Nitin Chandak

To me, a “Mentor” seemed like just another word for a teacher or a guide. Then Backspace happened. It was July 01 2015 when I started my first ever job, barely a month out of college. It was the best opportunity I could have ever gotten. Through the days to CAT, there was immense support from everyone, especially, PPD Sir. He helped me with valuable suggestions and guidance on how to approach the examination. However, it was during Breakspace Season 5 that the real importance of a great mentor dawned on me. One who had failed miserably in almost all the interviews he gave the previous year had a bigger opportunity, and it was now or never. PPD sir was remarkably professional. Although I was an employee at Backspace, when it came to my preparations I got the same amount of attention as did all the other students. The sessions started mid-December with JAM exercises, simulations of business school activities and pursuits that forced one to introspect and find the real self. It was not just another personality development program for post-CAT preparation; it was something different, one of a kind, a “Mini B-School” experience per se. Each PI was perfectly crafted to an individual’s level and the Institute that it was meant for. Over time, the PIs would help one feel as though one was prepared and the D-Day was just another day with another interview. A lot of PI’s and GD’s followed and for four months that was the only thing I saw Sir doing. His work ethic was remarkable. Something I could learn from. On D-Day, I was already prepared for all the kinds of questions that the interviewers threw at me and did very well. At present when I am at IIM Calcutta the biggest contribution to that has been by PPD Sir who ensured that an introvert like me could go to the interview and speak as well as I did. Thank You, Sir, my success is all thanks to you.