IIM Ranchi

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you and your organization for conducting the "Out of the Case” workshop in IIM Ranchi. The workshop gave the students an overview of case studies, guesstimates, case interviews which would help them in their future endeavors. The students felt that the workshop was exhaustive and provided them with a head-start to delve deep into the consulting domain. The winning presentations of corporate competitions and reports by consultants helped students to understand the approach and design to solve a case. Moreover, problem-solving by design thinking technique brought out the creativity of the students to solve real-life problems. The stellar examples gave us an insight, to approach a case in a more systematic manner. In all, the two-day workshop helped the students to get a more organized perspective of approaching a case which would be helpful for them in future competitions and their professional career. Once again, we thank you for the wonderful and enriching workshop. We are looking forward to you and your organization being associated with Conundrum - Consulting Club of IIM Ranchi for future endeavors and also being guided by you.