Everybody has a different approach or strategy when it comes to preparation for CAT. Belling the CAT is only the half job done. The next hurdle that you face are the interviews. I did a bit of digging and decided to join Backspace for the GD-PI/WAT program. I was really scared about facing interviews and felt a bit fidgety during the initial classroom sessions but with time, my morale got boosted. The sessions are not only about GD, WAT or life @B-school but a different way to look into life. In spite of having a job experience, this was something new for me and I can proudly say that I came out as a different individual after I joined Backspace.

The interactive classroom sessions, personalized attention, group tasks and the valuable lessons by Partha Sir brings out the best in you. The innumerable mock interviews makes you feel like the Hulk and you absolutely 'smash' the actual interviews. By the end of the interview season, you are hot and ready to slay anything that comes your way. It has been an amazing and rewarding experience for me and after having converted my A, B and C calls, I highly recommend Backspace for anyone who wants to live their dream.