Nitin Agarwal

After my CAT ’15, before the results were out, I had a fairly decent idea about my percentile and when I told my friend about it, he told me that I had to join Backspace. I was a little sceptic in the beginning as to what could be so good about this place, that my friend asked me to not look anywhere else. So the day 1 began with a Just A Minute (JAM) session, followed by WAT and group discussions. Not just this, Partha Sir would give us a group task/individual task almost every day in the class. I still remember one of the best tasks ever assigned to us was to go out on a valentine’s day and sell valentine day cards made by our group. Now that i think about it, these tasks weren’t meaningless; they were there to get us a glimpse of the MBA world, to prepare us for our B-school. The personal interviews conducted by Partha sir also used to be lengthy and I liked the part where he would put in more effort than me, to analyse me, my mistakes and how I should be answering questions. He even once said that his processes are different and we would later know that he has made us ‘loha’/stronger. At times I was just moved by how much faith Partha sir had in us and it was those times that gave me confidence in myself. I have found that he is not just a teacher but also a mentor for life. Today I am pursuing MBA from IIM Lucknow, all thanks to Partha sir for believing in us.