Partha PD

Empathy Credited

It was the last working day of July 2019. The line "Salary Credited" flashed on the cracked screen of David's three-year-old Samsung Galaxy J5 phone. His eyes lit up.

Another message popped up on the screen: "Unbelievable offers on mobile phones!".

A curious, excited David clicked on the message. "Exchange your old device for a new one and get up to 50% discount!".

He paused. He smiled.

David deleted the message and affectionately wiped the cracked screen. He then flipped his phone to read a handwritten note.

"With love,
Your brother".

Application Guidelines

Application to any of the programs follows a two-step process:

1. Essay: Please e-mail a statement of purpose, as a single-spaced PDF, to Limit your story to 800 words.

Be bold. Be original.

If your essay is shortlisted, you move to the interview round.

2. Interview: The purpose of the interview is to understand you and to assess whether you are a good fit for the intensive mentoring sessions, assignments, and social experiments. Interviews are conducted either in person or online. Interviews are conducted in English and last for 30-90 minutes.

The entire process takes three weeks from the date of application.

Next deadline: July 15 2020.