Madhav Giani Testimonial

Madhav Giani testimonial
My experience with the life designer Partha PD has been one of the most reformative experiences I have had throughout my life. He has been a mentor, a teacher, a listener and most importantly a believer in the goodness that resides in everyone who’s lives he touches. I had initially joined his Breakspace program to prepare for the interview rounds for my entry into my dream B-School but along the journey, there was so much more I learnt which has helped me even more in life post that. Partha Sir, taught us something which I feel everyone should implement in their lives, which is to constantly show kindness to others and moreover to yourself. We often come into conflict with our inner selves with thoughts of self doubt and insecurities but showing ourselves a little bit of kindness goes a long way in finding true inner peace. Partha Sir, helps you to see the best of yourself with his incomparable sense of empathy that he exudes whenever he talks and that makes him the best judge of how we as people can change/design our lives for the better.