Digant Bhatt

So there are those who are blessed with it and there are many like me who have to learn it. Backspace is a place where learning is a very cumulative process, you would not know it till you get out of there. I think by far, PPD is one of the best mentors I have had in my life, and his brilliance and maturity as a mentor is evident in every tiny little detail of his program and individual interaction. The best part about Backspace is that it customizes the entire process so specifically for a participant that the growth rate accelerates exponentially. In a time-bound environment where there are so many other players who provide 0% personal attention, Backspace was the best bet for a person like me who needed help. Backspace stands out for another reason that the participants in the class are few of the best in India, so you learn so much just by being part of the class activities. I sincerely thank PPD and Backspace for doing so much good for me and I would be indebted to both throughout my life.