Pooja Saha

Backspace is like my second home where I have always found solace. Backspace has given me the confidence to give shape to my dream. Partha is the only person who had faith in me when I had given up hope of doing MBA this year. PDPbyPPD session was not a run-of-mill product by the coaching centers. It is like baby to Partha whom he nurtures so passionately. The outcome is all the participants of PDPbyPPD stand to gain and have a competitive edge amongst their peers. I can connect with each and every word that Partha has spoken during my Verbospace and PDPbyPPD sessions and I see the ramifications now. Verbospace and PDPbyPPD sessions are not a magical potion that will transform you miraculously but if you completely surrender to Partha, I can vouch the fine-tuning that you will get will surely change your life for better. The practical lessons that I have learnt at Backspace in a period of one year are my assets and will continue to live with me. For once I am grateful to my friend who introduced me to the world of Backspace and put me in contact with Partha who has been a life savior to me, who rekindled my self-determination and the desire to go that extra mile.