Debanu Sinha Testimonial
I have always thought I am not confident enough when it comes to presentation. Breakspace helped me to overcome this, boosting my confidence. I had to face a lot of difficulties while participating in a GD. I didn't have much hope when I joined Breakspace, I joined to improve my presentation skill and GD-PI experience. But after joining Breakspace, attending the very first session interested me very much. The sessions by Partha Sir were very interactive, well designed, humorous and full of activities.

Those sessions had been a life-changing experience. It helped me to be a better person. The sessions with the team helped me immensely in the interviews. It reduced the nervousness of an interview, my answers became more structured, solid. I joined just to gain some experience of GD-PI, but the experience in Breakspace made me more positive and confident about myself as well. Those who are facing the same problem as I had faced and not confident much, should definitely join Breakspace to have a life-changing experience.