Life Designing

Since time immemorial, human beings have been taught to dream big, to have ambitions, and to win the race. In the process, however, many of us lose our uniqueness and limit ourselves in terms of a checkbox in a database.

But what if, you do not want to fit into the pattern? What if you want to explore your potential? Live a fulfilling life?

Are you a Learner? A student, an intern, or maybe someone who has been running the rat race for long? What if you finally accept that you are too tired to do whatever it is that you have been doing? Maybe, you just want to experiment with your skills. Or learn something new. Maybe, you want to change the course of your life. All you require is a little push to get started.

As a Bread Earner—an employee, a worker, or maybe someone whose life is stuck somewhere between the two hands of a clock—what if you want to break free of the shackles of monotony? What if you finally want to enjoy the work you do to earn a living? What if you desire to study further to achieve that secret, ambitious goal that you have been garnering deep within? What if you want to fulfill your childhood dream of launching a bakery? Maybe, all it takes is one bold step to live your dreams from being more than an employee ID.

You may be a Homemaker. A parent, a partner, or maybe someone who transforms a house into a home. What if you want to assume a role greater than that? What if you want your personality to speak more about you rather than about your relationships? Maybe, all you want is to start a venture or teach your grandchildren better than you taught your children. Or, you just want to have an identity of your own.

Maybe you are an Overachiever—a CEO, a footballer, a megastar, or maybe someone who has made it big. What if you are not big enough to be happy? What if you don’t like the person you see in the mirror? People say—“A purpose is all one needs to live.” But what happens after people achieve their purpose in life? Do they set out on a quest looking for a new one, or do they finally take some time off to catch their breath?

If you identify with one or more of the above, you may consider one of the following one-on-one programs to design your life:

Since 2011, Breakspace has enabled umpteen individuals to break open a space at the best schools and firms across the globe.

In today’s world, credentials are necessary but not sufficient to secure a ticket to dream schools and firms. Beyond the knock-out round of credentials and scores, the battle gets exceedingly fierce as the next-stage rivals happen to be the higher-end outliers from a huge pool of extraordinary individuals. To the uninitiated, it may seem that an “average” life may never grab attention for all its ordinariness, but the truth is that a meaningful self-presentation is duly capable of being more enticing than the facts it narrates and yet not compromise on the truth and its degrees.

Breakspace understands you and offers you a detailed course plan for this journey starting from the inception to the culminating point. Partha PD carefully designed Breakspace to create a self-propelling and a self-nurturing you to enable a transformation that lasts.

At the dawn of human evolution blossomed an innocent romance between Expectation and Reality. The long-drawn affair between the two kindled the birth of Happiness. Everyone experienced bliss. For long, all was good in the land of humankind. But then, fruits turned to sinful wine and relationships became sour. The two lovers had numerous spats and Reality became bitter. She refused to meet him ever since. She, still, refuses to meet him. Happiness is torn between the two.

Partha PD helps you design the chemistry between your realities and your expectations.
Your personality is a public parade of how your habits, behaviors, identities, values, confidence, words, characteristics, self-esteem, knowledge, character, etc., constantly negotiate among themselves. A few of these elements may need to be developed from scratch or may work wonders with a careful renovation. You will do well to understand that the world attaches paramount importance to your personality, albeit un-admittedly so.

PDPbyPPD helps you discover and better your personality by eliminating the multiple facades that hide you from you. Partha PD works holistically on every component of your personality in a manner that leaves an everlasting impression on your growth story.
We are familiar with our inner demons. They are as real as the five elements of Nature, hiding in plain sight through rain and shine. We always wish for that extra surge of inertia, which can make those demons flee and enable us to master ourselves. Wishes become needs when awareness strikes hard. We end up desperately searching for the power to overcome our inner demons. Moreover, technology-driven algorithms keep filling our plates with food, deep-fried in distractions. We think we eat distractions; however, in reality, distractions eat us, neutralizing our efforts. They create unmet desires, consuming our potential. We are left being unhappy.

PPD’s Mind Club enables you to render your inner demons powerless. Deep self-understanding, meticulous planning, and focused actions equip you with the ability to strengthen the muscles of your mind. To be mentally impregnable. Partha PD helps you design your mental gym and rigorously trains you to master yourself.

Application Process

Application to any of the programs, regardless of who you are, follows a two-step process:

1. Essay: Please e-mail a detailed statement of purpose. If your essay is shortlisted, you will be notified about the interview round.

2. Interview: The purpose of the interview is to understand you and to assess whether you are a good fit for the intensive mentoring sessions, assignments, and social experiments. In one word, whether you are teachable.

If you are looking for quick fixes and overnight success, this is not the right place for you.