Debopam Purkayastha

Debopam Purkayastha Testimonial
When I had joined Breakspace, I had only one intention in mind – to convert my interview calls. However, here, I got to learn and do something new and different in every session. Special mention would be Partha Sir’s The Sales Race and Binness Plan, where even I was surprised that even I could do all these activities. The group activities helped me in (a) racking my grey cells, (b) be competitive, (c) the importance and value of teamwork and (d) presenting the final idea/work in front of 30 odd people. Partha Sir, in his sessions, enforced the value of discipline and empathy. The Group Discussions here helped me gain different perspectives – especially when Sir used to share his thoughts regarding the GDs. Shahrukh Sir’s sessions (Economics, Gyaan and Mortality) were very different from that of Sir’s. The way in which he used to go to ground level and explain Economics to us engineers, or explained the history of India and her neighboring countries, or even the Syria Crisis: everything was in a form of a story – a story that students would remember. The best and the unique part of this program is the institute specific mock interviews. Every B-School has a different interview style, and a generic interview will not serve the purpose. Each mentor had a different way of taking the interviews and I got to learn from each of them. The detailed feedback after the interviews helped me to work on my weak areas. The icing on top of the cake was that all students had to mandatorily upload their mock interview transcripts in a designated online study group: so I learnt from others’ interviews and they learnt from mine. Coming to the intangible aspect, the mentors were always available and approachable. Moreover, they have a human touch that ‘mentors’ these days don’t seem to have. When I was waitlisted at IIM-Calcutta, I was upset as the chances of conversion were nil. Both Shahrukh Sir and Partha Sir had called me and motivated me for my upcoming interview (FMS) and said that better things are in store for me. At that point, that motivation was much needed for me. This goes to show that Breakspace is way more than just a GDPIWAT training program: the mentors are like family.