Joydeep Kundu

I am writing this post today because I feel that I have finally come the full circle: Starting my preparations for GMAT to receiving the admit from ISB, it has been an adventurous journey. When I had my GMAT score I knew that the journey is only half complete and I would need the help of a consultancy service to get to my dream schools. Then came the shock, the sky high prices of every consultancy service. But, Backspace was the exception and also I knew people from Backspace, because there were many common friends. So, I decided to go with them.
And, today when I have the ISB admit I am eternally grateful to them. I would say that Backspace offers the best ROI and "value for money". Other than the obvious features such as essay editing, resume formatting and mock interviews I was very impressed by the behaviours of the people from Backspace. Everybody was a friend first and then a consultant.
I have to mention Mr. Partha for his continuous efforts and his dedication throughout this journey of mine. I would also like to mention Devendra Bhagat for his assistance throughout.
As Round 2 is just around the corner, all I would like to say is that Backspace offers the best ROI in the market and if you are targeting ISB or foreign B-Schools you can rely on Backspace to help you achieve that admit.