Madhav Giani

Backspace and in particular the Breakspace programme was a life changing experience for me. I had opted for the programme with the sole intention of converting the calls that I had received from various B-Schools, but the programme proved to be much more than just another GD-PI preparation course. It completely changed how I viewed the world at large as well as how I viewed myself. The discussions inside the classroom as well as outside were enriching to say the least and there was always a constant push to do better and step outside our comfort zone. All the mentors i.e. Partha Sir, Shah Rukh Sir and Aritro Sir were available whenever I needed any kind of counselling regarding the upcoming interviews or any other kind of advice that I may have needed at the time. Something else that sets this organisation apart is the sheer dedication and innate want that the mentors have to see their students do well in their lives. They do everything possible to give you an insight into the life at a B-School as well as help you build a character that would help you during your time spent there as well as life after that. I would like to conclude by saying that Backspace is an institution which goes above and beyond your expectations with such positivity and enthusiasm that by the end of the course you come out a better version of yourself. It teaches you to be a better human being rather than just a better manager and I think that anyone who would like to change any part of their personality would greatly benefit from it.