Jatin Himmatsinghka

“Backspace”, a word which was merely a keyboard key for me was given a different interpretation in three months duration. Initially, I was sceptical about joining Backspace as I hadn’t heard the name before but coming across a few people who strongly endorsed this learning centre made me change my perception. I had been apprised of the fact that scoring a decent percentile was the easiest part of the entire MBA journey and it only gets tougher as we go forward (including the GDPI). In fact on the first day itself Partha sir gave us a glimpse of a standard b-school interview. It seemed all too intimidating. However, the mentor-cum-guide-cum-leader-cum friend that Partha sir is, the journey from a being a novice to being that person who has converted a reputed b-school seemed much easier than what I had imagined. Backed by a strong team (special mention: Siddharth Sir, Aritro Sir and some current B-School students), Partha sir taught us the nitty-gritties of the entire process and ways to champion them. At this juncture it would be a fallacy on my part to restrict Backspace to only a GDPI training centre. The three month curriculum not only fostered a sense of confidence while speaking before an audience but it also prepared us in advance for the challenges that we will be facing during our respective b-school tenures. The JAM sessions, WAT, group activities and numerous other activities helped me in becoming more confident. The two key advantages of Backspace are firstly, the interview transcripts that are shared by all the students for the rest to read and learn. These transcripts (b-school specific), weekly presentation and news updates provide you with all the content for preparation, at your fingertips. Secondly, Partha sir always had some refreshing thoughts brewing in his mind. This consequently led to some insightful knowledge sharing by Partha sir. Through such measures sir urged us to expand the horizon of our thoughts. To conclude, I would simply say, just backspace the entire conundrum revolving around b-schools and let sir guide you with all that you need and ought to know.