Muskan Singhal

My name is Muskan Singhal. I have an engineering background with a workex of three years in the IT industry. After writing my MBA exams, I was able to get calls from NMIMS Mumbai, SCMHRD (Business Analytics), SIIB and KJ Somaiya. I remember when I got my calls there was very less time for me to prepare for my interviews. When I connected to some people with the same calls, I realized they had already been preparing for quite sometime and I had not even begun. I contacted Breakspace and they briefed me about the programs and the structure they follow to guide their students. I went through their website as I was a bit skeptical if they would help me or not since I did not have any IIM calls but I found students ranging from IIM calls to various other top private institutions writing their success stories on the website. Thereafter I enrolled for the program. My first interaction happened with Partha sir. When I talked to him, he had so much calm in his voice and his thoughts and words were so well structured that I felt very intimidated while talking to him to the extent that I felt very underconfident. But I knew that I need to trust the process and work hard on my weaknesses if I want to convert my calls. My first interview with Partha Sir started with some general awareness questions which were out of my scope since I had not been following news. I got a good reality check of where I stood. More interviews happened and I made sure to register every kind of question that Sir used to ask me and the feedback I got. I started to prepare more questions related to what Sir asked in the mock interviews. Gradually my confidence increased and most importantly I understood the approach I need to follow to prepare for my interviews. I also received guidance for my WAT where he gave me assignments to work on and went through each one of them and the feedback I got from him related to my writing skills and to structure thoughts was something that will help me throughout my MBA journey. He even helped me connect my story of why MBA that I had to write in the B-School forms even though it was not included in the program I had enrolled for. Partha Sir had understood my weaknesses in the very first interview and also where I stood in terms of my knowledge. Now when I look back to how he guided me through the entire process I feel blessed to have a mentor like him because he not only helped me in with the practical aspects of MBA interviews but also, I was able to discover myself (strengths and weaknesses) and my objective of why I want to do an MBA which is one the most crucial aspects and it clearly reflected in all my interviews. After having gained a direction, I had sessions with Vikas sir as well who helped me with college specific interview preparation. My sessions with him were aligned with the interview calls I had and he guided me with respect to what a particular college expects from its students. Before my interview for NMIMS Mumbai I was not sure on how can I convince my panel to select me for a core MBA since my work ex was in the analytics domain and had my interests towards that field too and NMIMS had recently started a course of MBA in Data Science and Analytics. But my objective was to opt for a core MBA and explore other options as well. So, he guided me through various aspects of Marketing and how analytics can be used in it. He also taught me various approaches I can follow if I am asked for a case study discussion. I was very happy when I was able to convert all my calls and it was possible only because of Breakspace and I look up to my mentors for further guidance as well because interviews are just the starting point of a MBA journey.