Gaurav Paul

I was a student of a certain coaching centre, and never enjoyed it. The coaching game started for me during the pre-engineering days, and the word ‘mentorship’ was candidly missing from all courses that other institutes have to offer. In a very strange setting, a guy (a fellow Backspacian later) on PagalGuy told me about a new study place called ‘Backspace’. I was reluctant, but the inner geek helped me to stumble on to the website and to my surprise, I found people from my alma mater in the testimonial section. I quickly called Partha at Backspace, and since then never regretted the decision to join the institute. The meticulous and methodical approach in teaching and practicing at Backspace helped me a lot to stay on top of my preparation. Truth be told, I spent relatively less number of days at Backspace for what the institute has to offer through its programmes: Verbospace and PDP. But, the rigor of coursework in a friendly setting built the necessary confidence in me. The personal attention that the institute has to offer is unmatchable. You can sense the passion of people with a common goal to excel every day at class. Long discussions, debates, assignments, games and chitchat will help you to escape your alter ego. Practice, practice and more of it is the mantra of Backspace. At the end of the day, I have realized that I am more than me. Keeping a goal which is a year away and working for it is very difficult. Keeping a plan and reviewing your daily output towards it is harder. But, meeting like-minded people and working towards the same goal is fun and interesting. I found all the courses reasonably priced and of adequate duration. You will not feel lost in a crowd, as far as batch size is concerned. While I move on to my next phase of life, I wish you a great experience at Backspace Communication.