Mohit Srivastava

I enrolled for GDPI preparation programme of Backspace. I thought it would just be a normal GDPI prep module similar to that provided by other institutes. However, within a few weeks after joining it, I realized it was nothing close to what I thought it would be. It had much more than that. It is not just an institute which will prepare you for a particular course. It has much more added to it which you will realize as soon as you enroll in their prep modules. The best things about Backspace are 1. Extremely Professional 2. Disciplined 3. Personal Attention 4. Anytime Support. The mentors at Backspace – Partha PD Sir, Shahrukh Khan Sir – are immensely knowledgeable and will guide you well throughout your course. They will help you reach your desired goal. They will help you at any time of the day and will prepare you even for the worst situation. There personal guidance and constant support are not just restricted to your course, they will help you develop a better thought process and eventually into a better individual. You will feel the positive vibes on interacting with them. Most importantly, they will always be there to help you out even after you are done with your course at Backspace. And this is something which makes it unique and prompting to join.