Naved Alam

Getting a call is only half the job, as we all know. Having no prior experience of GDs, I was apprehensive to say the least. I knew I had to acquire a lot of skills (public speaking, making relevant interjections in a group scenario, maintaining my composure in stress interviews etc) in a short span of time. This is where Backspace filled the void for me. The numerous GDs, the grilling interviews – they strengthened me mentally, and set me up for the real test. When you enter the GD room knowing that your preparation has been comprehensive, that you have handled all sorts of interviews (different panelists, telephonic interviews, mimicking the styles of different B-schools etc), your self confidence is boosted tremendously, and it reflects in your performance. For me, the biggest factor about Backspace was knowing that I was being tested by the best minds, against the best minds. Thank you for making the difference, Backspace.