After having managed to score a decent percentile in CAT, I knew that the battle for a seat in a good B-School was not yet over. In fact it was going to get even more intense. Now, I was to be pitted against people who are equal or even superior to me academically and intellectually. Keeping this in mind, my roommate Vikas and I started hunting for an institute which would groom us for the next stage of selection process for any B School i.e. 'GD and PI'!! In order to get started, we enrolled ourselves in a reputed institute which I refrain from naming on this public website.

No later than a few classes, I had realized that things did not look very promising. Crammed up classes, lack of organization and personal attention were conspicuously indicating to further my search for what I was looking for. After a lot of hunting around in SALT LAKE, we stumbled across a new institute called Backspace of which we had never heard of. But what the heck, we thought of giving it a try. After all Marta Kya Naa Karta. So, we attended our first session in that unknown yellowish institute. And, was I bowled over!! Things about this place that really impressed me were a spacious class, fewer number of really talented members with whom you get to not just have group discussions but also participate in other communication skills enhancing activities such as extempore speeches, debates and even role-playing group discussions. Even each of your mock PIs gets reviewed by everyone; yes, everyone. Oh, did I mention the amount of personal attention that its M.D. cum Coach cum All in All, Mr. Partha gives to his students? In my view, this definitely stands out from others as the USP of Backspace. He not only knows the strengths and weaknesses of each student personally but also advises them accordingly. He can even recognize the handwriting of each of his minions.

When I finally improved to some level after attending to several sessions, I met with an accident, which forced me to leave for home in Bhubaneswar. Even then, he did not give up on me and a few days later I found myself appearing for telephonic interviews with him. That is the level of attention I am talking about. Partha never goes easy on his minions and keeps them on their edge. Finally after preparing hard for one and a half month, here I am preparing myself to join XIMB. Need I write more?