Jagriti Modi

When I had enrolled for the GP-PI Training at Backspace, I went in with the expectations that one has for any other coaching centre. But after the many interactions with the team there, especially Partha Sir, I have come to realise it is much more than just coaching for interviews. It is really coaching for lessons on life, happiness and laughter. I can safely say that now I’m a much better version than I was when I had joined, from a nervous, tongue-tied person to a confident individual, with better structured thoughts. Today, I feel immense pride in being associated with Backspace and will always cherish the memories that this place has blessed me with. Another very important lesson that I will always carry with me from here is the spirit of Trying. It might seem like a cliché, but it has helped me a lot on both personal and professional front. This is epecially because I realised how this helped me through the mock interviews, Gds and other group activities. The belief that the team instills in the students all the time makes the students try whole-heartedly which enriches the effort even more. It was the first time in my life that I felt so heart-broken when the sessions had ended. But alas, we must move on with the happy memories!