Ishita Basu

The road to the completion of PGPM course from one of the reputed institutions of the country is not a cakewalk, and that is the feel Backspace gave us since the very first session. Through all the JAM sessions, regular debates and the projects that we did, Backspace helped us in shedding off our inhibitions and making our place in cutthroat competition. The PI sessions were absolutely customized according to the institute one was appearing for and every student had their own SWOT analysis with the mentor. Backspace not only gave us the pitch to strike our scores in the ball game, it enriched us as a better human being through a number of tasks. Can’t possibly thank and eulogize Backspace and Partha enough for his efforts and contributions towards the success of each and everyone of us. For the big initiative that Backspace actually is, it is possible for mediocre students like me to believe in our dreams and crack it! Thank you Partha.