A form that asks you to define a Knife and Goals in Life, a class with MLK at left and Jobs at right and a Preceptor who asks you just to put a smile. The smile which helped me crack both my interviews and without which all my knowledge and diligence would have gone in vain.

From the very beginning Backspace was unique in its style, content and execution. The rigorous assignment, the fiercely competitive group discussions/group tasks with some of the brightest minds in Kolkata and the Best in-class interviews prepared me for anything and everything that was to come before me. PPD would always say, ‘Communication is not something to impress but to express. You don’t need to control your way of speaking; you need to unleash it and I am here not to make you a good communicator but a better human being’.

There is more to Backspace than converting your call, it’s about transforming your life. Both Verbospace and PDP helped me immensely and I could convert both my calls despite a very low percentile. The true essence of the program was felt when I visited the IIM-A Campus for my MICA interview. A day at IIM-A made me realize that Backspace puts you into a B-School even before you are there. After my CAT results I only had a call from IIM-S , an institute that has 45% weight age on CAT score during the GD/PI round. When everyone told me that you have one in a million chances, Partha said, ‘Thank God! At least you have a chance’, and the guidance which he provided in the coming months helped me to not lose hope and finally reap the harvest out of that one chance. Equally challenging was to get a call and convert from MICA, with which I felt I did a true justice to the pedagogy of Backspace. MICA was all about creative communication and so was Backspace.

For someone with no experience in public speaking and not much extracurricular in his kitty to boast of, facing the MICAn drill was only possible because of the persistent guidance of Backspace. Backspace is not a coaching center, it is a Center of Excellence, and you do not participate here as a student but as an enthusiastic collaborator. It is something to which you can never say good bye! Since when we first realize that a now is preceded by a before we become aware that it’s Backspace with its personal and unique approach that backspaced the before.