“I have to thank Partha Sir. We all carry mountains on our shoulders. During these 2 hours, I realized that I am not the only one carrying this burden. There are others and each person has their own fight to deal with. What matters is your purpose and the values you possess. I am indebted to him for conducting this session”

“The session was enlightening. I had never expected it to be this good. Partha Sir through stories, experiences and anecdotes helped me realize that there are others who are going through the same things as me, if not worse”

“The session was aptly titled “Happiness Amidst the Chaos”. Partha PD helped us understand how to be more centered and gain more out of life. The live studies shared by him helped us understand the different nuances in which the learnings could be applied”

“There was a pin drop silence in the class during the session. I realized after a point that every person was feeding on PPD’s words with rapt attention. There were a couple with tears in their eyes. I think the stories and learnings he shared with us and the manner in which he shared them was mind-blowing. The session speaks volumes about his ability as a life designer. I hope to reach out and connect on a deeper level in the future with him”



May 12 2018, Kolkata
IIM Nagpur

Women Startup Program 2018

April 2 2018, IIM Nagpur