It was an experience I shall cherish for a lifetime. It helped me transform into a more aware and conditioned person for the future. And its innovative ways kept me engrossed and motivated me to improve myself and standup to the competition. I shall always be grateful to have been a part if Backspace. Hope I can make the Backspacians proud someday.


This is something that has been long overdue. I was in Breakspace S05 back in 2018, the motive being to enter one of the leading B Schools in India. However my biggest takeaway from this program was a mentor for life in Partha sir. I didn't expect him to give so much of his attention to me, not just from an academic point of view but on my personal development. And when you have someone willing to trust you and guide you in all situations, you just give in and commit to give your best. I won't say I wasn't a serious candidate but the confidence definitely needed a heave. I got that from PPD. In fact he still makes time to hear me out if I am in doubt.

As part of the Breakspace program, I participated in mock parliamentary debates, prepared for interviews, improved public speaking through GDs that landed me in one of the leading IIMs and a coveted job in Management Consulting. However I think any other institute will help you in this regard. The additional perks of the program was unconventional activities that were assigned to us. For example I wrote a five page essay on myself that made me think I had ignored so much for so long, I sold handmade cards on the road on Valentine's day as part of a marketing exercise. As someone who avoids talking to strangers, this definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone.

PPD made me realise I am more than what I know myself to be and that is a lesson that has helped me take up new challenges and not be afraid of the unknown. These are a handful of incidents depicting how Partha sir helped bring out the best in me. I will be ever indebted to him for being a true mentor who can see right through you.


I got to learn how to structure the content of the resume so that it highlights my best abilities. I got to refer to resume of older applicants. Sir made the effort to point out subtle mistakes in a resume that can result in discarding the resume. This will help me be extra cautious when drafting my resume.