Ekta Roy

Breakspace is a place that made our personality development their priority. More than preparing us for GDPI breakspace prepared us for life. In each of his class Partha sir motivated us to be good human beings first. A good teacher can change one’s life and I am sure each of my season 8 batchmates will agree with me that we all are a little more compassionate than the day we entered Breakspace. There was underconfidence within me that I struggled with. Faculties constantly told me that I could win the world with the right amount of confidence. Everytime I aced an interview with a confident smile on my faced I thanked him silently. A GDPI prep is incomplete without technical and current affairs questions. This where Srinath sir comes in. He made sure I knew every detail of the things I said in the interview, found the trickiest counter questions. That scare helped me ace my technicals. I used to be a person who shivered during GDs and didn’t know how to be confident in interviews. I used to let one badly answered question leave it’s mark on all the subsequent ones. the collective efforts of Partha sir and team helped me face my fears. The best part being the amalgamation of their own individual styles that helped me overcome each of my shortcomings. If one is like me who is scared to death of a GD or an interview. Breakspace is the place that will make taking interviews a breeze. And the cherry on the top is the amount of fun we had during classes and activities. I will miss my batchmates and my mentors very much