Partha PD


For Individuals:

At the dawn of human evolution blossomed an innocent romance between Expectation and Reality. The long-drawn affair between the two kindled the birth of Happiness. Everyone experienced bliss. For long, all was good in the land of humankind. Fruits turned to wine and relationships became sour. The two lovers had numerous spats and Reality became bitter. She refused to meet him.

She, still, refuses to meet him. Happiness is torn between the two.

Partha PD helps you design the chemistry between your realities and your expectations.

For Organizations:

The race to the top can sometimes be gruelling, especially when the more-important factors that help win the race are neglected.


As the face of a brand, do all the employees believe in, stand for, and communicate the core values of the organization? Answers to these questions have the potential to decide the fate of a business.

Charity begins at home; likewise, customer happiness begins with employee happiness. An organization culture that takes care of employees' happiness breeds wealth. Developing such a culture is not easy, given that the definition of happiness rightly varies from one person to another.

Partha PD designs inimitable workplace culture by tying the loose ends that are frequently overlooked.