I came to know about Partha PD from my cousin. As a middle class kid, the fees seemed pretty excessive and I was hesitant on whether I should take up the course. After scoring 99+ in my CAT, other institutes were practically giving me free interview preparation and here was this institute charging me as much as preparing for CAT itself.

I asked my cousin why the pricing was, the way it was and the only thing he could tell me was that it will be worth it. Looking back, I realise, there are some things, you just have to experience to know the worth.

After spending one week here as a student, I fortunately got to intern here as a role opened up. While other students regularly had sessions with PPD Sir, working with him full time gave me an insight into what an amazing person he was.

He was a perfectionist, an insanely hard worker, an inspiration, a coach but most importantly, he was an amazing human. I got to witness it first hand when a disgruntled ex-employee fraudulently cheated him off of an insane amount of money. Any person at that stage, would have sued the ex-employee and had his revenge. But PPD Sir went on to just forgive that person.

I asked him why he did that and he said that regardless of that person’s current action, he had been incredibly supportive when sir was going through tough times and as someone who teaches people to be empathetic and compassionate, he cannot back down, just because forgiving someone was tough.

Each class, each session, each interview was so well thought out, and well executed and so different. It was not about cracking interviews. It was about preparing for the b-school life, preparing to be a leader, learning to grow, being a better person and I think the reason he could teach us so well was because he was not faking any of it. He was not lecturing us. He actually believed and followed everything he said.

I can gladly say that after my course here, I did not have to lie or use any gimmicks in any of my interviews. He made me into a person that would not need gimmicks to sell themselves.

So if you ask me why I should join this course, all I can say is “it will be worth it.”