In 2005

During his first professional experience, Partha PD had met a tribal girl from a deprived family in Odisha, India. The academic progress of the intelligent girl was hindered because of lack of access to the bare-minimum necessities of life. Her story impacted him deeply.

Since 2005, he has been funding the education of deserving girls and assisting them in their desire to grow and become independent. He has a long way to go to make any significant difference.

Educating underprivileged children

Partha PD decided to formalize the practice of funding the education of girls in the memory of his first teacher and mother, Ms Gita. Thus, the initiative Gita was born.

PPD Gita Initiative
PPD Gita Initiative

He hopes to extend the reach of this initiative so as to impact the lives of as many girls as possible. You can play your part, too. You may recommend or mentor someone, or donate.