost instantly with the swift rise in energy level of the atmosphere that came in with our guest. We were introduced to the founder and CEO of Backspace Consulting, Mr Partha PD who was one could say as passionate as it gets. A prolific speaker and a dynamic communicator that he was the rest of the session was a continuously exciting rollercoaster of information and wisdom for the attendees. On the academic front the first session began with case studies, their analysis, how to approach them logically et cetera. We were introduced to the basic facets of consultancy and more importantly how a consultant’s mind should work. The session covered topics ranging from learning about revenue streams for firms to the difference between sympathy and empathy; from delving into market metrics to understanding how design thinking may influence lives; from analyzing the way forward for an organic farming startup to analyzing the brand value of an already (in)famous music sensation and many more. We were introduced to some new ideas in lieu of ‘guess-it-mates’ and the instances of disruption in consultancy followed by some out of box solutions to real life business problem scenarios in sectors like aviation, services etc. The highlight of the sessions were interviews being conducted at regularly spaced intervals and the major lessons that we received were – to do a thorough SWOT analysis of self, to approach the interviewer with a positive mindset abandoning any trepidations, to be prepared and updated with one’s surrounding and whereabouts, and last but not the least, to be fairly honest with absolute humility choosing your words carefully reflecting the same. We have realized since that there is a vast scope of potential improvement wherein our self-presentation skills are concerned and the aim is to be a much better interviewee by the time we meet Partha Sir next, hopefully not too long from now. The day two of the workshop began for us with positive anticipations as to what new we will experience and learn. It started with a case study on a hotel in Goa which taught us the right questions to ask in any particular scenario. The major chunk of this session was dedicated to a thorough understanding of the need of and approaches for guesstimations. With the help of cases and questions we were introduced to guesstimation – the top down and bottom up ways to arrive at a required number. Furthermore, we learnt how to apply this technique to decision making in real life situations. Throughout the workshop we were taught to view the basic management concepts ranging from marketing to supply chain to CSR and more through a consultant’s lens. The constant first hand interaction with everybody in the room throughout the sessions kept everyone actively engaged in the workshop whilst it happened and those individual moments have been a source of motivation even after the same has ended. All in all we can express with gusto that our initial insight into the field of consultancy was so wonderfully insightful that it piqued our interest into further exploring and learning about the same. We sincerely hope to see more of Mr Partha PD and hear more about Backspace Consulting LLP in future and wish for our associations to evolve over time on all levels be it professional or interpersonal.
IIM Raipur testimonial
IIM Raipur
Design thinking workshop conducted by Mr. Partha PD from Backspace in association with MAC, IIM Calcutta was aimed at stimulating the intellectual brains and enhancing the creative potential of the participants. The participants were put into unique situations and then provided with different perspectives on how the situation can be tackled, post which they were asked to come up with ideas, put their ideas into structured format and finally create a prototype that reflected their ideas. Unlike other sessions which would generally focus on conceptual teaching, this workshop focused on learning through practice. Hence, the workshop was all in all a great experience that all the participants thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend to their peers as there was immense amount of learning each of them took along with them. Thank you. I hope MAC will be able to organise more of such workshops in collaboration with Backspace Consulting.
IIM Bodhgaya testimonial
IIM Bodhgaya