I Call You “They”

your curiosity in those erected eyes as you would
lie back on the pillows smiling at me for hours
your heart crawling on my tiny chest in the dead of night
your fingers pulsing on my back

for thirty years
i have climbed back into those memories
put myself into scraps of that quaint trance
to live freely in the bookcase you caged me in

i saw you locked in your nonbinary self
whispering past in the present
motionless in grief
broken by norms
how guiltily you looked between your legs

this morning I quivered
when you touched me
smelled my forgotten pages

i am free today to stand by your side
when you have to book your own ride
fight the unknown tide
alas the wise have no wisdom to guide

a slick marketing gimmick gender equality is
if i am accused of hyperbole
i will harrumph as does that snooty grammarian

human is not man
not he or she
mispronouncing a name is still okay
mispronouning a human is not
i respect your wishes
i honor your dignity

i borrow the pain
the sufferings of those
who fought to love
struggled for their right to be
since time touched the clock

if you is singular and plural
a boy and a girl
so is they
the world will wake up to your stories
one day

fruits peak to wine
you and i to a human fine

i will be prose and verse
i will wed your solitude 
bear you joy and identity
i shall hold your hands till you fall asleep
today and forever

forget humans
let us cuddle

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