Soft skills is one of the most important skills required to succeed in an organisation or your own venture. The entire team of Backspace give all their time to help you find the speciality in you and also help you build and create skills. The pedagogy is very unique and peer to peer learning is encouraged. The team is one of the most remarkable team I have come across and their knowledge pool exceeds all limits.

I got to see things from a different perspective in every session and learnt how to grow myself into a person who is ready for the corporate world. Partha Sir, who heads Backspace, has experience of almost a decade in this field and this knowledge has helped me as well as others to choose the right B-school in all aspects. The passion he has for this work is recommendable and he will always be at your disposal for any doubts or to boost your morale. He knows when you are sad, worried or stressed out. This I feel, is the best part about him. He can read your expressions and will give all his resources to make you comfortable and at ease.

The personal touch given to each student actually helps you to come out of your comfort zone. I am really grateful to the entire team of Backspace as they helped me to come one step closer to my goal in life and the learnings will stay with me throughout my life.