Daddy Issues

Got the prize 
So I ought to just 
Bag it 
Daddy please 
I’m just done trynna please 
You, I cannot comprehend 
You will not listen so I play pretend 
It ends, now so I’m done being tense 
Its intense now, can’t blend 
With your white picket fence 
Regrets immense, do I make sense 
Do I speak too dense 
For your cpu to chew 
These are bite sized verses 
Built to hurt its 
Got a bite, I might 
Add that my bite 
Is worse than my bark 
Its dark 
I might snooze 
You might lose 
Me forever 
If You say again that my screws 
Is loose 
Its abuse 
What you do 
Results in daddy issues 
Its true 
I’m letting men hurt 
Me All the time 
Act like it’s the norm. 
That its fine 
Its alright 
I’m asking for it 
Ain’t I? 
When I step out 
With my perfect insta pout 
Your morals, family values I flout 
Trouty mouth, QUIT BLABBERING 
I’m scared daddy 
Pupuh please stop I’m stammering


The author is bravely dealing with their mental health problems. The poem has been published without any edits. 

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